Caledonia Photos

Willard Suttie
Caledonia 1877 (800x677)
Town of Caledonia 1877 Note McGilvray’s Ferry on right
Inez Hare 1940
Teacher Inez Hare 1940
Jessie Suttie Mrs Alex Hale
Teacher Jessie Suttie–married Alex Hale
Old McGilvray Bottoms bridge going over into La Crosse County

cal 65
Town of Caledonia 1865–landowners
Cale 1853
Caledonia 1853-1856
mcGil bridg (640x611)
Leonard Wagner looks west across Black River towards remains of McGilvray Bridge. The village of Caledonia was located along these banks. Photo-about 1955
more bridge (585x640)
Remains of McGilvray Bridge over Black River seen on the left

bigelow sch (401x640)
Bigelow School. Around 1900

Willard Suttie Bigelow Sch 1891
Bigelow Teacher Willard Suttie 1891

Marth Hunter ( Mrs Guy) Salsman 1914
Teacher Martha Hunter 1914 married Guy Salsman
Towner Sch (389x640)
Towner School 1900s
Towner 1915
Towner School students around 1918
grover sch (640x629)
Grover/Schuman School
cal grads (393x640)
1920 Grad Turnbull. Moulton, Woestman, Anstensen, gilbert, Scherr
cal 3
Caledonia Consolidated 1955 Back-CALEDONIA December 1955 BACK- Steven Cooper, Jerry Williamson, Lois Schindler, Charles Lyon, Larry Hess, Roger Emmons, Darlene Schindler, Ruth Lyon, Louise Becker, ROW 2- Susan Carhart, JoAnn Schultz, Jim Bender, Carol Jonas, Sharon Suttie, Ruth Larson, Anna Pickering, Ken Schindler FRONT-Bruce Pickering, Esther Selke, Lesly Bender, Richard Meunier, Joan Lyon, Ruth Jonas, Kathleen Emmons, Bing Cooper
cal 18
Caledonia School 1918 Arbor Day Last boy in front row right is Leonard Pickering
cal 1984
1984 article about Caledonia Consolidated School, first teacher Miss Bridget Enright is shown
cal picnic 1914
Rhodes School and picnic 1914
powers olson (640x592)
Hosea Ballou Powers and Mathias Olson from “McGilvray’s Ferry” by Doris Brenengen Wagner
Caledonia School
Caledonia School 1956-7
cal 1914 (640x627)
Caledonia Consolidated 1914
Cal twn hall
Caledonia Town Hall built 1902
sch kids 1930
Caledonia school kids 1930


cal sch
Caledonia Consolidated School 1910
cal ladies
Caledonia ladies 1952
Gilbert Family photos
Joe Pickering and Mules
Nicholls Family 1955
Alexander McGilvray’s Black River ferry, 1890
Caledonia Chappell (800x476)
D D Chappell Farm 1877-Sec 9, Breeder of Poland China and Magee Hogs
Caledonia Hannam (800x484)
John Hannam Farm Sec. 30, 1877

Caledonia 1946-7 (800x638)


three rows
Caledonia Consolidated 1-2-3 graders 1956-7 Teacher Mrs Myrtle Mitchell BACK- Perry Funmaker, Patty Salsman, Ken Meunier, Mark Hess, Beverly Emmons, Tom Carhart, Rodney Gilmeister, Bonnie Arnold, Lucinda Pickering MIDDLE- Betty Funmaker, Mary Gillies, Robert Salsman, Mary Schultz, Arlys Storsveen, Virginia Cooper, Ron Williamson, Judy Schuman FRONT- Arthur Gilmeister, Peter Becker, Janet Gillies, Robert Byrne, Larry Larson

Ellen Pickering 1911
Delbert Pickering
Notice published in the 1863 Galesville Advance concerning ferry service
1956 approximately
1958 Grades 1-4