Arcadia Documents

Arcadia John Deere Day 1939
Arcadia John Deere Day 1939

Mill bridge over Turton Creek Removal 2018

St Michael’s Church , North Creek fire 1942


1967 school bus accident

Arcadia Massuere Store 1890
Arcadia Massuere Store 1890

ice carnival 1941 (536x421)
Arcadia Ice Carnival at St Aloysius rink 1941

arc bridge
Bridge by Feedmill, Arcadia 2015

Jimmy Garaghan 1940

1914 Civil War Veteran/Knecht
1914 Civil War Veteran/Knecht

1966 Schultz
Darrell Schultz’s broiler coop, 1966

1905 list of Civil War Soldiers for Village of Arcadia

Arcadia 1914
May 1914

Arcadia 1914 November

Ad from 1930 plat book

Ad from 1930. Tamarack Store was located mid-way between Arcadia and Centerville, on Hwy 93 and Holcomb Coulee Rd.

1877 Directory of Arcadia Merchants

kols1 (515x800)
Kolstad pg 1

kols 2 (577x800)
Kolstad pg 2

kols 3 (800x641)
Kolstad School pg 3 For photos go to Photo folder for Town of Arcadia

1923 Lewis Valley Sch
1923 Lewis Valley School

KWNO radio

norway v 1 (580x800)
Norway Valley School located in Norway Valley NE of Hwy 93, Town of Arcadia For photos, go to Photo Folder for Arcadia

norw 2 (553x800)
Norway Valley pg 2

St Michael North Crk Reunion   1954 Plowing ContestSt Michael North Crk Reunion arcadia epidemic 1954 Plowing Contest 1937 Schade's Pavilion 1913 Post Office arcadia 1912 Arcadia opera House 1888 blacksmiths

St Michael North Crk Reunion

OLPH 1914 (457x640)
OLPH 1964

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Arcadia Grows into a City


Ride over the Bluffs St Michael North Crk Reunion (Downloadable PDF)

Albert Swietz–bachelor farmer who raised his two nephews
Kiekhoefer sisters recall old days
Haunted Island near Arcadia
Roy’s Store on Hwy 93 in Tamarack
Double Wedding at St Michael’s in North Creek
Temeprance Hall on Square Bluff part 1
Temeprance Hall part 2
St Michael s Church
1926 Flood
J I Dewey Arcadia Pioneer
Thomas Brom