Unity/Strum Documents

1905 Town of Unity Civil War Soldiers
Teeple Farm
Teeple Farm, Hamlin, between Strum and Eleva
johnson valey sch (573x800)
Johnson Valley School memories from “Many and Memorable-a History of Trempealeau County’s 110 Rural Schools”
johnson v 2 (563x800)
Johnson Valley School pg 2
johnson v 3 (561x800)
Johnson Valley pg 3
Unity 1914
Unity news March 1914
unity 1915
January 1915 Probably are referring to Strum
strum wolf (2)
Wolf Hunt 1915
strum 1930
Ad from 1930 plat book

1955 Strum Bale Unloader 1956 Obit Hensel Jacobson Strum 1913Documents