Arcadia Photos

Chauncey and Ethel Penny Heath and sons

Paul Halvorson 2018
Paul Halvorson as a basketball star for Blair

Hwy 93 as it crossed the Arcadia Ridge prior to the road being changed

Arcadia HS Prom Court April 2018

Holy Family Cath School Robotics Team 2018
Perry Heath Family
clover (516x301)
Clover harvesting on Motsko Farm
Perry Sylvester Heath
Tony Valdez lays wreath at Soldiers’ Walk 2016
Town of Arcadia Caucus 2017
Massuere AD for washing machine 1921


Add in 1921 Arcadia paper

William R Huettle, born 1893, farmer. Private Co M, 62cnd Infantry WW1, died 1919 in Hancock GA from Flu

Arcadia Library (CARNEGIE) 2009 (lower) library door (upper)

Arcadia flood 1956
Arcadia Flood 1956 A C Schultz and A H Gauger in front of the Jensen Store 4.4.1956
2010 Arcadia Flood
Demo 2016 (602x640)
Demolition of St Aloysius School 2016
Lewis V boys 1923 (640x450)
Lewis Valley Boys on the school playground 1923
North Crk 1980
Old North Creek Publish Schoolhouse, North Creek Rd 1988
north creek 1953
North Creek School 1953 Teacher Olga Berg- Front Row- Judith Kokott, Paulette Sobotta, Ruth Andre, Kenny Gandera, Charles Hanson Middle-Diane Coelho, Betty Walek, Delaine Perzina, Charles Walski, Betty Giemza Back-Marie Gandera, Mary Ann Stanislawski, Theresa Knusella, Mary Jane Kokott, Louis Shepherd, Fred Tocken
holcomb c
Holcomb Coulee School 1910–Studenst were Laura Davis, Amy and Geneveve Brom, Mabel Serverson, Rose Brom, Mamie Pierzina, Mattie DAvis, Chauncey Tuschner, John Olson, Ed Tuschner, Edwin Severson, Melvin Severson, Matt Mahutga, Alfred Olson, Selmer Severson, Otto Olson, Paul Mahutga, Helmer Olson, Art Olson, John Pierzina, Clarence Olson, Emil Ruschner, Ignatz Pierzina,
holcomb grads
Holcomb Coulee School grads Leonora Heram, and Leo Olson with teacher Amy Brom
lewis valley
Lewis Valley School 1953
Slaby girls 1923 (445x640)
Helen and Romelle Slaby, 1926 Lewis Valley
Slaby kids 1933 (512x640)
Slaby kids-Rudy, Clotilda, Romelle, 1926, Lewis Valley
teacher Esther Walski guza and Clarence Guza
Wickham Valley School–Esther Walski, teacher and Clarence Guza
Wickham 1930s new schoolhouse (640x441)
New Wickham Valley Schoolhouse 1930s
wickham kids (640x551)
Wickham Valley School late 1930’s
woy 26
Woychik School 1926
woycik kids
Woychik School Student body 1926–occasion was the visit of County Nurse Miss Rice
1926 Norway Valley (800x644)
Norway Valley School 1926 Back Row L-R- Lyle Solie, Gernard Nilsestuen, Teacher Clara Thompson Ringlien, Josie Halverson Nelson, Ida Gilbertson, Marie Lund Halvorson, 2nd Row- Alvin thompson, Harold Lund, Melvin Lund, Casper Raymond Bondlie, Cora Olson Hanson, Ruth Nilsestuen, McMahon, Helen Halverson Hoff, Sylvia Nilsestuen Bolton, Evelyn Bondlie Scheo, Little boy in front-Everett Bondlie
Am Valley 1951 (800x430)
American Valley School 1951–note schoolbus on right
Am Valley 1953-4 (800x555)
American Valley 1953-4 Elsie Dittrich, Teacher Front Row L-R- Dlepha Johnson, Betty Klonecki, John Lisowski, Mary Lisowski, Dan Johnson, Kaye Bautch Back- Theresa Klonecki, Paul Johnson, Roger Onsrud, Roger Klonecki, DAvid Pierzina, Beverly Bautch, Ruth Klonecki
American Valley with Teacher Brownlee
American Valley School 1902–Teacher Mr, Brownlee is highlighted in the back row.
new mayor d3c 2015 (640x599)
Mayor Rob Reichwein and City Clerk Angela Berg 2015
1933 New Sunnyslope Sch (800x716)
1933 New Sunnyslope (Upper Plum Creek) School
1936 Sunnyslope 8th gr (640x546)
Sunnyslope 7 & 8th Graders 1936–R-L- Ernest Waldera, Esther Waldera, Ila Hanson, Genevieve Maule, Adolf Micek
Demolition of Sunnyslope 1923 (640x433)
Original Sunnyslope Schoolhouse being demolished 1923-24
Sunnyslope 1908 (798x800)
Sunnyslope 1908 Teacher Louise Stevning
Sunnyslope 1936 2nd gr (640x549)
Sunnyslope School 1936 1rst & 2nd Graders Valentine Maule, Albin Woychik, Severin Waldera, Bernice Micek
Sunnyslope 1936 8th graders (493x640)
1936 8th Graders Sunnyslope School (Upper Plum Creek)
Sunnyslope clean up 1936 (640x523)
1936 Spring Clean Up Day at Sunnyslope School
Sunnyslope kids 1920s (647x800)
Sunnyslope children 1920s
Wmsburg 1920 (640x416)
1920 Williamsburg School-also called Passon School Bernice Bautch in back, Mrs Tom Woychick, Mrs John Marsolek, Mrs Andrew Passon, David Bautch
Woychick 1926 (640x440)
1926 Woychick School located north of Arcadia
ridge 1913
1913 Ridge School, Petronella Kokott 4th from right in back row
ridge 1924
1924 Ridge School
ridge 1928
Ridge School 1928
ridge sch 28
Ridge School 1928
ridge sch
Ridge School House 1920s
Oak Rdg Mary Smart Betty Onsrud Betty Foss
Oak Ridge School teacher Mary Smart with pupils Betty Onsrud and Betty Foss
oak ridge 1932
1932 Oak Ridge 8th Graders-Everett Bondeli, Francis Solberg, Elmer Rhude, Florence Onsrud, Evelyn Bondeli, Arnold Solberg
Am Valley 1952 (640x800)
American Valley School on CR T east of Arcadia. Partial listing of teachers since 1913.
1930 rainey
Rainey Valley Students in front of the school 1930
rainey sch house
The Rainey Valley School 1900-1955 Front porch is not typical of school designs in the county.
rainey vl
1928 Rainey Valley students
Ashley Group (800x660)
Ashley Plant early 1980s. Nick Jensen, Howard Reedy, Art Schultz, Bud Vogel, Ollie Schroeder
Civil War Camp out at Pietrek Park 2015
Civil War Camp out at Pietrek Park 2015
Oak Ridge School 1941,OAK RIDGE SCHOOL 1941 Back Row L-R- Dick Andriesen, Alice Everson (teacher), Ralph Stevens, Beverly Bautch, Ardys Bautch, Doris Onsrud, Lloyd Andriesen Front-L ?R- Elsie Onsrud, Roger Onsrud
Oak Ridge School 1941,OAK RIDGE SCHOOL 1941
Back Row L-R- Dick Andriesen, Alice Everson (teacher), Ralph Stevens, Beverly Bautch, Ardys Bautch, Doris Onsrud, Lloyd Andriesen
Front-L ?R- Elsie Onsrud, Roger Onsrud
Watkins Group 1941,Group on a Watkins tour, 1941-photo found behind photo of Oak Ridge School. Any IDs? Little boy in front row, 3rd from left appears to be an Onsrud--photo found behind another photo of Oak Ridge School
Watkins Group 1941,Group on a Watkins tour, 1941-photo found behind photo of Oak Ridge School. Any IDs? Little boy in front row, 3rd from left appears to be an Onsrud–photo found behind another photo of Oak Ridge School
Cortland (800x630)
Cortland School memories. School was located in Trout Run Valley south of Arcadia.
cortland 1911 (800x606)
Cortland School students 1911. Note the Funmaker children, Ho Chunks who camped in the valley.
cortland 1955 (800x469)
Cortland Kids 1955- __Kindshy, Rosemary Andre, Willard Wettlaufer, Diane Kube, Gaylord Kube Jr., Bob Brommich, —Kindshy, Galen Mueller, Le Roy George, Pat Kokott, Pat Andre, Lucille Kokott, ___Kindshy, Sharon Passow
Ed Erickson photo
Ed Erickson for Sheriff 1916
vets 2015 (800x716)
Jim Ziegeweid speaks at Nov 2015 Vets Day
holcomb 48 (640x384)
Holcomb Coulee 1947-48
norw photo 1919 (640x417)
Norway Valley School 1919
Norway 1925 (640x386)
1925 photo of Norway Valley students
kolst (544x640)
Kolstand School located on NW Cty F, Town of Arcadia
Rainey Valley School 1946 (top) Bottom-White /Fox Coulee School 1945

DSCF5062 (640x471)

arc richmond (640x474)

Arcadia Bohri and Hensel STore 1877 (800x552)
Bohri & Hensel Store 1877

Arcadia directory

Arcadia School 1877

Nicholas Mueller Arcadia
Arcadia Public School (upper picture) Nicholas Mueller home 1877-listed as Architect and Builder (directly above)
arcadia ads (401x640)
1913 business ads

American Valley (481x640)
American Valley School located on Cty T east of Arcadia
Norway Valley school 2
Norway Valley School-1925 Back l-R Lyle Solberg, Gerhard Nilsestuen, Clara Thompson, Josie Halverson, Ida Gilbertson, Marie Lund Middle-Alvin Thompson, Harold Lund, Melvin Lund, Caspar Bondeli, Cora Olson Ruth Nilsestuen, Helen Halverson, Sylvia Nilsestuen, Evelyn Bondeli Front-Everett Bondeli

Penny or Newcomb Valley School
Newcomb Valley (Oakdale) School? Not identified
e?                                                            Ridge School
Korpal Valley School 1940 L-R Aloizy Woychik, Richard Korpal, Marcel Shepehrd, Eugene Guenther, Dan Sonsalla
Lou SauerGappa_Reck Photo1
Oak Ridge School 1912-13ower photo-high water, 1919
(1) Ed Erickson ? 1916 Republican Candidate for Sheriff  (2)Carnegie Library Front Door
1949 Arcadia Flood 1956 flood Arcadia 1900 Ernie Reck Ad
mrs wm kokott
(1) Mrs. William Kokott (2) Phillip Klimek and Hedwig Wozney
Sophie motszko right
Girl on right is Sophie Motsko
DSCF5061 (640x493)
Arcadia 1913
GB&WRR (449x800)
north crk 1953
North Creeek School kids 1953-54 Helen Sobota, Janet Toloken, Lorraine Kokott, Elaine Hanson, Jerome Knusalla, Theresa Knusalla, Joan Kokott, Mary Kokott, Deall Marsolek, Fred Toloken, Charles Walske, Betty Giemza, Dan Andre, Henrietta Giemza, Louis Shepherd, Marie Gandyra, D. Pierzina, Betty Walek, Pauline Sobota, Chalres Hanson, Ken Gandyra ___
St Joe Hosp
St Joseph Hosptial Plan 19 67
Arc School
Arcadia School spring 1895 Girl on bottom right is Lily Kindschy Durisch

St Joe Hosp

Arc street
1891 Arcadia view west, brick house on left owned by John Durisch
Frances Guza
Upper- James Rohn Lower Francis Guza

john klimek
(1) John Klimek (Son of Phillip Klimek ) (2) Rose Slaby with daughter, Blanche
John Minnie motszko 25
(1) John and Minnie Motszko 25thWedding Anniversary (2) Joseph Gamoke

the demise of the Arcadia Opera House 1967
Tamarack Lutheran Church
Paul Halvorsen
Ashley For the Arts 2018
Rev Hauck and the Our Lady of Perpetual Help Church–known as the German Catholic church
Lehrbach Island was purportedly haunted by giant cats. The river changed course and the island was no longer an island. See “Documents” for more info on the island.
Class of 1948 Class reunion , Arcadia High School
Memorial to 32 Div, The Red Arrow Division, Soldier’s Walk Park
Sons of Norway Fagernes Lodge sponsored the 2019 Kids ski contest , Arcadia
The Commercial Hotel located near the railroad tracks and the old Hatchery
Gavney and Comstock–pioneers of Arcadia and leading citizens
Kolstad School–upper Tamarack Valley about 1930. Back Teacher Myrtle Amundson Bernadine Konkel, Elmer Chestleson, Leo L Swenson, Bennie Kolstad, Harriet Anderson, Emil Lisowski, 3rd Row-Stanely Anderson, Jerome Konkel, Marian Pavalak, Frank Lisowski , Joyce Severson, Ruth Halverson, Beatrice Moldenhauer, Don Olson, Allan Severson First Row- Lillian Johnson, Evelyn Severson, Delores Severson, Elaine Strand, Lloyd Lund, Harold Kolstad, Leonard Konkel, Bobbie Pavalak. Photo from Mrs. Fred Hoff. A later teacher was Mrs Palmer Severson
Korpal Valley School, 1937. Photo was submitted by Evelyn Anderson but unfortunately no one is identified. I love the guy on the roof–was he the teacher chased there by the students on the wood pile?
Oak Ridge School Town of Arcadia, 1934. Front L-R- Pyrl Storsven, Alice Nelestuen, Geraldine Solberg, Leona Solberg, Betty Onsrud, Marion Berzinski, Geneva Solberg, Betty Foss, Marva Berzinski, Orlen Herberg, Florence Thompson, Ruth Gilbertson, Back- Genevieve Rhude, Mildred Onsrud, Eleanor Foss, Blanch Berzinski, Lillie Solberg, Vivian Solberg, Evelyn Nelestuen, N. Storsven, Bobby Onsrud, Corine Herberg, Harriet Thompson Photo was from Mrs David Kube
Second Oak Ridge School about 1934–schoolhouse was torn down after the school was closed
1985 Flood
Graduate 1888 Arcadia High School
Arcadia HS Commencement 1888
1955 Broiler Dairy Days Court
1978 Jake Angst
1984 Arcadia Fryers Hatchery
Dr Elizabeth Comstock
Dr George Hiderschide
1919 Flood— looking south towards OLPH church
High Water 1919
1987 Deer hunters, Luan Woychik, Bruce Pehler, Al Woychik
March 2020 Arcadia Girls’ Basketball team goes to the tournament but loses its first game. The next day the remainder of the tournament was canceled due to Corona Virus fears.
Second St Michael’s church in North Creek
1920 St Michael’s church burns
March 2020 Wanek Center contributors