Burnside Documents

1905 List of Civil War and Spanish American War Vets Town of Burnside
1905 List of Village of Independence Civil War Veterans
 October 25, 1896
A terrible catastrophe, which nearly resulted in the cremation of an entire family, comes from our neighboring village of Independence. Shortly before midnight on Sunday, the farm home of Frank Bautsch became enveloped in flames, spreading so rapidly that the family was forced to leap from the second floor to safety. Mr. and Mrs. Bautsch were burned badly, their hired girl fatally, and only Mrs. Bautsch’s father, Mr. Sygula, escaped with injury. Shortly before the fire started, a noise was heard and Mr. Bautsch saw someone outside the house, but could not make out who it was. After the fire was extinguished, a five-gallon can of oil was found to have been emptied into the house. Thus is seems there was a most dastardly attempt to cremate a whole family. Every effort will be used to find the fiend.

1942 practice blackout Independence with Martin Wiemer

hwy 93 2014 (640x634)
November 2014
roosevelt (421x640)
Marriage of James Roosevelt and Romelle Schneider.
Elk Crk 1890 (501x578)
January 1890–the “rusco” name is probably Roskos mis-spelled.
1890 church (191x288)
February 1890
Elk Creek 1891
whiteh dentist (516x459)
1915 January
1915 school indep
rains (447x640)
April 10 1890 floods
Elk crk cream
Ad from 1930
Indee H S
Attending a high school in 1930 was optional. Schools advertised their programs.
Ind Luth early members
Norwegian Lutheran church members pre 1900

Directory of Independence
Directory of Independence from 1877
1891 (355x800)
1891 Michael Filla
elk crk 1915
January 1915
Ads from 1930

Indep Bus Accident 1955 Romelle Schneider Roosevelt

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Indep.baseball reunion team 1940s

Independence team IDs

Valentine Pietrek

Wickham Valley 2
Wickham Valley School
Sunnyslope School in Upper Plum Creek
Independence native Drexel Sprecher, attorney at Nuremberg trials
1952 Roman Waletzke
Martha Marsolek, Korea
1962 Independence
1947–meeting at St Peter and Paul to discuss using English instead of Polish
1938 saurkraut festival
1957 Cynthia Roskos and Rosemary Kulig
Anna Gamroth 1982
Markham Castle 1925
1947 rural schools
news 1936
Graduation at parochial school 1956
Polish language 1981
Thomas Pampuch 94th business
Wickham Valley School
Mrs Tom Walek 1948
Party at Pampuch Farm
1927 Roy Lyga and Peter Filla
Ted Roskos 1957
Mary Bautch Sluga 1957
Sno Ball with King James Helgeson and Queen Pauline Roskos
1956 Cantata by parochial school kids