Lincoln/Whitehall Documents

Cowie vs Ekern 1900
Cowie vs Ekern political debate around 1900

Whitehall Gazebo 2017

Whitehall Theater 1941

Whitehall Ski Club 1942
van sickle
Floyd Van Sickle, Martin Brom Jr, Jimmy Garaghan 1940
1941 Deer in whitehall
croquet on the courthouse lawn with Sheriff Engen 1891
1941 S Ser
1941 March

Whitehall Opera House 1915 (547x518)

Whtl temperance 1915 (397x640)
Whitehall Temperance 1915

whitehall 1890 (311x800)
December 1890 Whitehall
Judge Damon retires 2016
1984 nurses Whtl
Whitehall Training School for Nurses, pictured are Judith Steen, Jenny Birkland, Agnes Staff 1984

HCC 2015 (800x798)

whtl hs 1930 (640x197)
Attendance at high schools was optional in 1930 when this ad was run in the plat book.
skiiers 1941 (439x640)
March 1941
ELU Special mtg (640x447)
Sand mine meeting 2015
whiteh dentist (516x459)
Torsons of Whitehall 1915
ekern 1890 (358x640)
Feb 1890 Whitehall
Town of Lincoln 1905 list of Civil War Soldiers
Village of Whitehall Civil War Soldiers 1905
ski 1940 (515x428)
1940–Walter Nelson and Jackie DeBow were noted ski jumpers in the county

1915 4th Whitehall

whtl meth 1
Whitehall Methodist church
metho 2
part 1 history of Whitehall Methodist

meth0 3
part 2 whitehall Methodist

metho pastors
Whitehall Methodist Pastors

Obit Ingalls 1939
Whitehall resident John Ingalls June 1939
whtl 1930
Ads from 1930 plat book


July 4 1889
July 4 1889
Whitehall Ski Club 1939
Whitehall Ski Club 1939-the ski hill was at the end of the valley that CR O runs north thru
Tri County Memorial Hospital

Hospital 2

1951 Whtl Mill and Power Co
Whitehall Mill and Power Co 1951

1925 Lady Golfers

Wthl Jr Roll 1911

Whitehall HS Junior Class 1911


Whitehall 1887

1937 Sheriff Brom
Sheriff Martin Brom 1937
Flood 1913
1888 hard winter
Vold, Ole 1888 Hardwinter
1949 Eyvind Peterson
Peterson Eyvind 1949
1930 tornado
Tornado 1930
1938 School graduationsr
1938 School graduations
1949 ski jump jpg
Ski Jumpers 1949
1950 Whitehall robbery
Whitehall Robbery 1950
1944 Threshers
Threshers 1950 Nyberg, Thompson, Frederickson, Speerstra
1950 Wthl Burglars
Whitehall Burglars 1950
1951 4H Clubs
4 H Clubs 1951
1951 Dr MacCornack
MacCormich Dr
1951 L Larson Mailman
Larson, L Mailman’s remembrances 1951
1952 Alaska Gold Rush Group
Alaska Gold Rush Group 1952
1952 Tank Rescue
Olaf Nelson Rescue 1952
1953 County new officers
New County Officials 1953
1953Obit Dr_Mrs JC Tyvand
Tyvand train accident 1953
1954Iver Olson
Olson, Iver 1954
1955 Sherriff Axness
Sheriff Ernest Axness 1955
1955 Adolph Hanson
Hanson, Adolph 1955
1956 Mrs Ole Erickson
Erickson, Mrs Ole Engen 1956
2012 Lumberyard Whtl
Lumberyard in Whitehall 2012
Abend Drug Store
Abend Drug Store 1938
County Courthouse History B
County Courthouse A
County Courthouse Ab
DMV Lamberson
DVM Lamberson
Fly Creek 1944
Miss Sumbeam Constest-D Briggs
Briggs, Diane little Miss Sunbeam contest
Old Whitehall complete
Old sketch of Whitehall

Fire at Asylum whiteha

Thompson_Elstad Bday
Thompson_Elstad birthdays
Whlt 1912 Graduation
Whitehall HS Graduation 1912
whtl 1911 echo
Whitehall HS 1911 Year Book
Whlt HS Freshmen 1911
Whitehall HS Freshman Class 1911
Tri County Hospital Whitehall
Tri County Hospital Whitehall
Whtl bb roll 11
Whitehall HS Basketball team 1911
Whit Class 1912
Whitehall Class of 1912 a
Whitehall Ham Fire
Ham fire of Whitehall 1944
Whtl cake mix_Carl Schaefer
Schaefer Cake Mix
Whtl HS chorus Roll 1911
Whitehall HS Chorus 1911
Whtl HS intro 11
Whitehall HS History 1911
Whitehall History 1956
History of Whitehall 1950
Whtl HS Orchestra 1911 list
Whitehall HS Orchestra 1911

Whlt 1912 class roll

whitehall 1889

whitehall depot

Downloadable PFD Files


First Whitehall PO


1940 Homemakers Achievement Day


County School Directory 1954-55.jpg

directory pg2-3.jpg directory pg 4-5.jpg

directory pg 6-7.jpg

directory pg 8-9.jpg

directory pg 10-11.jpg

directory pg 12-13.jpg

directory pg 14-15.jpg Wthl Jr Roll 1911Documents

Anselm Bautch 1944
Hans Hagen
Town of Lincoln
O Co Olson
House of Memories 1930s
Peter Misch 1944
Temperance Hall on Square Bluff
Plum Creek Temperance Hall Part 2
Pathea Orchestra in Whitehall

Letter to the Editor: 
Regarding the identity of members of the Pathea Orchestra, recently shown in your paper, the 
young boy in the center is my brother Alf Modahl. He now lives in Bradenton, Fla. 
Our family, consisting of our parents, Amandus and Mattie; my brothers, Alf, Joe, Frank and Carl; and myself, Lillian, lived in Whitehall from 1910 until 1918. Both parents were musicians. He organized orchestras and bands and gave music lessons; she played piano, organ, violin and mandolin. When our father died in 1911 from a stroke, many of the town folk came to the family’s aid, for which we were very grateful. Mother, then, took over the music classes and made a living for our family. 
Alf was a dedicated musician all his life. He would set his alarm clock to the exact time he would finish practicing, and set the clock, face out, in the window to allow his pals to know when he would be available for fun and games. He played the clarinet in a family orchestra before Father died. Mother played the violin; Joe played the flute and piccolo; Frank played the piano and Father the drums. 
After Father’s death, this orchestra fell apart, but Alf never faltered in his determination to become a top notch musician. He played for his first dance when he was 10 years old, which was the last dance our father played for. Alf proudly gave his earnings to our mother to buy coal. 
From the age of 10, Alf played regularly with several orchestras; he was considered a drawing card because of his young age. His fellow orchestral members took good care of him; they did not let him play late. They would make a bed for him out of chairs and coats behind the piano and bed him down for the sleep he needed in order to go to school the next day. In his teens he was expected to carry his share of the playing and by the time he was a sophomore he played so many nights that he had to drop out of school. 
When our family moved to the Galesville area in 1918, Alf remained in Whitehall for awhile. Later he left to pursue his career, traveling across the nation with Chatauqua programs and other musical groups. Still later, he became a member of John Philip Sousa’s band and traveled widely. When Alf married Alta Moen from La Crosse, he settled down there. Here, he continued in orchestras and bands and in teaching music. They have a son and a daughter and grandchildren, and are now retired in Florida. 
Lillian Modahl Hanson 
Holmen, Wis