World War I

1950 Tuscania Survivors
Tuscania Survivors 1950

hankin 1915
January 1915


Gilbertson WW1 3 photos (495x640)
Photos of Lt Leslie Gilbertson of Gaelsville–top, mid and below

Lt Leslie Gilbertson WW1

Ben and Verna Bull. Ben became a lawyer in Madison

Jim Suter on left with brother Ben Bull

Ben Bull Town of Gale

WWI Vets 2 Civil War Vets1919
WWI Vets 2 Civil War Vets1919
Sielaff Ernst St paul Luth
Melby Wm Top interview-Ernst Sielaff, above-William Melby

WWI Draftees
WWI Draftees

Council of defense WW! (800x691)
Trempeaelau County branch of the Department of Fatherless French Children

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Erickson Martin

World War I

Richard Taylor–born 1895 in the Town of Gale to John and Jane. He was in the 201rst Military Police in France and arrived back in the US in 1919. He sold real estate in Madison and died in 1975.
John Harly Hopkins born in 1896 in the Town of Preston. His father, Florison, was County Treasurer for many years. Harly enlisted in the Marines and served in the 6th Marines. He was a corporal and was wounded in the Battle of Belleau Woods June 14, 1918 and received the Purple Heart. On his return to the US he studied architecture in Chicago. Harly was a noted interior designer. He died in Whitehall 1951.