Pigeon/Pigeon Falls Photos

Ekern Strore 1940s Pigeon Falls
Ekern Strore 1940s Pigeon Falls

Fly Creek 1945 (800x566)
Fly Creek 1945 Front L-R- Suzanne Woychick, Norma Weverstad, Julie Owen, Dennis Dean, Marlyce Pierzina, Delores Weverstad, Leslie Foss, Irene Tweeten, Muriel Dahl, Teacher R 2- Delaine Affeldt, Gaye Marie Owen, Judy Woychick, Victor Foss, Iona Affeldt, Dennis Lyngen, Leslie Olson, Billy Dean, Margaret Herbert, Mary Olson R3- Harlan Tweeten, Clarice Risberg, Edward Johnson, Diane Pierzina, Caryl Moen, Darrel Lyngen, John Herbert, Merlin Sekse, Russell Olson, Arlene Weverstad

Daggett 1932
Front to Back- 1932 John Hanson, Karl Anderson, Floyd Tomter, Don Hanson, Adelyn Brandon, Geneva Vohs, Adella Hanson, Norma Hanson, Gerda Vohs, Melfor Thorson, Orville Fremstad, Erling Hanson, Edna Semb, Mary Jane Nereng, Leonard Anderson, Evelyn Iverson, Raymond Dahl, Raymond Hagen, Reynolds Tomter, Dora Hanson, Hulda Fremstad, Slyvia Tomter, Ernest Semb, Cora Hanson Moe, teacher
1949 Daggett School with Teacher Mabel Anaas
Daggett 1959
Daggett 1959
Daggett 1961
Last grads from Daggett School 1960-61 Ronald Anderson, Richard Fremstad, Linda Becker, Helen Wieland, teacher, Eleanor Thorson, John Aasen, Merlin Flikkeshaug
Jennie Nichols PF
Teacher Jennie Nichols 1900
Daggett, 1958-0
Daggett 1958-59 Front row L-R Roger Densmore, Carol Anderson, Frank Flikkeshaug, Arne Fremstad, Terry thorson, Donna Becker, Linda Becker, Ronald Anderson, Raylen Becker R2-Helen Anderson, Bernadean Waldera, Richard Fremstad, Rolfe Fremstad, John Aasen, Patricia Jensen, Marion Thorson, Gerald Waldera, Judith Fremstad , Kristi Fremstad, Cheryl Pryzbilla, R3- Merlin Flikkeshaug, Jerome Nelson, Don thorson, Bruce Anderson, Harland Thorson, Richard Mathson, Catherine Posslay, Edith Giese, Helen Wieland, teacher, Eleanor Thorson, Fredericka Haugen
Daggett School-closed in 1961 and remodeled into a home.
PF 1924
Daggett School 1924 Back L-R Ray Hagen, Casper Iverson, Alverne Brandon, Einar Semb, Viola Hanson, Melford Hagen, Gladys Fremstad, Harold Fremstad, Ray Nereng, Agnes Larson, teacher Middle- Ernest Hanson, Dora Hanson, Adelyn Brandon, Merritt Johnson, Hulda Fremstad, Mary Jane Nereng, Reynolds Tomter Front-Bennett Johnson, Melford Everson, Ernest SEmb, Nels Nyberg, Rolf Nyberg, Orville Fremstad
PF 1925
Pigeon Falls School 1925
PFs 1929 2
Pigeon Falls School 1929
PF sc 1920s
Pigeon Falls School built 1903, burned Dec. 11 1924
PFs 5
Spring Clean up at new brick Pigeon Falls School, Laverne Studt, teacher of grades 5-8 with rake
Pigeon Falls Public School
PFs 1899
PF School Souvenir 1898-99
PFs 1929
Pigeon Falls School 1929 Grades 1-3 R1 Right Side- Richard Solboe Eleanor Eid, Marion Hanson, Norma Stalheim R@- Marioan Tomter, Henry Jacobson, James Skadahl, Alice Johnson, George Johnson R3- Odella Moen, Merton Hagen, Eileen Hanson, George Eid, Agnes Larson Fremstad, Teacher
Pigeon Falls School children 1930
PFs 1929 2
Pigeon Falls Students 1929 Grades 5-8 Berglotte Tjoflat, Teacher
Marie Gran Sunshine Sch Pige
Teacher Maria Gran, Sunshine School 1900
fuller coulee 1948 (800x475)
Fuller Coulee School 1948

Ad from 1930
p f
Pigeon Falls School souvenir

 pf 1929

Pigeon Falls School 1929

pf 2
Pigeon Falls 1929 list of students
Souvenir from Daggett School
Souvenir from Daggett School
PF school 2014 (640x429)
Pigeon School 2014 –soon to be demolished
1935 Coral City grads (671x800)
8th Grd Grads of Coral City School, Morris Fremstad, Evangeline Lehrke, Raymond Nelson, Clifford Sveen
1936 grads coral city (705x800)
!936 Coral City Grads-Richard Morden, Milan Sveen, Sigvald Nordby, Dorothea Hoff Tomter, teacher
1937 grads program coral city (474x800)
1937 Program for graduation from 8th grade at Coral City School
Coral City 1937 ballgame
Baseball game, 1937 Coral City School
Coral City 37 grads (711x800)
1937 8th Grad Graduation at Coral City
Coral City dads 1937 (800x534)
Spring Picnic at Coral City School, 1937,
Coral City girls 1937 (800x493)
Coral City girls, spring 1937
Coral City girls on merry go round 1937 (800x489)
Merry go round, Coral City 1937
1950 PF Pastor Malmin
Pastor Malmin 1950
Anderson farm looking west towards Paulus Farm 2012
Former PF bank
Old Grainary Fuller Coulee
Old Grainary Fuller Coulee
PF Club Play cast
Pigeon Flyers 4H Club Cast of” Ringing in the Groom”
Peter Simonson
Peter Simonson Family, farm was located outside of Coral City
PF Dinosaur tooth
Dinosaur Tooth
Dagget School
Dagget School 1924 Bottom L-R Dora Hanson, Mary Jane Nereng, Hulda Fremstad, Merret Johnson, Alden Brandon R2-Bennet Johnson, Ray Everson, Reynolds Tomter, Rolf Nyberg, Orville Fremstad, R3-Andrew Semb, Ray Nereng, Harold Fremstad, Nels Nyberg, Ernest Hanson R4-Ray Hagen, Agnes Larson, Teacher Gladys Fremstad, Viola Hanson, Alvern Brandon Top Row-Caspar Iverson, Milford Hagen, Einar Semb
Fuller Coulee 1948 Ruby Mahlum Teacher
Fuller Coulee 1948 Ruby Mahlum Teacher

Daggett Sch reunion

daggett 60
Daggett !959-60 Row 1 Front l-R Solveig Aasen, Dorothy Bautch, Patricia Bautch, Arne Fremstad, Carol Anderson, Mary Lou Fremstad, Sonja Simonson R 2 Frank flikkeshaug, Donna Becker, Cheryl pryzbilla, Ron anderson, Linda Becker, Helen Anderson, Terry Thorson R3- Helen Wieland teacher, Richard Fremstad, Judith Fremstad, Merlin Fllikkeshaug, Eleanor Thorson, John Aasen, Marion Thorson, Rolfe Fremsta, Kristi Fremstad
PF millers 1959
PF Millers


Fuller Coulee School 1920
The story of how Fuller Coulee was named
Coral City School 1912
Coral City 1912
1947 Town of Pigeon
Fuller Coulee School 1961
April 1956 Flood
Ignatz ‘Nick’ Pullman, dairy farmer in Town of Pigeon. Drafted in 1918 and died of Flu in Camp Dodge, IA. He was a private in 163th Depot Brigade. Before he left for the Army he made a will that left his farm to his brother Lewis.
Arbor Day at Sunshine School, 1931 Front L-R- HowardAckley, Percy Johnson, Esther Johnson, Roger Back, David Ackley, Clifford Berge, Don Ackley, Glaydys Johnson, Sylvia Stalheim Back- Jewel Berge, Chester Sletteland, Arlene Stalheim, Emma Johnson, Verga Johnson, Doris Johnson, Harriet Sletteland, Ken Johnson, Ray Stalheim Photo from David Achley
Sunshine School
Thorson School 1900 Photo from Theron Paulson
Spring floods of 1919 took out the bridge into Dissmore Coulee. Newer temporary bridge is on the bottom left.
Coral City Millpond 1906-07
1938 Pigeon Tap and Cafe
Threshers in Town of Pigeon, around 1910
Tobacco harvest, Halvor Hanson on the wagon. Dissmore Coulee around 1920’s
A railroad line going into Whitehall was proposed 1916. Stocks were sold but the project was abandoned by 1925. Moving goods by truck became popular so no tracks were ever laid