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The Town of Hale, east and west, from 1914 Plat map. The first settler was George Hale who came from Connecticut in 1858 and gave the town its name. Elk Creek , named in 1842 by two hunters, has over 750 acres in its watershed. Hale was a small trading center ?in the early days of the area. Pleasantville is a small village which hosts a Fourth of July baseball tournament and celebration every summer. Elk Creek is another crossroad that at one time had a store, bar ,cheesefactory,feedmill and school. The Town of Hale had ten rural schools–Bruce Valley, Caswell, Eimon, Elk Creek, Huskelhus, North Branch, Pike, Pleasantville, Roskos and Wagner. The majority of the settlers of the Town were Norwegian but there were also Polish families in the western sections.

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