Ettrick/French Creek/Hegg/Beach Corner Photos

Teacher Agnes Johnson , 1964 Smith School
Wedding at Beach corner/Hegg 1890s–Andrew Hagestad married Martha Christianson,  Lady in the back on the left is Almina Vetterhaus.

Old hardware store in Ettrick

South Beaver Creek Church 150th 2017
Larry and Mardell Corcorran celebrate 150 year family farm
Ettrick Royalty 2017 Jadan Isher, Alexis Kiedrowski, Shauna Boe, Lorissa Bolte, Anna Anibas, Gracie Schultz, Liam Daffinson,

old water powered feed mill in Ettrick
Old water-powered feed mill in Ettrick on west side of town
Ettrick Creamery in background–foreground shows wagon load of butter. Around 1910.
Chapultepec 1940s (800x617)
Chapultepec School, teacher Mildred Simonson Stenberg 1940’s
hegg (640x491)
Hegg Schoolhouse
up french crk (800x693)
Upper French Creek School 1910, at intersection of CRs D and T
Legion post 2014 (640x544)
January 1915
Clifford Blaha 2015
Clifford Blaha 2015
Whalen School 1948 – Top left clockwise Teacher Mary Walter,Don Bishop, Nelly Corcoran, Larry Paulson, ___Corcoran, Gary Corcoran, Max Paine, Merlin Mattson, Gary Bishop, Tom Whalen, James Whalen, Larry Corcoran, Harold____ Center left John Corcoran, Beverly Bishop
South branch 1947-8 Teacher Lillian Crogan
1947 South Branch with teacher Lilian Crogan
wash coulee 1
Washington Coulee students around 1910
wash coulee 3
Washington Coulee School L-R- Front Victor Stone, James Swenson Row 2- Gladys Twesme, Gladys Swenson, Helen Dale, Lucille Grinde, Adeline Hanson Back- Clarice Swenson, Myrtle Twesme, Adeline Grinde and teacher Clarice Davis
wash coulee dinner pail
Washington Coulee School–note dinner pail on right side. Back row L-R- Russell Twesme, Myrtle Twesme, Hilman Rogness, Arleen Swenson, Truman Grinde, Adeline Grinde Front row not identified
washington c
Washington Coulee L-R Front- Gerald Mason, Arleen Swenson, Adeline Grinde, Thomas Mason, Rosella Larson Row 2- Truman Grinde, Helmer Rogness, Russell Twesme, Victor Stone Row 3- Selma Olson, Virgil Twesme, Raymond Davis, Clifford Dale, Chester Rogness Row 4- Ruby Davis, Selma Rickolson, Clarice Davis, Irene Dale, Birdella Hanson, Sanford Rogness
Up Fr Crk 1910
Upper French Creek School 1910, Teacher Selma Oxsnee
Whalen Schoolhouse, Town of Ettrick
Upper French Creek School 1955
Upper French Creek School 1955
Berneice Stenberg Berglote Tjoflat
Reading certificate issued to Bernice Stenberg by Teacher Berglote Tjoflat

fillner kids
Children of John and Clara Fillner. Top L R Warren and Miriam, Bottom- Harriet, John, Clarice
ettrick ad (800x339)
Ads from 1914 Plat Book
runnestrand (586x449)
Ad from 1914 for Runnestrand Brothers in Ettrick
Ettrick and Northern RR
Constructing the Ettrick And Northern RR in 1916-17. This short line went between Blair and Ettrick and went thru a deep cut near Beach Corner.
glasgowhardiescr schol (800x448)
Glasgow Hardies Creek School 1875-1967 Still used by the community. Every fall a community fair is held at the school.
first Glasgow (640x458)
First Glasgow School
corn show (477x640)
Glasgow Community Club members
Glasgow first corn show (477x640)
One of the First Glasgow Corn shows-Caspar Toppen, Archie Peterson, Alvin Erickson, Harvey Conrad, ____
Glasgow 1930s (800x716)
Glasgow 1930s, teacher Evelyn Duff
img640 (800x735)
Glasgow School with Teacher Vivienne Brown Grant 1954
Glasgow 1945-6 (800x581)
Glasgow 1945-46
Glasgow 1948-9 (800x581)
Glasgow School 1948-49
Glasgow 1953 (640x385)
Glasgow 1953
Glasgow 1957
Glasgow Students 1956-57 Teacher Ruth Erickson
Glasgow 1956 (640x630)
Glasgow 1956
1rs Glasgow Sch (640x471)
First Glasgow School
Glasgow Play Group
Glasgow Play Group–Laura Conrad, Margaret Suttie, Florence Davis, Hulda Scarseth, Mabel Ness
Glasgow teachers
Glasgow Teachers Margaret And Jessie Suttie, Dorothy Wood, Mae Hardie, Alice Haggerty

glasgow 1904

Details of building in downtown Ettrick
South Branch School (800x435)
South Branch School Students and teacher Lillian Crogan, 1945
South Branch school
South Branch Boys 1940s
S Branch boys 1934
South Branch boys sliding on the hill above the school ( in the background) Richard Van Riper, Orin Johnson, Arnold Johnson, Victor Olson, Orvis Anderson
S Branch 1926 (640x449)
South Branch 1926 Girl under the windows is unidentified.
S Branch students 1926 (640x474)
1926 South Branch 41 students pictured, 51 were enrolled that year. Back Row L_R- Irene Ryder, teacher, Vilas Salomonsen, Arthur Swenson, Minard Kamprud, Earl Oslon, Elmer Deutrich, Robert Larson, Earl Salomonsen, Oscar Kamprud, Berdella Salwedal, Anna Larson, Hilma Severson, Gladys Swenson, Evelyn Anderson, Alma Van Riper R 2- Glen Salomonsen, Leo Osley, Don Truax, Philip Nelsestuen, Alma Kamprud, Dorothy Smith, Wilma Deutrich, Tena Johnson, Lucille Smith, Evelyn Van Riper, Marie Van Riper, Lillian Swenson, Front-William Van Riper, Edwin Van Riper, Lester Olson, Ray Truax, Evelyn Evenson, Victor Swenson, Nora Kamprud, Helen Swenson, Ethel Anderson, Georgina Van Riper, Bertha Severson, Corrine Swenson, Alice Evenson, Harriette Anderson, Willard Salzwedel
Store and Custom mills of Iver Pederson, Ettrick 1877
Interior South Branch School
South Branch School
Ettrick Directory 1877 (800x688)
Ettrick Directory 1877
Hegg School (800x579)
Hegg School ‘Save the Wildflowers” Approx 1954
Residence and blacksmith shop of P J Huff, Ettrick 1877
Wayside School 1906.jpeg
Wayside School 1906 Located west of Ettrick Teacher in this photo is Anna Hilton
Wayside school 1957.jpg
Wayside School 1957.Teacher Agnes Hunter Johnson. School was in existence from 1862-1965 Wayside 1957 Front L-R- Bob Enhagen, Pauline Solberg, Sonia Berg, Doris Stenberg, Gloria Stenberg, Rodney Nelsestuen, Diane Berg, Gene Hogden Row 2- Darrell Kleppen, Ione Enghagen, Larry Berg, Ardyce Sveen, ElJane Berg, Sandra Sveen, Larry Peterson R3- Teacher Agnes Johnson, Betty Thompson, Boyd Hogden, Faye Trosinski, Galen Thompson, Gary Nelsestuen, Dorothy Engelien, Russell Butman, Cheryl Nelsestuen
Iwayside first day
Wayside students-first day of school 1956. Photo taken by teacher Agnes Johnson
wayside 1931
Wayside 1931 Photo was printed in Robyn’s Coffee Chat
wayside 1957 older
Wayside students 1957 -Betty Thompson, Dorothy Engelien, Larry Peterson, Betty Thompson
wayside 57
Wayside 1957-58 Gloria Stenberg, Rodney Nelsestuen, El Jane Berg, Larry Iverson
wayside first grade
Wayside First Graders 1957- Renee Berg, Linda Enghagen
wayside go round
1957 Wayside students on the old merry go round
agnes snowstorm
Teacher Agnes Johnson heading home 1956 from Wayside after big snowstorm
wayside 1954
Wayside 1954 Christmas Roses, Julia Anderson Teacher L-R- Ronald Solberg, Roger Kaiser, Galen Thompson, John Engelien, Gary Nelsestuen
wayside halloween
Halloween at Wayside 1954
wayside parents
Wayside School Picnic 1957 Parents
Beach steps (800x478)
Beach Front L-R George Hayes, Myra Lynghamer, Milan Johnson, Judith Herried, Roger Foss, Gerald Melby, George Melby Jr., Charlene Crivits, Lucille Kittleson R2-Arlene Johnson, Shirley Kittleson, Aldon Frones, Glenn Brovold, Clayton Leque, Archie Brovold, Louise Flaaten, Lucille Crivits, Adna Flaaten, Raymond Sekse R 3 Lilah Twinde, Geraldine Lynghamer, Viola Erickson, Vivian Erickson, Elvira Johnson, Marian Johnson, Bernice Twinde, Sandford Sekse, R 4 Jeanette Johnson, Elvina Erickson, Isabelle Herried, Ruth Instenes, Mabel Henderson, Anna Dean Leque, Lucille Twinde, Orton Flaaten, Ralph Kittleson, Arnold Brovold, Andrew Herried Jr, Truman Instenes, Gavin Erickson, Teacher Hilma Sexe
Beach grads 1934
Beach Grads 1934 Front L-r Anna Dean Leque, Mabel Henderson, Lucille Twinde, Ralph Kittleson, Gavin Erickson, Andrew Herried Jj Back-Elvina Erickson, Teacher Hilma Sexe, Arnold Brovald
Beach 1930s
Beach students 1930s
Beach 1933
Beach School 1933, Teacher Hilma Sexe Quammen
Beach 1931
Beach School May Day 1931- L-R Josie Twinde, Lillian Brovold, Lilah Twinde, Elvina Erickson, Jeanette Johnson, Elvera Johnson, Marian Johnson, Lucille Twinde, Grace Kittleson, Isabelle Herried, Clara Hagen, Bernice Twinde, Anna Dean Leque, Ruth Instenes, Geraldine Lynghamer
Beach Sch Arbor Day may 6 1944 (800x567)
Beach school Arbor Day May 6 1944. The student body planted trees and afterwards were treated to root beer furnished by the Lynghammer Store directly across the road.
Beach school 1990 (640x552)
Beach School 1990
First Beach (533x800)
First Beach School Built 1870, replaced 1909-10
Beach softball 1938 (487x800)
Beach softball 1938

Vor Frelsers Pioneer Cemetery French Crk, located SE of
French Creek Luth church on CR D

Upper Fr Crk School 1926
Upper Fr Ceerk School 1926 Located at intersection of CRs D & T
Established 1871, consolidated and close in 1960
Beach Corner–Jens Hagestad and wife,

Hegg Musicians 1915 Upper Fr Crk 1909

Hegg Mercantile 2009
Hegg Musician ___ Olson

Beach School 2009 District 6 organized 1870 closed 1962 After the school was closed it was used as a day care center, community center, a site for at risk students to study and at present (2014) an arts and crafts cooperative/store
1944 Joint Cantata at French Creek Church–members from Tamarack, South Beaver Creek, Fagernes and French Crk Lutheran joined together for the event. In the early days of the county these four Lutheran congregations shared a traveling pastor.
1954 Ettrick flood
Ettrick Elementary School 1945
Ettrick Castle Photo 2b–Peterson family home built by Runnestrand Brothers
French Crk Lutheran Church 1915 located west of Ettrick on CR D
Frenchville Store 1950s Located on what is now Hwy 53
Hardies Crk Luth church 2009 Located on intersection of CR DD and Van Riper Road
frenchville highway 1900.jpg
Old CR D in French Creek 1900
Hegg Cornet Band 1900
Hegg Cornet Band 1900 on Bue Farm

1950 Ettrick elevator jpg 2012 Ettrick Pickle Queens 2012 Frch Crk Time Capsule

Knutson wedding
Sever Syse Knutson married Margit Anderdottir at the North Beaver Creek Lutheran church on May 20, 1898. The wedding party was held at the Knutson farm. Seated on a chair to the right of the bridal couple is Knut Knutson, oldest brother of Sever, along with his daughter Ida.
perfect Oil
Perfect Oil Company in Ettrick. Note sign in front with directions to Galesville and Beach.

Ettrick School 1911 (640x296)

Hegg Sch 1901 (640x463)


Above-Ettrick looking east 2014


Old Wayside School–now a home  2014

Up Frch crk

Upper French Creek School ( Myrstuen Sch)  now a home 2014


now entering downtown Iduna (2014)


Old Iduna Store and post office (2014)

Ettrick F Dept (800x726)

glasgow school
Glasgow Hardies Creek Schoolhouse 1950ish

Photo s

Smith School –Easter hat display 1959

Front L-R- Wayne Lebakken, Jackie Burke, Larry Henderson, Randall Poss, Bonnie Smith 2nd- Lorna Lebakken, Gordon Anderson, Barbara Smith, Harold Onsrud, Arthur Thompson Jr., Lois Lebakken Top- Byron Anderson, Gene Transberg, Pat Burke, Diane Lebakken, Eileen Ekern, Joann Toppen, Kathy Smith

Bottom photo –Barbara Smith Jacobson

Memorial Day Parade Sailor- Clayton Erickson , Ray Erickson, John Briggs, Ken Truax Photo Richard Beirne
Frenchville and FV store
First Frenchville Church 1891 Dedication
Ettrick 1910
Building with many residents over the year—as a warehouse for Erickson Furniture, Swenson Hardware, H&R Electric Appliance Store, Hardware Hank and possibly as a bank at one time. Building was torn down. Photo Richard Beirne
Top building on left was the Community Center which had city offices in the basement. The hall was used for dances, Boy ‘Scouts, 4-H, various community events. It was purchased by the Arrow Shopper and tore down. To the right was a dance hall. Across the street was the Maurice Casey Ford garage. Photo Richard Beirne
Ettrick 1919 looking south on Main Street

South Beaver Creek Church on Cty D east of Ettrick
1930’s Hwy 53 ran thru Ettrick at this time Lake Chapultepec at the top Photo Richard Beirne
Advertising curtain at the old Melrose Theater with many advertisers from Ettrick and Trempealeau County businesses
Ettrick Graduates 1905
Ettrick and Northern–Lake Chapultepec in background. 1918
French Creek Lutheran 100th Anniversary 1962

French Creek Lutheran Pastors and families–Pastors Bestul and Urberg
Pipe Organ, purchased 1909, French Creek Lutheran
Strand’s Service Station, Frenchville about 1960
Pastor Myhre, French Creek Lutheran Pastor
Main Street, Ettrick, 1918-1919, east side of the street

Drone image looking east from French CreekLutheran Church spring 2019
Living Hope Lutheran Church, Ettrick approximately 1920 Photo from Richard Beirne

Old photo of Hegg–Mercantile store on the right
Two Lutheran churches east of Hegg
Pastor and Mrs Christian Bestul—French Creek Lutheran
Charles and Mark Hewitt 1922
Ettrick Creamery 1962
The cut for the Ettrick and Northern
Ettrick and Northern heading north past old creamery on west side of Ettrick
Downtown Ettrick 1962
Cow in a pool—2019
Threshers around 1905
Iver Peterson–major businessman in early Ettrick
Beach School spring 1920 Front Oleanna Erickson R2 L-R- Vilas Walter, Agnes Lund, Elsie Hagestad, Mae Knutson R3- Birdella Walter, Gladys Austenson, Sadie Olson, Della Kittleson R4-Olive Sather, Grace Herried, Jeannette Skjeie, Laurence Kittleson R5-Kilmer Erickson, Sherman Olson Top-Gilbert Austenson Photo from Lucille Back
South Branch Recess 1934 L-R Gladys Norgaard, Della Smith ( front sled) Eileen Johnson, Wilma Salzwedal
Whalen School (located near St Bridget cemetery) 1950s
Front L-R Larry Corcoran, Arlene Olson, Merlin Mattison, Nellie Corcoran Back-Jim Whalen, Patsey Corcoran, Donna Smith, Don Bishop, Tom Whalen, Teacher Elvina Rindahl Photo from Crystal Lyon
1967 South Branch Lutheran Church, Cty D east of Ettrick
1968 Cance Building in Ettrick
1954 Maurice Casey
1946 Glasgow Hardies Creek
Corn Fair
Corn Fair–L-R- Mrs Hollis Bibby, Mrs Goodwin Waller, Mrs Alfred Ravnum, Mrs Vilas Suttie
Ettrick & Northern passing old creamery
1964 Ettrick Creamery
1962 Historic Ettrick Homes
Hardies Creek Lutheran church 1981
1964 Jane Johnson
Highway near Frenchville built under supervision of E J Matchett and H F Clausen–around 1910
Hardies Creek Community Peacock Band from around 1895
1966 article about Pederson Store in Ettrick
Pioneer cabin , built in 1858 by Nel Herreid, Washington Coulee
1976 Ettrick Woolen Mill to be razed
Oscar Strand and his Mynah bird
Isaac Galloway , promient farmer in Towns of Ettrick and Gale. He and his wife and two children moved to the area from Maine.
Hegg School 1929
Mary Edna Bibby 1916
The Farm–commune east of Ettrick, 1970’s
The Farm
Staged photo in the Town of Ettrick mocking Prohibition
1929 Maurice Casey Ford. Cars, tractors, and Farmall equipment was sold. There was also a gas pump. (center) Photo from Richard Beirne