Unity/Strum Photos

Enger Homestead
Enger Homestead
Strum Village School on north side of Strum
It is believed to be a class photo taken on the steps of the Strum Village School. Row 1-Bottom-L to R Raymond Sherman; ? Danielson; Lyman Call; Norris Olson; Bob Amundson; Clifford Johnson; Milton Moen(?); Harvey Gullicksrud; ? Gullicksrud Row 2 L to R Jack ?; Charlotte Danielson; Lillian Halverson; Helen Hjemboe(?); Harriet Johnson; Evenlyn Schultz; Helen Hanna; Lillian Nelson; Mary Jane Olson; Vivian Robb; Name doesn’t show for last child in row Row 3 L to R Miss Wiggen; Rodney Gunderson; David Call; Juneau Johnson; Victor Johnson ); Jerome ?; Elsenor Call; Arnold Hagen(?); Horace ?; James Larson; Name doesn’t show for last child in row Row 4 Top L to R Florence Larson; Irene Johnson; Ione Gunderson; Hazel Bergerson; Betty Bergerson
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 Strum Fire Dept (800x755)

Road work near Joe Eide Farm 1912.jpg
Road work, 1912, near Joe Eide Farm
Strum Steam Engine Days 1970.jpg
Strum Steam Engine Days, 1970.

Meyer and Schmidlin rig.jpg
Meyer and Schmidlin rig
Peter Bronkrud leaves Strum 1885.jpg
Peter Bronkrud leaves Strum area in 1885 for the west
Halvor Evenson Family 1913.jpg
Halvor Evenson Family 1913–note the stooks of oats arranged in conical stacks in the background
Koster Lien Threshing outfit 1911.jpg
Koster Lien Threshing Outfit 1911
Enger Bros. at Moltzau Farm.jpg
Enger Brothers at the Moltzau Farm
Fricky Back, 1969 Tracto Pull champ.jpg
‘Fricky’ Back, 1969 Strum Steam Engine Days Tractor Pull Champ

strum adds 1914 (640x148)

Strum ads from 1914

Hellek Knudtsen Strum Photos

brick riverview (640x496)
Brick Riverview School 1914

Sept 2015 flood (800x536)

johnson valley (340x640)
Johnson Valley School
langerfield (373x640)
Langerfield Riverview School Bottom Photo 1912 8th Grade Grads of Langerfield- Alice Davidson (sitting), Lottie Williams, teacher Louise Dahl, Hazel Paulson

Strum float in the 1948 Wisconsin Centennial in Whitehall
1928 car fire in Strum
Strum Unity Union School 1963
Main Street 1964
1964 Strum Red Owl Grocery
Graduates 1948
Graduation 1948
Safety Patrol 1947-8
River View/Langerfield School spring picnic 1930
River View/Langerfield 7 & 8th graders 1923 L-R Miriam Olson, Norris Paulson, Esther Heath, Ida Bolling, Irving Wraalstad, Ruby Paulson photo from Jane Olson

P B Williams
Town of Unity was originally called the Town of Chase, an article from 1863
Temperance in Strum, 1885
1940 Ski Meet