Gale/Galesville Photos

Virah Heffner’s store on Decorah Prairie
Virah Heffner and grandson, Decorah Prairie
Smith Furniture on north side of the Square 1970s
staff of ArrowPoint School newspaper 1930
Thomas R and Agnes Grant Hunter Pioneer farmers on Decorah Prairie , Both died within days of each other, 1922

Oak Point Tavern and Dance Hall on the south side of the Black River Hwy 53 –popular night spot
Hunter Hardware on the east side of the Square around 1910
Harlen and Verneille Hunter
Galesville HIgh School Class of 1937
Galesville High School Class of 1935
Old chicken coop on Mahoney property, Upper Table 2022
1935-6 Student Ticket
Galesville Schoolpaper 1930
Apple Affair 2022
1929 sale of Arctic Springs
Galesville Bridge East 2009
Bridge over Beaver Creek to east side of Galesville. 2012

Longwell Drug Calendar 1947
Gale Theater–now the Galesville Library
Galesville High School Student Council 1946
1946 FFA and B Teams Galesville High School
Gale High School 1914 Team Coaches Mr Dahl and Mr Anderson, Right Forward-Eddie Severson, Left Forward Morris Kellman, Center and Captain-Winfred Gordon, Right Guard-Howard Bibby Left Guard-Andrew Herried sub-Oscar “Dave” Strand
1914 Galesville High School Class Play
Ray and Arthur Scarseth 1914
Winfred “Windy” Gordon, 1914 Galesville Graduate –1917
Oscar Strand 1915 Graduate of Galesville High School
Guy Sagen 1914 Graduate of Galesville High School
The cleft in the rock in Decorah Peak which allows climbers to go to the top of the Peak
The climb up thru the rock cleft to the top of Decorah Peak
Marinuka Manor 2017 Maggie Radebaugh, Rita Connors, Santa, Lori Nastvold, Helene Johnson
Common Market, 2018, on the Square in Galesville (formerly Jensen Cafe)

Joyce Johnson, owner of Common Market 2018

L-r Bud Hunter, John Hunter, George Oliver ______? Galesville Curling Club 1950s

Mr. & Mrs. David Lauson of Galesville. The photo was taken on their 55th wedding anniversary 1915. He married Martha Herbert in 1860. Mr Lauson was a native of Montreal, came to Galesville in 1858 and open a blacksmith shop. The house in the back ground was built by Mr. Lauson around 186
Barbara Hunter Wulff on her father Lucian “Toot’s” Hunter tractor
Dana Feyen 2016
Old Riverside Hotel on the banks of the Beaver Creek in Galesville.


Barbara, Duane and Lucian (Toot) Hunter on Decorah Prairie, early 1950’s

Front cover of Rev Van Slyke’s book touting Galesville as the site of the Garden of Eden

Swinging Bridge closed in 2017
1985 Marinukaa Manor Golfers
Threshing crew on Decorah Prairie, 1950’s, Lucian Hunter on the stack.
crystal valley 2 5 grd
Crystal Valley School 1952-3 BACK-Teacher Elizabeth Cornell, Vernal Lebakken, Sharon Heffner, Sandra Halderson, Delores Heffner, Sharon Willis, Carol Willis MIDDLE- Rose Cory, Shirley Lebakken, Judith Humfield, Helen Halderson, John Beirne, FRONT_Linda Heffner, Donna Lebakken, MArily Brudow, Margaret Beirne, Carol Schwartzhoff
crystal valley school
Crystal Valley Teacher Mabel Olson Solberg
Grant 1956 (800x526)
Grant School 1956 Row 1- Bill Byrne, Doris Smith, Dennis Jacobs, Ken Jacobs, Charlotte Dykstra, teacher, Judy Byom R2-Bernie Byrne, Rolly Thompson, ____, Gary Smikrud R3- Ron Jacobs, Ann Thompson, Gloria Byrne, Jerry Byom R4-Pat Byrne, Sheryl Sagear, Randy Gartner, Betty Byom
Grant 1955 (800x453)
Grant School, teacher Marian Brown Johnson, 1955
Grant 42 Vonne Poss Lil Bopeep (446x640)
1942 Vonne Poss as Little Bo Peep at Grant School
Grant Ball Game 1942 (640x412)
Ball game at Grant School 1942, outhouse is on the left
1905 Grant
1905 Grant School Cards
1908 grant
1908 Grant School pupils
1926 grant
Grant 1926 Card
1958 grant
1958 Grant Danny Grant, Vernon Jacobs, Randy Gartner, Sheryl Sagear, Ann Thompson, Joanne Henthorn
Grant 4 rows
1948 Grant Row 1-Front to back- (left side) __Weiss, Wanda Smith, Jerry Johnson R2 Darlene Smith, Lyman Olson, _-Johnson R3 Rachael Hanson, Gordon Hoff, Beverly Komperud, Wendell Sagear Betty Hoff, R4-Cecelia Jacobs, Roger Hoff, Ernest Komperud Teacher Marian Johnson
Grant 1042 entryway
!930s Grant School entry and steps
Grant 1948
Grant 1948 Back L-R Barbara Thompson, __Hoff, Marian Johnson(teacher), Cecelia Jacobs, Rachael Hanson MIddle-Betsey Hoff, Belinda Komperud, Wanda Smith, Donna Johnson, Wendell Sagear Front- Judy Johnson, Ron Johnson, Darlene Smith, __Olson, Jerry Johnson
Grant 1959
1959 Grant Front-Randy Thompson, Greg Gartner, Vernon Jacobs, Larry Jacobs, ____ Back-Patsy Henthorn, Randy Gartner, Joanne Henthorn, Ann Thompson, Sheryl Sagaer, Dan Grant, Steve Jacobs
Grant kids
Grant 1950- Back L-R J Johnson, Darlene Smith, Judy Byom Middle-Helen Hoff, G Byrne, Claire Scarseth, Gary Smikrud, Ron Johnson Front- Jerry Byom, Rachael Hanson
Dancers Grant Ruthie Hanson Jerry Byom
Grant “dancers” Ruthie Hanson and Jerry Byom
Illinois Oil Co which became the Barenthin Oil Company. Jim Oliver is standing by the car. Located on the Lower Table, Galesville.
Halloween party Decorah Prairie School (800x508)
Halloween Party at Decorah Prairie School 1955 Indian is Brian Guthrie, to his right is Sherryl Docken
chicken chores, Town of Gale 1951
Joyce models wedding dress at church
Joyce Guthrie models wedding dress from the 1880s–dress belonged to Mrs Lee
lunch time decorah Prairie 1920 (601x800)
Lunch time at Decorah Prairie School, 1920’s. Note the lunch pails.
Siver Crk 1937
Silver Creek School 1937 Teacher Marian Brown Johnson
Arnold barn (800x386)
Alexander Arnold Barn 1970s
Crystal Valley 1015 (758x800)
Crystal Valley School 1915
Crystal Valley 1940 (800x588)
1940 Crystal Valley students do the ‘Bellamy Salute’ during Pledge of Allegiance –Back-Marjories Jones, Louis Jalderson, Philip Uhl, Margery Uhl, Front-Norman Halderson with flag, Marjories Solberg, Joe Oines, Isabell Halderson, James Halderson, Wilma Schwartzhoff
crst val
Crystal Valley 1940’s- Back-J Willis, M Auseth, T Brudos, W Irvin, J Willis Middle- V Lebakken, A Gilmeister, D Kreisel, S Halderson, B Smith, D Halderson Front-J Lebakken, D Willis, B Lebakken, J Cory, B Kreisel, W Halderson
C V bikes
Cyrstal Valley School kids on bikes 1957
Hardies Creek 1945-6
Hardies Creek School 1945-6 Back L-R Lyle Hoff, Alice Baird, Elizabeth Cornell, Richard Abel, Helen Rindahl, Richard Hynes, Teacher Miss Jeanette Mahlum Middle- Don Baird, John Rindahl, Robert Abel, Sheldon Evenson, Duane Baardseth, Viola Hoff Front- Richard Cornell, Wm Heffner, Inga Rindahl, Don Becker, Allan Rindahl, Ann Scarseth, Paul Baardseth
1901 Hardies Creek burned 1950 (640x414)
Hardies Creek School-built 1901, burned 1950 and not rebuilt. Students went to Glasgow School
Hardies Crk 1&2 grd 1945 (640x393)
1945 Hardies Creek 1 & 2nd Graders L-R -Paul Baardseth, Maurice Waller, Allen Rindahl, Shirley Norgaard, Ann Scarseth, Inga Rindahl
Hardies Crk 1921 (800x543)
Hardies Creek School 1921 Back Row L-R- Margaret Baardseth, Lucille Baardseth, Joseph Norgaard, Milton Scarseth Middle Row- Lloyd Ekern, Chester Hanson, Roy Evenson, Ruth Hanson,Julia Rindahl, Lawrence Hanson Front- Vilas Baardseth, Spencer Johnson, Dewey Baardseth, Florence Hanson, Otilla Nelson, Gladys Hanson, Grace Hanson
Hardies Crk 1945 (640x413)
Hardies Creek 1945 Front L-R Viola Hoff, Lois Hoff, John Rindahl Back-Donald Baird, Sheldon Evenson, Duane Baardseth, Lyle Hoff, Irene Elliott
Hardies Crk Reading Cert 1949 (640x446)
Reading Certificate 1949 , Hardies Creek Student Richard Cornell
Hardies Crk School Picnic (640x393)
Hardies Creek School Picnic 1944
Pilgrim Hardies Crk (640x385)
Hardies Creek “Pilgrims” Donald Baird, Duane Baardseth, John Rindahl, Sheldon Evenson, Lois Hoff, Viola Hoff
Galesville Square 1970s (800x474)
Galesville Square 1979
1955 Dec Pra (800x573)
1955 Spring picnic at Decorah Prairie School. L-R–Chuck Timm, Steve Jacobs (?), Sacia Betz, Terry Docken, Nancy Guthrie, Harold Schwartzhoff with Bonnie and Donald, Sherryl Docken, Rita Docken
D P indians
Decorah Prairie Students 1938-39-Project studying Winnebagos (Hochunks) and Chief Decorah. Walter and Jackie Hunter on right
dec pra 3 boys
1953 Decorah Prairie Boys L-R Freddie Johnson, Walter Reifenberg, Bill Betz
Decorah P 1906
1906 Decorah Prairie School, Teacher Blanche Shonat
dp indian grp
Decorah Prairie Students study Winnebago/Hochunks 1935-36 L-R Bud Lowener, Jackie Hunter, Margaret Irvine, Bonnie Johnson, Carol Kopp, Tommy Irvine, Walter Irvine, Verna Hunter
marg congdon
1954 Margaret Congdon, Decorah Prairie Student
d p 3 girls
Decorah Prairie School girls with white rats L-R-Carol Kopp, Verna Hunter, Bonnie Johnson
d p 4
1937 Decorah Prairie- Carol Kopp, Bud Lowener, Walter Hunter, Bonnie Johnson
d p 1946
1946 Decorah Prairie School–Back-Agnes Johnson-teacher Bill Betz, Jim boersma, Barbara Hunter, Lerry Hefner, Beverly Baardseth, Duane Hunter Front-Laurel Keith Hunter, Walter Reifenberg, Ralph Boersma, Freddie Johnson, Bernie Schwartzhoff
1953 DEcorah Prairie kids (800x519)
1953 Decorah Prairie Front L-R ____, Diane Hunter, Ron Docken, Fred Johnson, ___ Back- Laurel Hunter, Ken Jacobs,____,______, Walter Rifenberg, Bernie Schwartzhoff
1981 Hunters Bridg replacement (800x415)
1981 starting work on replacing 2cnd Hunter’s Bridge, looking north from La Crosse County
oak point (800x434)
View north of construction on new bridge over Black River, old span bridge is on in the middle of the photo. Building on the right was Oak Point–a tavern with a dance hall attached.
Mound 1989
View of Decorah Mound looking NW from old road that ran below the Peak and came out on the west end of Decorah Prairie 1989
Geo Gale picture
Portrait of Judge George Gale returned to Old Main 2015
Mick Hovell Elmer Wilber Harold Severson Raud Wilber
Curlers Mick Hovell, Elmer Wilber, Harold Severson, Raud Wilber
Jensens Cafe 1980 (800x550)
Jensen’s Cafe on left, part of Gilbertson Myhre Store on right. 1980. Jensen building was built in 1902.
class play Gale 36
Class play Galesville HS 1936
class 1936
Galesville HS Class of 1936
feeding fowl (800x544)
Feeding the flock–William Perring Farm, 1919 Town of Gale
bridge Galesville old
Old bridge that went over tot he east side of Galesville. This photo was run in Robyn Docken’s Chat Paper and notes the sign warning of riding or driving too fast on the bridge.
creamery bridge
A view of the bridge that spanned Beaver Creek and came out on the lower table of Galesville. This was the original entry to Galesville.
first school
Galesville Public School. Note on this photo states the building was being demolished as the new school was being built in front of it around 1919.
HUnter iceshed (800x380)
Old icehouse on Jack/Harlan Hunter farm, Town of Gale. Ice was harvested in blocks from the Black River slough and insulated with sawdust.
Galesville 1948
Galesville looking east towards the Square, Bessie Barr is exiting the Jegi Clinic 1948
Jegi group
Dr Jegi with Mrs Henry Hoff and family, children all delivered by Dr Jegi
Jegi baby
Dr Jegi, honored in 1948 for his years serving the residents of Galesville and surrounding area
Jegi group men
L-R J F Cance, Dr H A Jegi, Emil Francar, R H Ashley, Dr M J Senty 1948
Jegi farmers
Dr Jegi speaking with local dairy farmers, Jesse Johnson and Elmer Hammer 1948
Jegi and Eng 1948 (793x800)
Dr Jegi and book keeper Mrs Harry Eng. 1948
Jegi article
Article on Dr Jegi from 1948 medical journal
Jegi Stewart (779x800)
Roy Stewart give Dr Jegi a trim 1948
Gelder And Hunter (800x599)
Gerrit Van Gelder and William ‘Kinner” Hunter on steam engine that ran a threshing rig, about 1914, Town of Gale
fishing on slough (800x415)
Canoeing on Slough of Black River , 1940–Walter Hunter with paddle
joyce muriel on draft horse 1920 (800x432)
Riding on the family draft horse, Joyce Hunter and Muriel Perring 1921 Town of Gale
upper table house (640x366)
Home of Mayor Ralph Meyer on upper table of Glesville, 1950s
arnold stair
spiral staircase in Alexander Arnold house in Galesville
Gerrit Gelder
Gerrit Gelder with horse and buggy-1920s
Marynook 1954
When Gale College became Marynook Novitiate, 1941
Schilling Electric 1954
Schilling Electric Plant, 1954
Square Galesville
The Square in Galesville from print supplised by Longwell’s Drug Store, 1954
nov 11 1918 galesville (640x397)
Nov 11, 1918 (day WWI ended) unknown object burned in the Square.
Iswinging bridge
The Swinging Bridge over Beaver Creek into HIgh Cliff Park
high cliff park
Entrance into HIgh Cliff Park from the east side of Galesville. Note the old bridge to the left.
jim kline
Jim Kline and the Alexander Arnold barn, about 1998
Smith School–Top Barbara Smith, Eileen ____, Patty Smith, Gene Tranberg Around 1959-60
1963 Stage for Christmas play, Smith School
Santa at Smith School 1963
old store location
Decorah Prairie Store on its original site-it was later moved across Hwy 54
Decorah Prairie 1906 Blanche Shonat-teacher
Decorah Prairie 1906 Blanche Shonat-teacher
arnold house
Alexander Arnold home on east side of Galesville
sunday school presbyt
1rst Presbyterian Sunday Schoolers 1959 Top L-R Cathy Guthrie, Tom Hunter, Peggy Jenks, Middle-Mark Finch, Pam Sacia, Jan Hilton Front- Wendy Hilton, Rob Bell
Smith School 1921-22 (800x560)
Smith School Spring 1922 Teacher in back-Ruth Polybank Back row left-Lenora Brenengen Girl on right in back row is Clara Molstad Front row left-Leolah Smith Modahl Girl with arm around her shoulder might be Vivian Thompson, smaller girl in front row on right is either Hazel Dahl or Margaret Lebakken
Smith 1948 (800x751)
1948 Smith School Front- Marlene Lebakken,Mercedes Lebakken, Ivanell Brenegan, Bill Deeren, Audrey Dahl, Ralph Lebakken, Grace Johnson Rw2- Linda Dahl, Arden Poss, Robert Thomas, Vernal Anderson, Lewis Lebakken Jr., Carol Thomas, Linda Tranberg Rw 3- Ken Bakken, Joe Lebakken, Roger Lebakken, Loren Lebakken, Sylvan Lebakken, Kay Henderson, Merlin Lebakken, Clayton Hammer, Teacher Lyla Turnbull
Smith 1947
Smith School 1947-48 Teacher Lyla Turnbull Hanson
smith 1944
Smith School 1944
Smith 1949
Smith 1948-49
smith 63 Agnes J
Smith School Christmas decorations and teacher Agnes Johnson
smith 1958-59
Smith Students 1958-59 Top L-R-Diane Lebakken, Byron Anderson, Lois Lebakken, Gene Tranberg
smith 1959
Smith students and teacher Lillian Crogan 1959
Smith 1963 decorations
Smith School preparations for Christmas program 1963
smith 1964 xmas
Smith School ready for Christmas 1963-64
smith 1964-5
Smith 1964-65 Top Row-Teri Dahl, Norval Greenwold, Sharon Dahl, Larry Dahl Row 2-Steve Renning, Eileen Howe, Michael Smith, Sherri West Row 3-Karen Ekern, Michael Johnson, Roxanne Dettinger, Sandra Smith, Wayne Johnson Row 4- Shawna Dettinger, Larry Howe, Julie Tranberg, Debra Dostal, Rebecca Smith, Randy Henderson, Linda Daffinson Row 5- Charles Dostal, Laurie Transberg, Vincent Howe, Karen Renning, Mary Smith, Wayne Henderson, Lori Johnson Teacher Agnes Johnson
Gale Ads 1913 (416x640)
Business ads from Galesville 1913
Grant School circa 1900, GRANT SCHOOL?CIRCA 1900 Top row L-R- Bertha Schmidt, Kitty Stellpflug, Flossie Stellpflug, Clara Olson, Laura Stellpflug, Maude Grant, Winnie Nova Poss, Lula Marsh, Edith Marsh, Melva Evenson, Nellie Lane (teacher) Bottom- Con Westra, Elmer Evenson, George Oliver, Yetti Westra, Florence Cook, Fern Cook, Hessa Lee, Julia Scarseth, Nova Scarseth, Minnie Johnson, Blanche Marsh, Lester Evenson, Grace Stellfplug, Laura Bornitz, Willie Oliver, Joe Johnson Two boys seated on left in front- Ornie Evenson, Hollis Lee
Grant School circa 1900, GRANT SCHOOL?CIRCA 1900 Top row L-R- Bertha Schmidt, Kitty Stellpflug, Flossie Stellpflug, Clara Olson, Laura Stellpflug, Maude Grant, Winnie Nova Poss, Lula Marsh, Edith Marsh, Melva Evenson, Nellie Lane (teacher)
Bottom- Con Westra, Elmer Evenson, George Oliver, Yetti Westra, Florence Cook, Fern Cook, Hessa Lee, Julia Scarseth, Nova Scarseth, Minnie Johnson, Blanche Marsh, Lester Evenson, Grace Stellfplug, Laura Bornitz, Willie Oliver, Joe Johnson
Two boys seated on left in front- Ornie Evenson, Hollis Lee
Hunter deer
Bob Hunter and his record deer
GE 54
GE Class of 1954
swing bdg (554x640)
Swinging Bridge 1972
witness tree (422x640)
Witness Tree in Galesville
wash 71 (439x640)
Guthrie family visits Wash Dc 1970
curlers 73 (302x640)
Curling 1973

comfort station (533x800) Galesville 1879

Legion post 2014 (640x544)
January 1915
gale ads 1930
Ads from 1930 plat book
1905 Dec Sch
Decorah prairie School 1905 L-R Ethel Davidson, Mamie Hunter, Nellie Dick, Agnes Hunter, Esther Shonat, Teacher Belle Bartholmew, Lucian ‘Toot’ Hunter, Leighton Cook, Willian ‘Kinner” Hunter, David McCowan
Flour mill 1854
First Grist Mill in a painting by A H Kneeland
Decorah Prairie 1953 (640x434)
Decorah Prairie School 1953 Agnes Johnson, teacher
Peak (556x640)
Decorah Peak inearly 1950’s
Womens Conservation Club 1950 (640x545)
Womens conservation Club May 1950 L-R Edith Bartlett, Annie Rall, Mattie Hallanger, Hazel Wadleigh, Emma Gipple, G. Terry, Hilda Canutson, Carrie Wadleigh
presby ch
First Presbyterian church showing old entry and house to the left–circa 1922
Jensen ConfectionaryRestaurant (640x493)
Jensen Cafe/Confectionary, the building was put up in 1902

?Jensen & Co

G Y Freeman, early settler and lawyer in Galesville

orig Gale college
Gale College–original main building

founders day
Founders Day ceremony at Gale College next to Gale Family plot–1920s

Gale sch
1874 Original Galesville Public School
arnold hs
Arnold House—shot of stariwell going up to the cupola The home of Capt Alex A Arnold
decorah Pk and old road
The old road below Dcorah Peak and the Peak–1920’s
concrete tepee
Galesville Republican editor Bert Gipple by the ‘concrete tepee’ next to Princess Marinuka’s grave
flour ad3
Ad for Peach Blossom Flour ( amde at the Davis Mill) on the cliff across from the mill and below the upper part of High Cliff cemetery

first Cath ch First Catholic Church on east side of Galesville gale sign (640x444)

photo (1)
Photo originally appeared in Robyn Docken’s much enjoyed Coffee Chat paper.
photo (2)
Galesville 1879 taken looking west from High Cliff Cemetery. this photo was run in Robyn Docken’s Coffee Chat. #6 was the old Irv Kline Grocery, #1 the Kneeland Building, #5 original Gilbertson Myhre store, #4 the flats. Note the Square is a grassy commons area pre-gazebo.

1940s Home makers
Decorah Prairie Homemakers late 1940s L-r __, __, Betty Docken, May Hunter, Dorothy Schwartzhoff

April 2014 (800x693)
April 2014

gale ad 1Ads from 1914?gale ad 2

Agnes and Mamie Hunter about 1915.jpg (472x640)
Agnes and Mamie Hunter about 1915. Agnes married Martin Johnson was became a schoolteacher. Mamie married Carl Byom and farmed in Hardies Creek
Rob Oliver and Ponto.jpeg (800x567)
Rob Oliver and Ponto-Rob was nicknamed ‘Bobcat”. He and his beloved Ponto loved to hunt. He supposedly killed off the Bobcat population around Decorah Prairie
Norman, Donald and Olive Hunter 1910.jpg
Norman, Donald and Olive Hunter
Norman Hunter and Maxwell.jpeg (800x536)
Norman Hunter and Maxwell
Five teachers.jpeg (800x559)
Five rural school teacher 1983–Vivian Grant, Agnes Johnson, Olive Wiggert, Margaret Parker, Winnie Mahlum
Anna Suter Bull Perrin and Will Perrin
Gale Ettrick Redmen Football 1969-TOP BACK L-R- #74___, STEVE Williamson, ___Schaller, #78___, Tim Twesme, Paul Sacia, Dan Skaar, Arden Olson
MIDDLE ROW- Dave Lund coach, Kevin Hunter, #41—-, Ed Pretasky, Brian Guthrie, Reed Niederkorn, Orrie Elstad, Les Mikkelson, Bruce Stuhr, Bob Ristow, Dan Folkedahl, Pug Lund
FRONT- Sam Cantlon, Roy Gooden, Mark Alvarez, Wayne Lebakken, Terry Christianson, David Geske, Tim Previsky, Mike Baer, ____Hammond, David Grieve, Bob Oines, ____Bishop, ____
water color of Davis Mill (628x800)
water color of Davis Mill
Kennedy Farm 1877 (552x800)
Daniel Kennedy Farm 1877 and Directory of Galesville 1877-Kennedy raised shorthorn cattle, Clyde horses and China Pigs ?Sec 16 Gale
Mattie and Charles Hollinger Galesville (640x638)
Mattie and Charles Hollinger -their house was across from Post Office and was later sold to the Chamber of Commerce in 1997
East Side Park Galesville (800x511)
East Side Park Galesville–originally owned by Arnold family but was broken up into lots
Galesville 1937 City Hall on right (800x525)
Galesville 1937 City Hall on right
1867 Galesville (768x800)
1867 Galesville
Galesville original plat (747x800)
Galesville original plat–note spelling of ‘Trempealeau-Trempeleau’ Lake Marinuka was not formed yet -from around 1856
Ben Davis right.jpg
Ben Davis on right in front of the mill
Arctic Springs Creamery 1905.jpg
Arctic Springs Creamery 1905
brick layers 1912.jpg
Brick layers on the Square 1912
Brick layeers around Sq 1912.jpg
Brick layers by the Square 1912
Chicago Northwest RR spur 1900.jpg
Chicago Northwest RR spur 1900–the train came into the lower table and backed out again
Cave and Spring, High Cliff Park, 1905.jpg
Cave and Spring, High Cliff Park, 1905
Carl McKeeth store 1900.jpg
Carl McKeeth store 1900 on north side of Square
Carl McKeeth Garage 1925.jpg
Carl McKeeth Garage 1925
Capt Arnold and new car 1914.jpg
Capt Arnold (in foreground on left) with his new 1912 Case Truck
churches 1900.jpg
Churches in Galesville 1900
curling 1965.jpeg
Gale Ettrick HS Curling Team with coach Norm Valiska
curlers 1920s (640x429)
Un-dated photo taken in front of original Galesville Curling Club. Man in second row, 4th from let, is Tom Hunter, who served in the State Assembly.
David Strand Store
David Strand Store on the west side of the Square 1900
Davis Mill 1920.jpg
Davis Mill 1920
Davis Wilson Mill.jpg
Davis/Wilson mill–producer of Peach Blossom flour
East side campground.jpeg
East side campground on the banks of Lk Marinuka 1920
Elmer Hegy, Winnie Erickson, Nellie Cook.jpg
Elmer Hegy, Winnie Erickson, Nellie Cook
First Courthouse with Hose Co.jpg
First Courthouse with Hose Co. This was the original county courthouse located on the Square.
First Galesville School grades 1-12 1880-1908.jpg
First Galesville School grades 1-12 1880-1908
First Presbyterian 1900.jpg
First Presbyterian 1900
Frank Davis lumber co.and first jail 1907.jpg
Frank Davis lumber co.and first jail 1907
Gale Col. Dormitory
Gale college dormitory
Gale College 1900.jpg
Old Main at Gale College 1900
Gale-Parker Home.jpg
Gale/Parker Home located west on Galesville on CR K. Parkers were a prominent family in the area. The daughters had their own horse and buggy.
Galesville 1895.jpg
Galesville 1895
Galesville Bank 1919.jpg
Galesville Bank 1919
Galesville City Hall 1900.jpg
City Hall 1900, present day site of post office and city building, built in 1896 and torn down in 1955
Galesville Lutheran church 1915.jpg
Galesville Lutheran church 1915. located on the upper table of Galesville
Galesville Farmers Exchange 1905.jpg
Galesville Farmers Exchange 1905
Galesville Ele. 1898 Miss L. Gilbertson.jpg
Galesville Elementary students 1898 Teacher was Miss L Gilbertson
Galesville Cornet Band 1920.jpg
Galesville Cornet Band 1920
High Cliff -ark 1920.jpg
High Cliff Park 1920 tanks by the spring
Grade 5 1910.jpg
Galesville Grade School 5th Grade 1910
Gilbertson Myhre Co.jpg
Gilbertson Myhre Store on south side of Square

George W Smith 1915.jpg

lumber for Marinus Scarseth farm 1907.jpg
Lumber for Marinus Scarseth farm 1907
Jensen Store 1900.jpg
Jensen Store( later restaurant) 1900 Present day Common Market Store ( 2014) on south side of Square
High Cliff Park 1905.jpg
High Cliff Parj picnic area 1905

High water by Mill 1919.jpg

old bridge2.jpeg
Original bridge over Beaver Creek above the dam
old bridge in Galesville1900.jpg
Old bridge from east side into Galesville
Methodist Episc. church 1900.jpg
Methodist Church 1900, located on upper table in Galesville
Martin Johnson cottage , island, Lk Marinuka.jpg
Martin and Agnes Johnson cottage on island in Lk Marinuka 1920
Martin and Agnes Johnson Hardware St.jpg
Martin Johnson Hardware and electrical store in Galesville 1920s
Square 1922.jpg
Town Square 1922
s. End, Lk Marinuka.jpg
Boating on Lk Marinuka 1905
Ruth,Genie,May Docken.jpeg
Sister Ruth Hunter Docken, Jeanie Hunter Vickere, May Hunter Docken 1960s
Ruth and May were married to brothers Fred and Will. They homesteaded in eastern Montana before returning to Wisconsin
Prohibition July 1 1915.jpg
Liquor leaves Galesvile at the start of Prohibition 1915

Rev l M Gimmestad Gale Col. pres.jpg

Arctic springs 1900.jpg

Arctic springs 1900 The water from the springs was much sought after

Start of Prohibition July 1 1915.jpg
Start of Prohibition July 1 1915
Swinging Bridge to High cCliff Park 1905.jpg
Swinging Bridge over Beaver Creek to High Cliff Park 1905
Town Square 1900.jpg
Town Square 1900
Wm,John and Lucian Hunter 1909.jpg
Wm,John and Lucian Hunter 1909 with fish caught in slough of Black River
After the fire, building missing Galesville (640x388)
After the fire, building missing Galesville
South side of Square 1996 L-Common Market R-Casberg Store
Davis St-L-R Mikes Bar, private residence, Garden of Eatin' 1996 (800x458)
Davis St-L-R Mikes Bar, private residence, Garden of Eatin’ 1996
Old library Galesville (768x800)
Old library in Galesville and public toilets (Comfort Station) located on west end of Allen Street
Square east view Galesville 1996 (800x375)
Square east view Galesville 1996
1931 Galesville bridge
High bridge on south side of Galesville is dedicated Aug 1931

1982 Jdg Twesme

Jdg Twesme in front of the gazebo on the Square in Galesville 1982

1982 Don docken Al Czapski
Don Docken, Al Czapski 1982

Galesville Curling Club 1982 Town Square 1982 Hunters Bridge

2012 demolition
Demolition of former Smith furniture store and later Galesville Republican office in 2012
2012South side of Sq
Galesville Square 2012 ( top and bottom)

2012 Town Square

Bank of Galesville

Bank of Galesville 1903

Arnold home drawing
A A Arnold’s East Side Farm. 1877
Arctic Springs
Arctic Springs Golf Course and clubhouse. The course became too wet and was closed. The clubhouse became a supper club.
allen street
Allen street in Galesville looking east 1900
Albert Twesme
Judge Albert Twesme
A A Arnold
Capt Alexander Arnold. Influential farmer and politician whose East Side Farm in Galesville is open to the public .
Decorah Peak
Decorah Peak taken from the road that came up from the Black River bottoms. View is North. Note below the Peak the original road running over the hill to Decorah Prairie. The sleigh in the photo is about a 1/4 mile from the present day Decorah Peak Historical marker and wayside on Hwy 53.
Decorah Peak behind Eric Docken Farm
Original John Hunter farm on Decorah Prairie settled in 1853. Presently farmed by the direct descendant Eric Docken. Decorah Peak is in the background
Decorah Praire Rainbow
Rainbow over Decorah Prairie 2004

May Docken Bday

Rob Oliver with deer.jpeg
Deer Hunters, Robert ‘Bobcat’ Oliver in middle with dogs
View 1895 after mill fire.jpg
Galesville view from High Cliff Cemetery after Mill fire in 1895
Zion Luth church singers 1903.jpg
Zion Lutheran church singers 1903–singers from Zion Lutheran at a program at Galesville Presbyterian church–“A Trip Around the World”? Kneeling in front-? Ella Sagen, Nora Hammer? 2nd R-Julia Ravnum, ____, Mrs Thompson, Louise Scarseth, Alice Fenton? 3rd R-Emma Sagen Gipple, Mrs Tom Michaelson,? Miss Hornstad, Bertha Twesme Sylvester, Ida Peterson, Hulda Riek, Anna Twesme Benrud, Miss Halvorson? Back- Tillie Riek, Ingvold Scarseth, Rudophl Hjornstad, __Christopherson, _____
Decorah Prairie Community Club visit to Watkins factory in Winona MN
volunteer fire dept. 1910.jpg
Volunteer Fire Department in Galesville 1910
View of east side from High cliff Cemetery 1900.jpg
Galesville east side from High cliff Cemetery 1900
Thos. and Agnes Hunter.jpeg
Agnes( Grant) and Thomas Hunter, early settlers of Decorah Prairie. Agnes was a midwife to the community
tom thunder
Young Tom Thunder, Hochunk
thunder funmaker
Two Hochunk men, __Thunder and __Funmaker
Robert_Mary Oliver1] (2)
Robert and Mary Scott Oliver, early Scots settlers on Decorah Prairie. ‘Lang Rab’ was born in Scotland, came to the US as a child, survived a shipwreck off of Martha’s vineyard, coal mined in Maryland and Pennsylvania and went to California during the 1849 Gold Rush. He returned from California and purchased his farm on Decorah Prairie in 1854.
Class of 1915 on Decorah Pk.jpeg
Graduation breakfast of the Class of 1915 on Decorah Peak . On left in front foreground is May Bull Hunter, to her right is Agnes Hunter Johnson.
cream hauler Wm Hunter.jpeg
Cream hauler Wm’ Kinner’ Hunter in front of the Cook farm on Decorah Prairie 1915
Decora Homemakers_Perrot Pk_1958
Decora Homemakers_Perrot Pk_1958 L-rR-Diane Hunter, __Fideka, Margaret Congdon, Martha Baardseth, Hazel Fideka, Martha Hendrickson, Bob Schwartzhoff, Joyce Guthrie, Verneille Hunter, Brian Guthrie, Bonnie & Dorothy Schwartzhoff
Decora Pr vs North Benc Curling.jpg
Decora Prairier vs North Bend Curling on slough of Black River, 1880, On left, Decorah rink-Robt ‘Bobcat’ Oliver, Wm smith, tom Barclay, Skip Robt ‘Lang Rab’ Oliver. North Bend- skip Gilbert McAdams, Wm Oliver, Sandy Mair, John McDonald, Sandy Baird. Note each rink consisted of 5 members. Dog on the left was Bobcat Oliver’s beloved hunting dog, Ponto.
Decorah Mound east face 2009
Decorah Mound east face 2009
So Sq Galesville 1890
Galesville Square South side 1890
Smith School 1964
Smith School 1964 School was opened in 1859 on land donated by George and Carrie Smith. It was closed and consolidated in 1967 Top L-R Teri Dahl, Norval Greenwold Jr, Sharon Dahl, Larry Dahl Row 2 from top-Steve Renning, Eileen Howe, Dan Smith, Sherri West Row 3-Karen Ekern, Michael Johnson Roxanne Dettinger, Sandra Smith, Wayne Johnson Row 4-Shauna Dettinger, Larry Howe, Julie Transberg, Debbie Dorstal, Rebecca Smith, Randy Henderson, Linda Daffinson Row 5-Charles Dostal, Laurie Tranberg, Vincent Howe, Karen Renning, Mary smith, Wayne Henderson, Lori Johnson
Robt Docken and Record Deer 1956
Robert Hunter( 1875-1957) and record deer mount, 1956. . The deer was shot in Vilas County in 1910 and field dressed at 255 lbs. It had 14 points and a 32 3/4″ beam spread. It still holds a record and is at the Docken Family Farm.
Old bridge over Beaver Creek above the dam in Galesville
Riverside Hotel
Riverside Hotel on banks of Beaver Creek Galesvile
Princess Marinuka Gravesite-Arctic Springs 2013
Princess Marinuka Gravesite-Arctic Springs 2013
Presbyterian Manse
Presbyterian Manse 1950
Pea vine accident_Page_2
Pea Vine Accident on Decorah Prairie
Original Hunters Bridge.jpeg
Original Hunters Bridge over Black River
John(Harlan) Hunter Farm.jpg
John Hunter farm on Decorah Prairie looking west from Hwy 54 1920s
Mary Oliver (2)
Mary Oliver, daughter of Robert and Anna Scott Oliver
Hunter Olivers
Hunter and Oliver family members at Thomas Hunter Farm 1911
1950 Tom Thunder
Tom Thunder passes away 1950
 Congdon Family
Congdon family 1947
Galesville 1945
1945 Decorah Prairie School Picnic
Decorah Prairie School Picnic 1945
1950 curlers
Hunter, Russell, Gale McKeeth and Oscar Van Vleet with wooden curling stones
1950 Ted Dusseau
Dusseau, Ted and daughters 1950
1931 Galesville bridge
High bridge on southside of Galesville, Dedication ceremony Aug 20 1931
1940's Curlers
Bobby Burns Bonspiel eight skips of participating rinks, 1945, Galesville curling Club
1940's seaver Sylvester family
Seaver Sylvester family reunion 1940s Galesville
1941 Lloyd Scarseth
Folk artist Lloyd Scarseth 1941
Galesville Gazebo
Galesville Gazebo over looking Lk Marinuka
Galesville View 1930s
Galesville West View 1930s
Galesville-west side of Lake 1930
-West side of Lake Marinuka 1930
Galesville Square 1870s
Galesville Square 1870s- unknown occasion–camera is pointed NE, note original County Courthouse in the background
19 70's east view Galesville
Looking west towards Galesville 1970
1883 Galesville Sketch
1883 Galesville Sketch with IDs
1890 Galesville square spring
Galesville square, spring 1890 looking east
1890-Galesville St paving
Street paving on the Square in Galesville 1890
Original Mill 1880s
Mill and dam on Beaver Creek, Galesville
Scarseth Grocery Store Galesville
Scarseth Grocery Store Galesville
Kneeland bldg
Kneeland Building Galesville
com hotel
Commercial Hotel on NW side of the Galesville Square–now the site of the Bank of Galesville
cinder hill (630x369)
Cinder Hill–road and walkway going down to Lower Table in Galesville
1883 gale
Galesville view 1883 taken from High Cliff Cemetery, mill is in the foreground
Galesville 2013
Galesville 2013 view from High Cliff Cemetery
gale sq
Square in Galesville, looking NW, approx 1900
Gale Dormitory
Gale College Dormitory
Duncan Grant and Walter Irvine.jpeg
Duncan Grant and Walter Irvine
Donald Hunter with Home Builtg car.jpg
Donald Hunter and home built car 1920
East side of Square Galesville 1890
East side of Square Galesville 1890
Dockens' front porch.jpeg
Top-John and Betty Docken Front Porch, 1940s L-R-Kinner Hunter, Jack docken, Fred & Ruth Docken, Mae Docken, May Hunter, front- Mrs Swartout, Walter Hunter, Bill Docken, Mr Swartout, Betty Docken, Don Docken
Square 2012
Galesville Square gazebo 2012
Thomas R Hunter 1836-1922.jpeg
Thomas R Hunter 1836-1922 Early Scots settler, was instrumental in getting the first bridge over the Black River
Galesville Curling Club
Galesville Curlers George Oliver on left, painting of Bobbie Burns in the center
Decorah_School.jpeg (740x661)
Decorah School 1926 Front L-R Carol Byom, Gordon Derren, Shirley Byom Back-Harlan Hunter, Joyce Hunter, Ione Deeren,
Barenthin Service Station, Lower Table
Galesville High School Class of 1918
Davis’ Mill in Galesville–producer of Peach Blossom Flour
February 2022 Fire destroys Jeff’s Service
Curt and Laurie Marsh farm, Crystal Valley March 2022 Photo from Laurie Marsh
1914 Galesville Republican Office on Allen Street.
1914 Galesville H WS BB team
1893 Looking north towards Lk Marinuak–hotel on the far end was located where the present day bank is
Galesville 1893 taken from the Cemetery
1893 View of Galesville looking west Old hotel on the bottom left was torn down and replaced by the Schilling Electric factory. The schoolhouse is just visible on the top right.
Galesville view 1874 The Mill is on the right lower (1) the old hotel (2) and (3) was old Klein grocery store building
1913 Ads
Fanny (Fillner) and Muriel (Irvine) Perring with niece Joyce (Guthrie) Hunter 1922
Cream Hauler Wm “Kinner” Hunter, Decorah Prairie 1923
Galesville Public School 1908-09
1914 Ads for Galesville businesses
Curlers–Front couple on left Wilbur & Bessie Dick, next couple Shorty Hess and wife, back far left Loyal Van Vleet, back right-Les Grover
Smith School students 1964-5
Arnold Lund Grocery, 1913 Galesville

Galesville High School Faculty 1914 L-R- Mr tuner, Mr Bray, Mr Doughterty, Miss Haberman, Miss Steulling, Miss Smith
1908-09 Galesville High School Graduates
1909 New Galesville School Building
Tilly Freimarck with her Yale Cycle
1939 Galesville High School Band
High School Class of 1941 Galesville
Class of 9141 Galesville High School
From Robyn Docken’s Coffee Chat–a photo of the momentous occasion of the opening of the bridge over the Black River in 1893.  Sitting up front was Thomas “Tam” Hunter who worked very hard to make the
bridge  a reality .  This was first bridge over the Black River near the present day site.
View of Allen Street from a postcard owned by Thelma Jean Congdon and used in Robyn
 Docken’s Coffee Chat 
Two souvenirs from Stub and Bun Sacia’s tavern at Centerville
Coal Miner’s lamp originally owned by Hunter Family of Decorah Prairie.  A candle was inserted in the tube.
1902 Baseball Team
Fines for swinging the bridge–1920s
First Hunter’s Bridge over Black River
View of Galesville pre-1919 ( old school in mid background)
Curlers L-R Stub Sacia, ___Jensen, Larry Engen, Ted Oedsma
Decorah Peak viewed from the West End of the Mound 1930’s
Peach Blossom Flour, Galesville mill
Original Hunter”s Bridge, built 1893 view looking north
Hardies Creek Country store, on Hwy 54 east of Galesville. Original owners were the Alvin Baardseths, later owners were Roy and Gladys Ekern and the Wallers.
Hardies Creek Store in 1921. Owner Albert Scarseth added a second story. The store was eventually torn down in the 1970s.

View looking west toward Decorah Peak from Hwy 53. 1940s Photo from Keith Cook
Fire on the Square –2005

Old City Hall in Galesville–1896-1956 The upstairs had an auditorium. There is a man up on the bell tower if you look closely at this photo. The small building on the left was a blacksmith shop. Photo from Keith Cook
March 2019 drone photo of Galesville , taken by Tom Ringdahl
Band Stand on the Galesville Square, 1920s
Galesville High School Basketball Team, 1941
Hwy 53 1954 looking east towards Young Brothers orchard and farm

Young Brothers Orchard
Carol Young
Class Play 1914 Galesville HS
Ads in the School Play booklet 1914
School Play 1914 Program
Big innovation in the 1960s–mobile pea viners. Previous to this communities would have a stationary viner that the peas were hauled to. The canning factory offered summer work for farm wives and school kids.
Galesville University–Old Main Building

Commencement Galesville University 1875
French family 1917
Home in Galesville across from Phoneco–at one time it had been a boarding house in the early days of Galesville
Galesville High School Class of 1917
1940’s ads from Galesville Republican
Galesville Class of 1947
Class of 1947
Alexander Arnold Family -1900 L-R Standing- Mollie (born 1876) Archiblad (1870) Gerald ( 1883) Seated -Beulah (1887) Alex and Mary, Alex W ( 1884)
Arnold’s East Side Farm
Long time editor of the Galesville Republican Bert A Gipple –1950’s
Betsey Thunder–well known Hochunk Herbalist and Healer
Painting of Tom Thunder–well known around the Town of Gale
Freshman class of Galesville High School 1917
Class of 1917, Galesville HS Senior Play-“Burley’s Ranch’..presented at the City Hall
Crime in Galesville 1863
Galesville Cub Scouts 1956
Hand Drawn Map of Galesville 1885
First Catholic Church in Galesville
William and Jack Hunter fishing on the Slough south of Decorah Prairie 1949
Galesville approx. 1885
1917 View of Allen street looking eastward
View east towards the bridge and cemetery 1994
Class of 1917 Galesville HS
Picnic at High Cliff Park 1900
Grave site of Hochunk Marie Nounka ( Marinuka) by Artic Springs Rider unknown 1900 or earlier
Part of Class of 1934
Kellman Hardware Store 1911–later became the Coast to Coast Store
Hanson store located next to the old bank building, off the Square 1920
1912 High School ladies at the entrance to High Cliff Park
Lorna Betz, Thelma Jean Congdon, Delores Kuchan 1974
1862 Ad in the Galesville Transcript
Bob Docken and Carl Anderson 1955
Workers on new Catholic Church 1950’s
1915 Class Play Galesville High School Ben Bull was the only man in play
Old School House torn down 1908
Old Pool Hall , Norris Kellman on right with pool cue
1948 Rat Elimination
Young entrepreneurs 1964
Ross Hunter, Class of 1918
Smith School kids 1953-54, located north of Galesville on Cty T
1928 Memorial Day parade–picture from 1938 Galesville Republican article
Graduation 1894
Graduation 1894
Hearse in Galesville
Class of 1888
Graduation 1888
County Fair 1898 with crowd in front of the new grandstand
Grads 1911
Nora Cullity–first white child born in Galesville/Ettrick area?
Marinuka Theater was on the NE corner of the Square
The end of the Great War Nov 11 1918
Archway entrance to High Cliff Park
Hunters Bridge disaster 1964
1977 wreck on Hunters Bridge
Native American Burial found in Trempealeau 1930s
Skeletal remains of Native Americans found in pit in Trempealeau
1903 Burns Festival
Galesville Fire Brigade 1905 Row 1- L_R- Tom Herried, Theodore Johnson, Carl McKeeth, Nels Pederson, R L Klandrud, Rob Pauline 2nd- A J Remondine, Roy Smith, Wm Hegy, Ed Walters, Dave Truax, HHerreid, Charles Klandrud, Charles Ahrend, Will Feiring
Carl McKeeth Fire chief, was youngest man to hold the position
1903 promo for Gale College
1903 graduation
Allyn Kaste Farm, 1960s
Midway at the County Fair 1924
1903 Hardanger Costume Group from Zion Lutheran Church Front Row L-R- Alice Feton, Mrs Tom Michaelson, Emma Gipple, Ella SAgen, Mrs Thompson, Mrs Halverson, Mrs Hammer Row 2- Julia Ravnum, Louise Scarseth, Mrs John Benrud, ______, Row 3- Tillie Riek, Mrs Hornstad, ____, Ida Peterson, Bertha Twesme, Hulda Riek
1957 Irish Nuns in Galesville
1965 George Oedsma
Program from one of the first Burns Festivals–around 1902. James Barclay from Mindoro was a noted singer at events
Barenthin Oil and gas station, 2022