Gale/Galesville Documents

Galesville Milling Co 1910 (478x640)
Galesville Milling Co 1910

van slyke (571x800)
Rev D O Van Slyke

Galesville promotion, 1950’s

Van Slyke’s 1886 booklet on why Galesville is the site of the Garden of Eden

Jd Gale (640x610)
Judge George Gale

ImGale portrait 2015
George Gale Portrait returned to Old Main 2015

Dec 1940 Galesville (584x612)
Christmas on the Square, 1940

arnold barn
Attempt to save Arnold Farm Barn

jo beadle
J O Beadle was the Ag teacher at Galesville -Ettrick High School for many many years.

Mrs Wm Hunter (546x800)
May Hunter travels to New Zealand 1954

c v news
Crystal Valley Community Club

c v pg 2
Crystal valley Community Club Program

Carl McKeeth Galesville (512x800)
Carl McKeeth and A.A. Beck 1916

Hardies crk
Hardies Creek Church and Andrew Ekern 1915

skiiers 1941 (439x640)
1941 Ski tournament

1940 postmaster (243x800)
New November 1940

Sanford Waller

1936 class song (640x446)
Class of 1936 Galesville High School Class Song

Program 1936 Galesville HS
Program 1936 Galesville HS

Galesville HS pg 3
Galesville HS pg 3

Galesville HS Grads 1936
Galesville HS Grads 1936

Irvine Farm Fire Tragedy 1950
Irvine Farm Fire Tragedy 1950

decorah 1981 (313x640)
Chief Decorah

Joe Larson
Joe Larson was a local boy who made good.

straightline winds
Terrible straightline wind storm in July 1998

Tam hunter
Story of Hunter’s Bridge that crossed Black River into La Crosse County and Thomas ‘Tam” Hunter who worked hard for it to be built.

Galesville Republican 2010
Galesville Republican John Graf Editor 2010

gale temperance (543x640)
1890 April Temperance movement

gazebo (611x640)
Gazebos 1980

Ad from 1930

Recep pk 1939
December 1939 The old skating rink pavilion stood in Reception Park, torn down around 1960.

Whtl temperance 1915 (397x640)
temperance activity 1915

Cap Arnold (390x640)
Capt A Arnold died 1915

Cap Arnold aa (800x333)

gale twn
1905 Town of Gale List of Civil War Veterans

1905 List of Civil War Veterans Village of Gale

van slyke 1890 (386x640)
Rev D O Van Slyke passes away 1890

beadle (390x640)
J O Beadle and FFA, CCC camp

trefoldigheds Menighed (800x351)
Trinity Lutheran church history

galesville & Tremp RR Co 1871
Galesville and Trempealeau Railroad Company

George Gale pag 1
George Gale Part 1
Geo Gale pt 2
George Gale part 2

Eden Congregation

1866 flood Galesville
The Flood of 1866 by George Luce

1rst Presbyt

1937 Frothingham
Dredging of Lake Marinuka, Frothingham family

1938 School graduationsr
Gale College Commencement 1938

Brown Family curlers Steve and Janet from Galesville
Brown Family Curlers-Steve and Janet are Galesville natives

Decora Prairie School
Decora Prairie School

1975 Home Maker Program
Home Maker Program 1975

Decorah Prairie Agnes Cook Lee
Agnes Cook Lee

Dr Younker
Dr Younker

Gale Nudist Camp 1972
Gale Nudist Camp 1972

Galesville Bridge 2011
Galesville Bridge replacement over Beaver Creek 2011

Hist. Detect. Galesville Cemetery
High Cliff Cemetery Galesville

Martha Herreid Pioneer
Martha Herreid Pioneer

Old Galesville
Memories of old Galesville

photo Decorah 4H club
Decorah Go Getters 4-H Club

first train Gale

1912 R Kindle 1912 1938 Sheriff Ed Gardner 1951 wind storm Gale 1973 Curling pt 2 1973 Curling pt1 Arctic Springs Park Berean Baptist Centennial Bonspiel CHURCH curling club_Page_1 Decorah Peak Decorah Prairie
Gale college
Galesville History
Jev witness

Sprinter N Toppen
Toppen, Norval

Sacia Orchard
Saciia Apple Orchard

St Mary CAtholic 1
St Mary Cath Ch A

Vickere Tal remembrance

St Mary 2
St Mary Cath Ch b

Twn of Gale Funerals
Funerals in Galesville

Winneshiek Zion Lth pt 1

Gale College 1914
May 1914 Gale college

hist society
May 1914

cadet band 1

cadet 2
Page Two of Cadet Band of Galesville. There is a photo of this band in pictures display. this was published in Robyn Docken’s Coffee Chat.

schilling bus
Schilling Family 1954

first train Gale
First Train into Galesville


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Early Galesville

Galesville Ski Jump)

Garden of Eden-Rev Van Slyke

Gale Robbers 1871

Reception Park-Galesville

1870 Decora Debate Club

Galesville Mill History

First Jail in Gale

chief Decorah

First Bridges in County

Part 1 Van Slyke
Van Slyke prt 2
Van Slyke 3
Dr McArthur
Dr Moen
1917 Milk Fever Epidemic in Galesville
Hochunk Chief Decorah
Effigy Mounds
Norman “Hap” Anderson–worked on Mt Rushmore
1928 Burns Festival in Galesville
Gale College Reunion 1980
Civil War Soldier Myron Gardner KIA 1863