World War I

1950 Tuscania Survivors
Tuscania Survivors 1950
hankin 1915
January 1915


Gilbertson WW1 3 photos (495x640)
Photos of Lt Leslie Gilbertson of Gaelsville–top, mid and below

trench (184x228)

Lt Leslie Gilbertson WW1

Ben and Verna Bull. Ben became a lawyer in Madison

Jim Suter on left with brother Ben Bull
Ben Bull Town of Gale
WWI Vets 2 Civil War Vets1919
WWI Vets 2 Civil War Vets1919


Sielaff Ernst St paul Luth
Melby Wm Top interview-Ernst Sielaff, above-William Melby
WWI Draftees
WWI Draftees
Council of defense WW! (800x691)
Trempeaelau County branch of the Department of Fatherless French Children

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Erickson Martin

World War I