World War II

Clifford Blaha 2015
Clifford Blaha 2015

Robert Ofsdahl Part 2 of obituary
Robert Ofsdahl

Clarence Pellowski 1942
Victor Johnson, from Strum-Eleva area
Victor Johnson and family

Clark Kohnert (206x800)
Clark A Kohnert
Goodwin Anderson, Whitehall
Vernon Hulett
Sele Serv 1944
Selective Service draftees May 1944 2cnd Row 2 from left is Tony Berg, on his left Jerry Howard. Far Right 2nd row is Theodore Stendahl Jr, 4th r far left is Donald Wright
hanson WWII (371x640)
Hanson, Robert O

Jerry Myers (800x601)

1951 Haakon Melby Vet
Melby Haakon 
Milan Engen Vet
Sgt Milan Engen
1941 S Ser
1941 Selective Service Group
Muriel Joyce Hunter Guthrie Air Force Nurse
Joyce obit
M Joyce Hunter Guthrie
Francis ‘Sam’ Guthrie 1920-2004 Air Force
Dr rhode (593x800)
Dr Elmer Rohde ‘Doc’
Gilbertson Arthur J
Gilbertson Arthur J
Byrne Bros
Byrne Brothers

Hunter Dunn Faye

Oines Bros 1941
Oines Bros 1941
Eckman, Carl J
Eckman, Carl J


van sickle

Ray Nereng
Ray Nereng
Warren Hagen 1941
1941 Warren Hagen, Lloyd Meagher, Glen Hamilton

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Bergum Lester 

World War II

Trempealeau County men killed in WW2
Arild Engelien
Stanley Ekern
Victor Folkedahl
Jerry Mahoney
Myrtle Onsrud
Roland Johnson
Ole Shay and Floyd Hovre
Theodore Enger
William Erickson
Irvin Anderson
Raymond Erickson and Ken Truax 1945
Haakon Erickson and Allen Greenwald 1945
1944 Kilmer Erickson and Francis Grinde, 1946
Andrew Pietrek and Bennie Maule
Jack Cantlon 1945
Jim Cram, Galesville
Palmer Skoug Army, son of Reinhardt Skoug, Strum, discharged 1946. Married Betty Tibbets in 1951
1946 Leo Haines