Burnside Photos

Sept 2011 big rain/flood , road north of Independence

Funeral for Louis Wiersgalla . He was an MP directing traffic at the crossroads in Cierges, FR when a German artillery hit. He died the next day from his wounds. His remains were brought home for reburial at the St Peter and Paul Cemetery in 1922

Prvt Louis Wiersgalla

Kids Fishing Contest 2018

Peter A Sura, USMC 6th Infantry, killed in action July 19, 2018 at the Battle of Chateau Thierry. Son of Peter and Agata.

Peter A Sura –the American Legion Post Sura Wiersgalla #186 named for Peter

Blacksmith Shop 1926 Ole Huff, A Filla, Ole Hanson at Anvil. Rear-John Gamroth, John and Peter Pampuch

Wreaths Across America St Peter and Paul Cemetery Dec 2018–a wreath was placed on the grave of each veteran.

Wreaths Across American sponsored by Sura Wiersgalla American Legion Post #186 Dec 2018

Martin Wiemer sold furniture and home supplies, was the funeral director and for many years County Coroner

1928 8th Grade for Monica Woycik who attended Wickham Valley School

Kathy Zeiglin, Jescey Thompson, Kiera Kjos, Vaida Goplin 2017

Sts Peter and Paul Catholic Church

Independence Milk man _______ Markham

Mike Lyga and the  Veteran’s Museum in the Independence High School

Kids’ Fishing Contest , Bugle Lake, Independence 2017

Texaco Station, Independence

Father Gara, St Peter and Paul Church

2016 Main Hall

Rev Kufel of St Peter and Paul Church

Ft Gara’s funeral, July 1922 SSPP

Funeral of Ft Gara, July 1922 SSPP

St Peter and Paul about 1910. The old parochial school is on the far left, the steeple poking up from the trees is the original schoolhouse.

Ft Peter Rombalski’s First Mass May 22 1932 Niece Margaret Rombalski with pillow, Helen Rombalski on his left, on far left Peter Kulig and ____Pyka. Ft Rombalski (Rabalsky) was one of 15 children born to Frank and Catherine (Roskosz) Rombalski

Holy Name Society badges SSPP

SSPP from the southwest side, around 1920

Photo of workmen and priests shows old parochial school in the left background

Cripps School
Cripps School- 1959—Back-L-R ___Cilley, ___Smieja, Ruth Smieja, ___Gruentzal, ___? Middle- ___Dumbeck, Berniece Smick, Bernard Halama ____? Front- Theresa Smieja, Dejno Twins, John Dejno, ___Burt, Vernon Anderson, Joan Burt

Elk Crk 1956
High water–Bugle Lake Dam Independence 4.4.1956

St Peter and Paul (800x571)
St Peter and Paul sanctuary decorated for Christmas 2015

Platz Drug
Platz Drug in Independence

elk crk 1915
January 1915

elk 1940
Elk Creek School Founded 1870-closed 1940 Photo from 1930s

elk cr 1936
1936 Elk Creek School Students

Halama (415x640)
H C Halama late 1940s

Cripps (320x238)
Cripps School Jan 2015 After the school closed the Town of Burnside added on to it and used it for many years. Located north of Independence on Hwy 93

Indep Long Jumper 2015 (435x640)
Andrew Grulkowski, Independence HS 2015

Prom Court 2015 Independence HS
Prom Court 2015 Independence HS–Brennan Christianson, Henry Pfaff, Jordan Speltz, Steve Gamroth, Sophia Woychik, Cheyenne Loewenhagen, Morgan Speltz, GinaGamroth, Tessa Bragger

Football Inde vs Whitehall 2015 (800x730)
Isaac Pape and Jackson Standafer 2015 football

Poultry show (458x640)
1913 Poultry Show held in Independence

poultry sho w2 (414x640)
Poultry show 1913

markham J A (431x640)
J A Markham 1913

Indep ads 1913 (430x640)
Independence Business ads 1913

elk crk 1930
Ad from 1930 county plat book

Icefish whole (800x761)
ERGC Fishing Contest 2016

photo (4)
July 2014 Old span bridge is replaced during Hwy 93 road construction

photo (5)
July 2014 Road construction on corner of Hwy 121 and 93 junction. Old gas station/Kevin Benning business is removed

Ada Markham (800x621)

Ada Markham took over the Independence newsspaper after the death of her husband.

indee baseb
Top-1939 Independence American Legion Team. They went to state but lost in semifinals. Front L-R-Rudy Smieja, Bill Andre, Saul Isaacs, Ray Reck, Lyman Call, Millard Fellenz, Roman Sobotta Back-Pete Misch, Everett Blaha, Ralph Klimek, Ed Resler, Geo Isaacs, Marcel Marsolek, Norris Olson
Bottom photo-Indee Old Timers-Front L-R Ray Hagen, Helmer Neperud, Alan Briggs Edmundson, ernie Fremstad, Len Ellison, Al Windjue, Back row-Cliff Bautch, Ray Reck, Ralph Sygulla, Fred Gardner, Ken Swenson, Don Warner, Merton Hagen, coach De Bow, Peanuts hagen

Henry Kurth Family members

Inde HS Reunion 2015 (800x679)
Independence HS 45th Class Reunion 2015

indee ads (640x268)
Ads from 1914 Plat Book2009 Kids Cont (800x594) 2009 Kids Fishing Contest in front of City Hall

2009 Bugle Lk view east (800x472)
2009 Bugle Lk view east

1930 Dam Repair (800x549)
1930 Dam Repair

2006 Bugle lake (800x602)
2006 Dale Miemiietz in Bugle Lake quagmire

Sunday sch 1979 (800x396)
Lutheran Sunday School kids 1979

Thor Jackson
Thor Jackson Family 1880

new church-Ind.
Independence Lutheran church 1979

Ladies Aid 1980
Lutheran Ladies Aid 1979

early ladies
Lutheran Ladies 1880s Mrs Ever Anderson, Mrs Ole Marveson, Mrs Bennet Anderson, Mrs Tom Jackson, Mrs ___Jackson, Mrs Lars Kelly, Mrs Ole Nelson, Mrs Ed Larson, Mrs Syver, Mrs Amundson

Ind Lutheran church 1905 (800x572)
Norwegian Lutheran Church 1900 Note Independence Public School on the left

Jacob Jackson
Mr and Mrs Jacob Jackson

August Anderson
Mr and Mrs August Anderson 1890s

Confirmands 1920s (668x800)
Lutheran Confirmands 1920, 23, 24

old lake 1881 (540x339)
1881 pen and ink drawing of Independence. At this time Bugle Lake was almost 90 acres in size.

Old bank on left, present day office of Kulig Michalak and Franklin on right next to vacant lot which was once the site of the Runkel Hardware Store and Filla’s Farm Lounge.

Louis Slabik engine.jpg
Louis Slabik engin

Independence Ladies
June 1896 Independence Young Ladies

Independence 1900
Railroad Street 1900 looking east

Independence 1940
Independence 1940 at intersection of CR Q and Hwy 93 view west

Independence High water
High Water in Independence 1906 looking west into town. The grain elevators in the background on the right are the site of the telephone office and lumber yard,(2014)

girls team 2014 (640x528)
girls team 2014, Coach Kale Kowahl

2005 View of City Hall and park from Bugle lake

2009 kids' fishing contest
2009 Kids Fishing Contest

2010 fishing contest
2010 Kids Fishing Contest on banks by bridge

Sept 2011 Flood Bridge to Bugle Park, Independence

2010 Kids Fishing Contest Fishboard Independence

Kids Fishing Contest 2010 L-R Bob Pietrek, Al Suchla,__, Ottie Baecker

Independence aerial shot 2002, Bugle Lake upper right

George Markham Family ( original white settlers of Independence)

Old Independence School–1-12 grades Approx 1915

John Markham and wife

May 2010 Kids fishing contest

Markham Farm with octagon house, Ronceval, in mid rear

Markham Castle-Ronceval 1890s. On hill northeast of independence, torn down in 1930’s

Markham Family Octagon House “Ronceval”

Fred Maule Family
Fred Maule Family

1953 Romelle Schneider Roosevelt
1953 Romelle Schneider Roosevelt

V. Pietrek Family
V. Pietrek Family

Valentine and Barbara Pietrek
Valentine and Barbara Pietrek

Fireworks over Bugle Lake

fish cont 2005
Fishing Contest 2005


Schneider Roosevelt
Romelle Schneider Roosevelt
1909 Barn Raising at Mike Skroch farm in Wickham Valley
1940 Cooks at the Monica Mish/Dominic Sylla wedding reception at the John and Julia Sygulla farm front-Martina Sosalla, _____ Back- Sarah Sygulla, Julia Sygulla, Lucy Mish
Hyacinth and Susanna Woychik Kulig Golden Wedding Anniversary front, back row Gertrude, ____, Paul, John
Ben Kampa
Ben Kampa recovering 1936

Wickham Valley School kids in front of the school and Pete Pason’s “bus” Back L-r

R Marion Woychik, Berniece Sonsalla, Delores Wozney, Helen Bautch John and Ernest Sonsalla, _____, Laverne Sura Middle-Beatrice Sonsalla, ____Woychik, ____, Jim Wozney, ____Woychik Front- Bernadine Kampa, Joan Bautch, ____Wozney, Rosaline Puchalla, _____, Grace Kampa Photo Vitus Kampa

wedding invitation to wedding of August Weier and Rose Smieja 1921
Charles Pieterick , WW1 veteran and his four sons
John and Anna Walek Family , Golden Anniversay 1921
2021 FFA Sid Dailey
Ralph Sluga
Ralph Sluga, KIA WW2
Peter Filla Bar Paul Sobieck on left
Kampa Wedding at the Charles Kampa home in Wickham Valley—from Vitus Kampa collection
Kampa Wedding in Wickham Valley–newly weds are in the front seat of the buggy
1895 Building St Peter and Paul
St Peter and Paul church 1983
Lester Senty and Ken Gallagher
1985 Independence High School Wrestlers
1951 Martha Marsolek
Independence High School 1953
Indee Cheerleaders 1953 Rita Jackson, Marlene Sobish, Jean Myers and Luvane Helgeson
2020 ERGC Ice Fishing Contest 2020 The fish board
1954 Township Queen Contest at County Fair
Bob Pietrek 2018
2019 Elk Rod & Gun Club Ice Fishing Contest–City Hall in background

Bushy’s Meat Market bear decorated for St Patrick’s Day 2019

Mary Sluga, Julia Skroch, Jennie Moga, Susie Skroch
Peter Sura and Louis Wiersgalla, KIA 1918
Borst Valley School 1929 ( was located on Cty BB) Teacher Effie Filla Back Row L-R- Phyllis Burt, Albert Sylla, Lyle Back, Fred Marsolek, Gladys Lokken, Raymond Sylla Front- Helen Rombalski, Caroline Rombalski, Glenn Hendrickson, Carol Hendrickson, Elmer Lokken, Verna Burt, Euphrosine Rombalski
Borst Valley School girls, 1923 L-R Eleanor Prokop, Agnes Burt, Alla Marsolek, Blanch Burt, Rose Prokop, Phyllis burt Photo from Agnes Amble
New City School 8th Grade Class 1943 (located on Cty X)
L=R- Marcus Kuka, Irene Bautch, Florence Bautch, Bill Filla photo from Mrs E Dubiel
Hero dog of John Bautch 1915
Rust proff corset sold at Wise & MIsch in Independence 1915
1915 strange happenings at Huff Family farm

Ben and Susie Wozney 1941
Independence 2019, Bushy’s Meat Market, shop for rent, Eagle Bar, Coffee Cup Cafe, empty building
Pape wreck, Independence 1915
Happenings February 1915 in Traverse Valley
Autographed advertising fan–Indee Bottling Company
December 1915 Independence News Wave Ad
Indee baseball champs 1915
Indee HS grads spring 1915
1913 Independence news
1983 Article on Sts Peter & Paul Church
1950’s at the Eagle Bar. L-R __Bautch, Gene Bautch, 3 Kucera/Miemietz cousins, Irene Symicke, Carl Kampa, Bea Skroch Front- Gertie Miemietz, Paul Miemietz, Paul Klimek Photo from Vitus Kampa ( note Band Box in upper left corner–a music box with figures that moved)
1910 Kampa Farm, Wickham Valley L-R- Carl Kampa, Hattie Miemietz Mylnek, Anna Miemietz Kucera, Julia Miemietz Kampa, Matt Kampa, Mike Kloss(?) Note Carl is dressed in a Silesian outfit
From the October 1957 Independence News Wave–Curtis Skroch and John Lucente
Jack Halama, John Lucente and Edward Misch October 1957 Photo from the Independence News Wave
Lester Senty and Ken Gallagher 1957
First Catholic church in Independence 1875
Entrance to Cripps School 2020
Old Cripps Schoolhouse north of Independence 2020
Dumback Family, Travis Valley
Downtown Independence 1908
John Sura, Killed in the Battle of Cold Harbor 1864. He and his friend George Parsons ran away from their homes to join the Union Army. John”s body was never recovered.
Affidavit from George Parson on Battle of Cold Harbor and John Sura
Miemietz Home in Boland Valley
1910 John & Anna Wiersgalla Family Back L-R Louie (killed in WW1) Stanley, Teckla, Frank, Thomas, Anna Front-Simon, Frances, Praxeda, Mary, John, Edmund, Paul, Anna, Polly, Mary, Magdaline Baby Paul ( apparently inserted) Missing from photo-Sophia
1955 Independence High School band led by Drum Majorette Cynthia Roskos
August Weier and daughter Phyllis ( married Leonard Kern)
MIddle building was first Post Office in Independence
Span bridge in Independence when it was new
Weimer Building on the left, first Post Office
Newest Post Office , Independence 2019
Second post office building in Independence
Independence Snack Shop 1948
August Weier and Rose Smieja wedding 1920
Weier Buillding on left
Maule Farm, present day William Maliszewski farm on Hwy 121
Maule/Sylla Wedding 1895
Wozney UBC Store
Addresses for local men in the military run in the Independence News Wave 1950’s
Auxiliary members on the Matchey Roof 1986
St Peter and Paul Church interior
1910 Independence Graduates
A W Liver Home Around 1900
Aerial Photo 1960s
1900 Down town Independence
November 1918
1910 Baseball Team
David Kelly– responsible for the train depot being built in Independence
Crowd by the train tracks–perhaps Armistice Day 1918
Ad in Centennial booklet 1976
East End Bar 1928
Giles Cripps, early settler of Burnside
Looking NE about 1900
1880 First Public School
Drug Store 1915
Ladies Band
John Walek Family around 1900-10
4th of July parade
John Zimmer and Wife early settlers in Travis Valley
Vito Reck Came to the US from Poland in 1869. Died 1913. Father of 22 children
Lamberts Store on Main Street
Formerly Lloyds Sport Shop Building believed to have been moved in from New City in 1876
Lyga’s Store
Martha Andersson 1976
View North towards the bridge–around 1920
Pampuch farm on Cty X
ad from 1976
2021 ERGC Ice Fishing Contest–no big tent due to Covid
1952 Roman Slaby