Logging in Chimney Rock

The Chimney Rock—it was a landmark for early travelers. The legend has it that Jesse James buried his loot from a bank robbery at the base of the Rock–after spending the night at the Hamlin Hotel.

Veum school
Veum School 1952-53 George Filla, teacher. Back row: Wylass Especeth, Joyce Kolve, Lois Kolve, Joan Waniorek, Frank Stanislowski, Ellard Sather, Betty Nelson, Patty Olson. Front row: LaVonne Kolve, Warren Nelson, Patty Kampa, Paul Kabus, David Burt, Richard Roskos, Audrey Hestikin

instenes (640x467)
Instenes School on Cty V, the schoolhouse is still standing

borst val 1930 (640x347)
Borst Valley School girls—Verna Severinski, Helen Rombalski 1930

CR 1966
last class of students in first four grades, chimney Rock Brick, 1966. Front L-R-Dennis Kampa, Clyde Linberg, Mary Waldera, Greg Ager, Vicki Erickson Back-Mark Olson, Delaine Olson, Randy Linberg, Genton Melsness, Patsy Lehrke, Robert Olson, Joseph Waldera. Photo taken by Mabel Gunderson

cr 60s (465x640)
Students from Chimney Rock Brick School 1960 From “Many and Memorable-A History of the 110 Rural Schools of Trempealeau County”

Olga Christianson Della Marsolek CR 1959
Olga Christianson, Della Marsolek outside of Chimney Rock Brick 1959

hawkenson 1932 (640x469)
Hawkenson School 1932

Hawkenson2015 (640x413)
Hawkenson School remains January 2015

veum 1933 (567x640)
Veum School Stuents 1933
skogstad (507x640)
Skogstad School located on present day Hwg 93
Russell 2014 (640x388)
Russell April 2014–old school is in the background, house and old store in the fore
Chimney Rock Lutheran
Chimney Rock Lutheran church (above) Russell Store 1960

Russell (Little Elk) Cheese Plant–east side of the road from the Russell Store

Russell 1908–Home with attached store, schoolhouse

Peter Sylla Hauling Cheese 1920s

Wm Russell Family Russell View 1908 Russell School Boys 1930 Russell School 1956 Russell Sch Pupils 1930 Kloss steam engine 1rst Grade Boys Russell SchPhotos

Remains of Veum School, Loretta Evans in fore ground, photo from La Vonne Kolve Evans 1975
Veum School Students Left around the table–Linda Olson, Lois Kolve, Patty Olson, Patty Roskos, Patty Kampa, LaVonne Kolve, Audrey Hestiken, Ellard Sather, Warren Nelson, Wyliss Espeseth, Rod Hestiken, teacher George Filla
Chimney Rock from a drone shot Spring 2019
Chimney Rock Spring 2019
Insteness School, Cty VV After the school was closed it served as the election voting site for several years. Photo from Selma H Call
Borst Valley School 1929-Town of Burnside and Chimney Rock on Cty Rd BB. Back Row L-R Phyllis Burt, Albert Sylla, Lyle Back, Fred Marsolek, Gladys Lokken, Raymond Sylla, Front-Helen Rombalski, Caroline Rombalski, Glenn Hendrickson, Carol Hendrickson, Elmer Lokken, Verna Burt, Euphrozine Rombalski Teacher Effie Filla
Borst Valley School girls, 1923 L-R Eleanor Prokop, Agnes Burt, Ella Marsolek, Blanch Burt, Rose Prokop, Phyllis Burt Photo from Agnes Amble