Ettrick/French Creek/Hegg/Beach Corner Documents

Sophia Sjuggerud
Sophia Sjuggerud-Teacher at Hegg School
The ill fated Ettrick and Northern. WW1 raised the price of steel to the point where the company went bust.
Ettrick and Northern RR 1918
South Beaver Creek Congregation–1890s
South Beaver Creek 150th 2017
Ettrick and Northern Railroad progress 1917 Sept-October
Corn show 2016
Corn show pg 2
Fr Ck drowning 1916 (449x640)
French Creek Drowning March 1916
ett North
Ettrick & Northern Railroad 1915
ett sliegh 1890
January 1890
ad from 1930 plat book
Ettrick 1891
April 1891
Ettrick 1940 (2)
Ettrick Commercial Club, J A Kamprud 1940
ettrick 81 (640x466)
Ettrick, 1981


Frenchville Store pt A (541x800)
Frenchville Store pt A
Frenchville STore Pt B (531x800)
Frenchville Store Pt B
Beach school history (553x800)
Beach school history
cance 1915
January 1915

1954 Rogness Lefse Business

French Crk ski jumpers
French Crk ski jumpers– Early1900’s Ski jumping was a very popular sport in the county prior to the Korean War

Living Hope St Bridget's

Ettrick 1914

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French Creek and Ettrick

Ettrick and Northern

Ettrick & Northern 1919
Ettrick & Northern Part 1
Ettrick & Northern Part 2
Ettrick & Northern Part 3
Ettrick & Northern Part 4
Hegg Happenings 1885
Ettrick graduates 1905