Gale/Galesville additional Photos

Civil war and WW1 vets
Memorial Day Parade with 3 remaining GAR members
Galesville HS 1914
Gale-Ettrick HS 1957 Annual Photographers
Buster Gardner—maintenance man and bus driver G E Schools 1957
GaleEttrick 1957
The old ferryboat near Melrose–very similar to ferries over the Black River near Galesville
GET High School musical 2019
The annual Robert Burns Festival in 1908, held at the City Hall
Burns 1908 Committee members
Burns 1908 Apparently they could not find a local bagpiper
Burns Festival 1918 My mother said it was an occasion for ‘all the old Scotsmen to come to town’.

!941 Ski Tournament. The Jump was off a bank in back of the fairgrounds pointing west.
1941 Ski Tournament program
Ladies Dorm at Gale College–1920s
Mr and Mrs John Dutton 1900
Decora Prairie Young Peoples’ Christian Enterprise Group–Circa 1910
Decora Prairie Club members
Ladies identified as Edna and Gwyn Bibby and Mary Pierce. I am assuming Mary Pierce is elderly lady in front.
Ettrick Irish Singers, 1975
Galesville County football champs 1904 Back row-Matt Burton, Harold Bibby, Prof. Alny 2nd- Hollis Bucklyn, Art Brookes, Wanu Birchred ( or maybe Birchard–very smudged) Tom Hill Bottom- Archie Shonat, George Seegan, Lynn Severson, Irwin Bibby, Charles Oliver
They might have been a team from Gale College
Galesville High School Class of Seniors 1914
View of Lake Marinuka looking west across the lake– no date
Either Will or Guy Gilbert at the Brookes Farm–farm was near the intersection of Hwy 54 and Cty Rd K SW of Galesville. A racy looking horse and a very light buggy
Bert Gipple–passed away 1963
1894 Holmberg House–L-R- Norval, Grandpa and Grandma, Gale, Mother, Maye, Father
Holmberg was the druggist in Galesville
1975 Decora Home Maker Club–Back- Lynda Hjerleid, Lorna Bets, Loretta Ryan, Katy Lowner, Agnes Johnson, Mary Jane Hilton Front- Pam Hjerleid, Bev Kohlmeyer and Karen, Jennifer Ryan, Jessie Grant, Joyce Guthrie, Jan Brady and Shawn
Galesville 1930 s or 40s?
1897 –Bert Gipple and dog on left
Galesville Publicg School 1905
1939 Golden Wedding celebrants
1956 Boy Scouts
1937 article about the brick paving stone in Galesville
1934 Burns Fest and Curling
Gale Coronet Band -1rst Row L-R- Edwin Swinsen (with drum) Guy Anderson, Geo Truax, Roy Dale, W S Wadleigh, John Herberg, Truman Cook, Wm Boe, Otis Saeter, Howard Swinsen 2nd Row- Fred Bockenhauer, Wm Severson, Dell Cooley, Carl Dettinger, Nels Elverum, Roy Beck 3rd- Earnest Quinn, Gerald Wadleigh, Emment Amundson, Sanford Dahl, Edward Anderson
Undated but might be around 1900
Galesville Baseball Team 1912
Ladies Dormitory at Gale University 1915
Dr Jegi”s ‘snow-mobile” 1920s
Mary Edna Bibby Class of 1914 Gale HS
Cecil Christianson swears in new Postmaster Merlin Jacobson 1956
Racetrack and Announcer’s Stand at the Fairgrounds 1899
Ration Book–1943
The Suttie twins–Willard and Willis. Willard was the father of Jessie Suttie Hale–a local school teacher. The twins were born 1865 to William and Eliza Suttie in the Town of Caledonia. It was rare for twins to survive in those days.
Galesville Volunteer Fire Department outside of the fire station which was at one time the first courthouse in the County. R-L- Alfred Anderson, Cahrlie Klandrud, Herman Christianson, Alfred Kellman, John McKeeth, John Kilmer, Ole Sagen, Herman Czepol, Tom McAdam, Charlie Arlens, Fred Langenhol, Fred Shrake. About 1890
WE Rowles was killed in action, August 1918
Earl E Jensen was severely wounded July 18 1918 and died from his wounds on Aug 12, 1918. He is buried in France. See more–Men of the Great War folder