Lincoln/Whitehall Photos

2023 Old post office building, now Outright Affair
Facade of building on west side of street
1948 FFA
Whitehall Gazebo after a restoration, 2022
Whitehall Hospital 1940
Old Depot, 2023
Vaida Goplin 2022
Deserted farm in Irvin Coulee south of Whitehall on Ct D 2022
Whitehall Bandstand restoration 2022
Before and after the Elm Trees were removed from Main Street
Aerial of Whitehall, 2022. White tent on right is for Beef and Dairy Days
1915 Dewey Street looking west The old school is on the left .
June 1930 8th grade graduates of rural schools in the county at Whitehall
1972 Whitehall Beef and Dairy Days
Sharing the parking lot 2022
1944 Creamery in Whitehall

boys (463x640)
Boys with strange headdresses–no one knows what the occasion was. Around 1890

courthouse, jail, school in Whtl (640x605)
Old Courthouse, building in middle back is the jail and the school in the very rear

T Cty Insane Asylum 1902 (640x623)
Original Trempealeau County Health Care Center

Lower Plum Crk 1911 (2) (640x510)
Lower Plum Creek School 1911

Lower Plum Crk 1923 (800x372)
1923 Lower Plum Creek in front of the school woodpile. Front-Mary Misch, Esther MIsch, Ferdinand Misch, Phil Roskos-teacher , Lloyd Truog, Dominic Joneitz, Raymond Jonietz Second Row- Julia Parazinski, Celia Mylnek, Valeria Suchla, Genevieve Parazinski, Laura Truog, Nellie Parazinski, Martha Parazinski, Clara Blaha, Clarence Jonietz, Aloizy Parazinski, Ralph Bautch

Lower Plum Crk 1911 (640x544)
Lower Plum Creek Students, 1911 Teacher Blanche Markham

1923 Lower Plum Martha & Genevieve Parazinski, Clara Blaha Back- Celia Mylnek, Valeria Suchla, Laura Truog, Nellie Parazinski (640x332)
1923 Lower Plum Creek -Martha & Genevieve Parazinski, Clara Blaha Back, Celia Mylnek, Valeria Suchal, Laura Truog, Nellei Parazinski

Picnic 1923 Low Plum (640x331)
Picnic 1923 Low Plum Creek School Genevieve Parazinski, Laura Truog (Jackson) Julia Parazinski, Nellie Parazinski, Martha Parazinski

a reunion whtl 56

Clipper family 2015 (800x646)
Maynard and David Clipper

Sele Serv 1944
1944 Selective Service quota R 2- second from left is Tony Berg, to his left Jerry Howard, R 2 far right is Theodore Stendahl Jr and R4 far left is Donald Wright

Sherry Back Julia Everson Emma Back
Sherry Back, Julia Everson, Emma Back

Lincoln 1926 (800x561)
West Lincoln School 1926 Back LR- Marie Flury, Florian Flury, Sylvia Flury, Frace Senty, Teach Sarah Rippley R2- Irvin Hohmann, Edward Florin, Jacob Flury, Elden Schmidtknecht, Eltha Schmidtknecht, Alice Pronschinske, Front- Lester Heller, Orvan Sendelbach, Willard Heller, Oliver Senty, Ken Helm

Thelma Linnerud
Teacher Thelma Mahlum Linnerud

Hegge tree 16 (422x640)
Rita Hegge after the removal of the old spruce tree by the railroad tracks in Whitehall. 2016

1937 WTL Girl Sct
1937 Whitehall girl Scouts- Selpha Everson, Mary Mccornack, Enid Paulson

whiteh ad 1913 (442x640)
Whitehall/Coral City Business ads 1913

wrestlers 2015 (800x710)
Whitehall wrestler Jasper Dunn 2015

molly sacia
Irvin Coulee Teacher Molly Sacia–she taught 1941-1944

irvin school 41 (2)
Irvin Coulee School 1942

irvin 4
Irvin Coulee 5&6th Graders 1941-2–Ruth Slaby, Ardell Linnerud, Sylvia Davidson, Shirley Gilbertson

Irvin Cl 1942 7th graders Robt Storgerg, Arnold Davidson, Vernon Arneson
Irvin Coulee 1942 7th Graders Robert Storberg, Arnold Davidson, Vernon Arneson

Irvin C 1942 salute flag (800x740)
1942 Irvin Coulee School children salute the flag

irvin 3
Irvin Coulee 1rst grade (top photo) Marlene Hanson, Beverly Hawkenson, James Hanson 1941-42 Bottom photo-2nd graders 1941-2 Carrol Storberg, Roy Arneson, Margaret Slaby

2015 sunset demo (640x617)
Demolition of Sunset Eementary Feb 2015

Whitehall HS Razed 2015
Whitehall HS old Building razed 2015

Whitehall HS reunion 2015 (800x797)
Whitehall HS 60th Reunion 2015

whtl 54
Whitehall HS Grads 1954 Photo 1

whitehall HS Class of 1954 photo 2

steam engines
Coral city Old Ag Day 2004

2015 cty officials (800x758)

1059 judge twesme

Mike Anderson Farm
Former Carsten and Thelma Linnerud farm in upper Irvine Coulee, 2014 owned by Mike and Dee Ann Anderson family

whtl Depot (583x800)
Whitehall Train Depot

County stats 1875
County officers and post offices 1877

2014 vets (640x583)

Directory of Whitehall (631x800) (2)
Directory of Whitehall and Whitehall Public School 1877

Ashley Expansion March 2014 (800x660)
Ashley Expansion March 2014 with Gov Scott Walker and Ashley owner Ron Wanek

West Lincoln School 2011
West Lincoln Schoolhouse 2011–also known as the Kurth School

whtl busi men 99
Whitehall Business men of 1899

Whtl Sophomores 1911

Sophomore Class 1911 Whitehall HS IDs in documents

Whtl Sr Class 1911 1
1911 Seniors Ramberg and Beach

Whtl Sr Cl 1911 2
!911 Class Seniors whitehall

wtlh freshmenn 1911
1911 Freshman Whitehall HS

Wm Melby Faith VanTassel Melby
William Melby and Faith Van Tassel Melby 1914

street scene
1900 Whitehall Street scene looking north

Whitehall School 1911
Whitehall School 1-12 grades 1911

Whitehall HS Orchestra 1911 IDs in documents
Whitehall HS Orchestra 1911 IDs in documents

Whitehall view north 1911
Whitehall view north 1911

Whtl Bask Bl 1911
Whitehall 1911 HS Team IDs in Documents

Whtl HS 1911
Whitehall High School 1911 -location where second HS was later built

Whtl HS chorus 1911
Whitehall HS Chorus 1911

Whtl faculty 1911
Faculty 1911 Whitehall HS

Whtl Jr Class 1911
1911 Junior Class Whitehall HS IDs in documents

Whitehall Grain Elevator

1928 Whthl HS Class
Whitehall HS Class of 1928

1950 Our Saviours confirmands
Our Saviours Lutheran Confirmands 1950

1951 Soil Conservation
Soil Conservation 1951

Everson Family

1953 Whtl HS Class
Whitehall HS Class of 1953

Christopherson Anniv
Christoperson Anniversary

1954 Whitehall Veneer Plant 1954 Whitehall Police Faith Melby

Whitehall children with donkey
Whitehall children with donkey

Sheriffs Arnold Thorpe and Charles Keilholtz

HAAnderson (800x713)
Judge H A Anderson 1932

Rod Moen Bobbie Gronemus Olin Fimreit
Rod Moen Bobbie Gronemus Olin Fimreit

Lars Bolstad anniversary

WWI_Civil War Vets 1919
WWI soldiers in front of the old courthouse–two Civil War in front row middle

Whitehall Basketball
Whitehall HS Basketball team 1930-31

Whitehall band
Whitehall Band–approx 1888

Nyla Musser
UW Extension Home Specialist Nyla Musser

GAR Old Courthouse_Whitehall
GAR Civil War Vets- Circa 1920 Seated left-right-Tallman, Trowbridge, Hank McGowan, James Mallery, Milt Whitney, Caswell ( father of Frank) Thompson, Rev. Sweet (?) _____, Ed weeks, Dascher, Towner
Back Row-Lu Weeks, D Wells, ______, Wm Schultz, Shubal Breed, Elvie cummings, Calvin Breed, Bert Thompson, ___ Thompson Old courthouse is in the background. In the left background is the buggy shed.

Karasch Diner_Whitehall
Karasch Diner

1928 Whitehall_womanless Wedding Play
1928 Whitehall_womanless Wedding Play

1920's Whitehall_looking north Street
1920’s Whitehall_looking north

Eric Jordahl_Steve Gunderson
Eric Jordahl, Whitehall, US Air Force Academy appointee with congressman Steve Gunderson

Farm Bureau Women
Farm Bureau Women Tremp. Cty Farm Bureau Women?s committee member. L-R Zelpha Erickson, Osseo, Mary Suttie, Ettrick, Celeste Schank Independence, Yvonne Shepherd, Pig Falls, Charlene Saxe and Fran Instenes, Ettrick

County Farm 1963-4.jpg

County Farm/Health Care Center Staff 1963-4

Hallie Nordhagen.jpg
Nordhagen, Hallie

Methodist Church.jpeg (800x647)
Whitehall Methodist church. Later moved to a new location and remodeled. Photp Approx. 1910

swimming hole 1922.jpeg (640x512)
Whitehall swimming hole 1940s

View of Whitehall taken from the top of the old courthouse, old Lutheran church is on the right. Photo approx 1910
View of Whitehall taken from the top of the old courthouse, old Lutheran church is on the right. Photo approx 1910

County courthouse Jan 1955.jpg (800x337)
County courthouse Jan 1955–New addition in foreground, original building behind it

GB&WRR (449x800)

ole eggum
Ads from 1914 Plat Book

Whtl ad

B Erickson 1928
Basil Erickson 1928 Whitehall Basketball

whtl 1928 bb team
Whitehall Basketball 1928

whtl class of 28
Whitehall HS

Basil Erickson promo
1962 Basil J erickson

1059 judge twesme (629x480)
Judge Albert Twesme second from right—old courthouse. 1959, 2nd from left-Judge Merill Farr, 3rd from left-Albert Twesme Sr.


Whitehall Golfers 1972
Trempealeau County Health Care Center, built 1899
1961 Whitehall Norsemen, Coach Jerry Seeman
Ox team in the 1948 Wisconsin Centennial parade in Whitehall
Whitehall Stage Line
Whitehall 2022
Sheriff Hagestad hit and run 1880
1954 4H Play
1937 Girl Scouts Selpha Everson, Mary MacCornack, Enid Paulson
County Board Proceedings 1915
Adelbert Bautch
Bartek and Paulina (Sobotta) Sygulla
2022 Leroy Woychik
Edward Anderson Farm
Parson Farm–later became the Doug Kopp farm west of Whitehall Photo from Sean Parsons and Scott Thomson
Basil Erickson runs for Sheriff
Hauges, Mrs Hundt and the Walgert Hotel
Alton Berg
Demolition of the old Courthouse 1980s
Hochunks during 1948 Centennial Celebration
Iver Olson
1922 Whitehall High School baseball team
Leroy Marsolek
Old Warming house for the Whitehall Ski Club scaffold on Ski Jump Rd, 2021 photo from Bryan Franson
Oscar H Anderson
Peterson Implement 1964
Boys Team 1925 Whitehall High School
Whitehall H S Class of 1952
Whitehall High School Freshman Class 1922
Whitehall High School Debate Club 1922-23
Whitehall High School Debate Club 1922-23
1922 Whitehall High School Glee Club
Whitehall ads 1922
Whitehall advertisements 1922
Bridge leading north to Pigeon Falls–crosses the Trempealeau River 1921
Horses hitched by the City Hall 1921
Bridge over Trempealeau River north of Whitehall 1922

Shop Class, 1921 Whitehall High School
Ski enthusiasts on Stuve Hill, 1922
Sophomore Class, 1922 Whitehall High School

Whitehall High School Orchestra 1922

City Hall, winter of 1921-22
Whitehall H S Commencement 1958
Outdoor oven of Elizabeth Manka
Nativity Scene donated by Ronald Bautch 1950s
Whitehall HS faculty 1922
Girls’ Basketball team 1921-22
Junior Class 1922 Whitehall HS
Whitehall High School 1922
Irvin Coulee School Towns of Lincoln and Preston and Arcadia 1920 Front L-R- Joe Jackson, Hnery Nelson Back- Walter Rasmusson, Ernest Halvorson, Clarence Nelson, Arhtur Lien, Chester Everson, Truman Nelson Photo from Thelma Linnerud
County Board 1915
1915 ad for new wood burning ranges for sale at Liver and Torgerson in Independence
Two members of the Girls’ Basketball team, about 1910. One lady was identified as a ‘Woods”3
Scott’s Store and Hall–article from around 1910
1876 Tin type photo of Scott’s Store and Hall. This building was later demolished and replaced.
Caution when entering the Courthouse, 1906
Hand drawn view of Whithall, around 1877
Christmas in Whitehall 1941
Program in 1899 for the opening of the new Public Library
1863 Wright Feed Mill
Whitehall High School–around 1915
Whitehall –article written in 1941
Whitehall Rod and Gun Club 1980’s
Around 1899 It later became the Walgert Hotel
1927 Our Savior’s Lutheran Confirmands
1933 Crowd outside of the Solsrud store
1981 Closure of the Farmes Store/Solsrud Store
5&6 the grades 1941
Front L-R- Bertha Jensen, Lee Stahoski, Mary Jo ____, Phyllis Briggs, Lorraine Jacobson, Bonnie Olson, Nelius Olson, Bill Holtan, Everette Berg, ___Peterson R2- Walter Stahoski, Jim Holtan, Jeannette E___, La Vonne Gilbertson, Fern Moe, Erling Kildahl, Quinn Risberg,Bob Bensend 3rd- Merlin Moen, Richard Stalheim, Anita Stuve, Irene Mac Cornack, Mildred Kildahl, Verna Hamilton, Betty Klomsten, Grace Dahl, Alan Larson, John Pederson 4th-Hans Aleckson, John Hegge, Wallace Herman, Bob Nicolds, Byron Hagen, Edward Larson, Alan Stuve
1889 Church located in Old Whitehall
Whitehall HS Class of 1899
1983 Sue Howard, Connie Scharlau and Becky Maule on TCCTV
1981 Miss Whitehall–Debbie Johnson, left-Pam Eide, right-Shirley Dissmore
1930 Whitehall Our Savior’s Confirmands
Allen House stood at the corner of Ellis and Scranton streets on the site of the former Colliton Plumbing building
Late 1920’s–players L-R- Bill Olson, Einar Wilberg, Pede Hauge and Jack Rhode (sitting)
1928 Front- L_R Clarence Mathson, Henry Mathson, Roy Quackenbush, Clarence Johnson, Alfred Mathson Back- Don Wright, Wayne Wright, Palmer Peterson, Basil Erickson, Coach Robert Stokes
1922 Cafe run by Lester Brennom and Walter Bensend
1961 Dr Mac Cornack
1948 Wisconsin Centennial
Whitehall Baptist Church
WHS Class of 35 reunion
The brand-new Courthouse, 1883-4 Note the men on the roof.
Courthouse, old jail and the public school across from the jail. At this time the sheriff and his wife lived in the jailhouse and cooked for the prisoners.
1984 Mystery Part 1
Mystery solved, 1984
Rather strange visual advertising the Whitehall Fair 1893
1908 Theron Scott and Harold Nelson and their goat cart
Fred Berns 1981
The “new” high school, 1920
Holtan Tobacco Factory 1909 Lady on right is Edith Lehrke
Judge Anderson and Wife 1937
1960 Dennis Kulig
Gordon Lundsted 308th Bomber Group 1945
Marble players 1920s
Reuben Rasmussen on his milk route
Whitehall Mill 1908
Our Saviors Lutheran Sunday School 1950
John C Southworth, in 1909, Whitehall Post Master
1982 article about the Whitehall ski club
Whitehall ski meet
1932 membership card signed by Reuben Rasmussen and Knut Amble
1932 Ski and Soccer Club
Entrants from all over the midwest 1941
Jack Rhode and Napoleon 1959
1949 Safety Patrol
1890 photo of the Scandia Hotel
1983–Dr Selkurt (when child car seats were a new idea)
1909 Christianson Threshing rig
The old Town of Lincoln Hall 1960
1940 Mrs. Don Warner and son, Whitehall Community Hospital
1908 Mail Carrier Milton Whitney
Grade 7 &8 1944 Front L-R- Miss Elizabeth Podeski, Donna Gjerseth, Marilyn Hauge, Walter Windstad, Jim Mathson, Bob DeBow, Douglas Peterson, Delores Foss 2nd- Geo Skogstad, Clayton Lovelien, Bonnie Olson, Mary Johnson, Floyd Hanson, Bill Nyen, Louanne Jackson, Phyllis Briggs 3rd-Agnes Marsolek, Jeanne Rustand, Leanne Erickson, Roger Kittleson, Fern Moe, Grace Dahl, Jeanette Emeston(?) Mary Jo ____, 4th Hans Aleckson, A___ Engum, Wilbur ____, Bob Nicholas, Jim Holtan, Donna Nordquist, Betty Hanson 5th- Carlyle Jacobson, Clinton Larson, Anita Stuve, Betty Klomsten, Henrich Vohs, Sidney Peterson
Freshman Class 1945 Back Row- L-R Adolph Sosalla, Jim Holton, HAns Aleckson,Bob Nichols, David Larson Don Simenson, Sidney Peterson, Phyllis Briggs, Elizabeth Knutson 4rd Row- Bob Jaobson,Gerald Myren, Charles Heath, Beatrice Engvold, Elsie Erickson, Evelyn Nelson, Verna Olson, Anita Stuve, Grace Lunde 3nd Row- Bill Myren, Jerry Bergerson, Dick Kittleson, Nettie Engen, Elaine Ringlien, Solveig Sletteland, Annie Lee, Jeanette Emerston
2nd – Phyllis Nereng, Audrey Larson, Ardis Back, Ina Larson, Jeannette Phillipson, Ethel Berg, Bonnie Olson, Jan Olson Front- Marian Klevgard, Beatrice Lockman, ElVerne Johnson, Lorraine Jacobson, Francine Nelson, Mary Jo Mahle, Donna Johnstad, Miss Scheida

Snowmobiles at 2020 Ice fishing tournament
Whitehall looking SE 2020
Whitehall looking North March 2020
John Harly Hopkins–son of Florison and Nellie. born 1896 in the Town of Preston. Joined the 5th Marines in 1917, was disabled in action and returned to US 1919. Attended Art Institute in Chicago and went on to become a noted Architect and Interior Designer. The Hopkins home became the Oak Park Motel in Whitehall. Harly died in 1951.
Just Friends–Russ Anderson, Lydia Paulson, Francis Foss, Leroy Marsolek
Dewey Street, looking east Present day Kwik Trip would be on the left in far distance
Ken Stellplug honored for his years as coach 1991
Mrs Thoma Walek bread in 1947 in outdoor oven called a “Wielok”
Thomas and Maggie Bautch Truog Anniversary