Sumner/Osseo Documents

Lincoln HS 1930
High Schools advertised for students in 1930–attendance was not required by law
George Baglien, member of the Canadian Expeditionary Force in France, killed at battle of Passchendael, Hill 70
osseo cream
Ad from 1930
Osseo Fire 1891
Osseo 1891 (550x502)
1891 Field’s Hall, Osseo
Bourlier 2
Nicholas Bourlier, lived in a dug out below Osseo Hill, died 1891. He was buried at Kings Valley Lutheran Church but later his relatives from Chicago came and had him reburied in IL

Osseo Ghost pg 1
Osseo Ghost pg 2

1905 Village of Osseo List of Civil War Veterans
Town of Sumner 1905 List of Civil War Veterans
osseo 1914
April 1914
Solider and Sailors of Civil War from Osseo 1905
osseo 1930
Ads from 1930 plat book
golden v (596x800)
Golden Valley School pg 1
golden v 2 (588x640)
Golden Valley pg 2

osseo 1914

Osseo F Dept (800x356)

Ed Hagen remembers Osseo
Oss C War
Civil War Soldiers of Osseo Area
osseo sch 1 (567x640)
Page 1 School History
sch 2 (584x640)
page 2 Schools From 1957 Centennial booklet

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Early Osseo

Story of the “Learned Hermit”, Nicholas Bourlier