Hans and Ole Fagernes
Hans and Ole Fagernes Donated land for Fagernes church

Vosse Coulee Schoolhouse March 2018

Blair Ice Fishing Contest on Lk Henry 2017

Lone Star School 1911

Lone Star , 1911, Teacher Paula Toraason

Blair-Taylor Girls’ Softball wins silver at state 2017

2017 B-T Shooting team–Chris Rogstad, Logan Seddon, Bryan Skogstad, Wyatt Hammes, Xavier Corenjo, Steve Ekern, ElaineSkogstad, Jacob Johnson, Seth Moser

Blair Lutheran Lutefish Dinner 2016

Ray Nereng 2015
Ray Nereng, age 103 July 2015

img603 (558x800)
Reynolds School Grades 1-8 1947-48 Clockwise from top left- Muriel Dalh, teacher, James Johnson, Helen Olson, Doug Holte, Yvonne Martin, Richard Martin, Grace Hauge, Darwin Bradley, Bottom Row-Christine Johnson, Irvin Thompson, Gloria Tenneson, Left from Darwin- Jackie Johnson, Don Hauge, Annette Oldendorf, James Olson, Bonnie Bradley, Ernie Bradley

Reynold Egg Float (800x604)
Reynold Coulee School Float in 1950 Egg Festival Parade

Reynolds 1948 (800x628)
Reynolds School 1948

Reynolds 1949 (599x800)
Reynolds Coulee School 1949

Reynolds School 1946 (799x800)
1946 Rural School Program Day at Blair City Hall Ernest Bradley, Yvonne Martin, christine Johnson, Bonnie Bradley, Helen Olsen, Annette Oldendorf, Jackie Johnson, Jane Johnson

Reynolds c 1933 (640x440)
Reynolds Coulee School 1933
Lks Coulee 1952-3
Lakes Coulee 1952-3

Lakes 1954 (800x470)
Lakes Coulee School 1954 Front-Eugene Hjerlied, Audrey Eckman, Eugene Nelson, Lyle Peterson, Annette Berg, Ellen Knutson Row 2-Robert Twesme, Patsy Berg, Lorna Bergum, Robert Knutson, Michael Berg, Ilene Nelson, Kennedy Berg Row 3- Mary Solberg, Doug Berg, Richard Martin, Tom Twesme, Gail Stenberg, Roger Berg, Philip Nelson Row 4 – Roger Nelson, Sharon Thompson, Ann Marie Berg, Joan Nelson, Warren Stenberg, Ken Husmoen, Darlene Peterson

Lakes coulee (800x519)
Lakes Coulee 1953 Front-Lyle Peterson, Eugene Hjerlied, Eugene Nelson, Annette Berg, Patricia Berg, Lorna Bergum Row 2- Robert Twesme, Gerald Ekern, Douglas Berg, Robert Knutson, Michael Berg, Ilene Nelson, Kennedy Berg, Ellen Knutson Row 3 – Mary Solberg, Roger Nelson, Thomas Twesme, Gail Stenberg, Allen Husmoen, Roger Berg, Philip Nelson Back Row- Muriel Dahl-teacher, Ken Husmoen, Sharon Thompson, Joan Nelson, Ann Marie Berg, Warren Stenberg, Darlene Peterson

Lks pupils 1924 (640x408)
Pupil List, Lakes Coulee School 1921-24

Lks C. 1938 (640x417)
Adeline Sorlie Gilbertson and Otis and Orville Christopherson Lakes Coulee 1938

lksn1931 (782x800)
Lakes Coulee 1931-32 Front- Harold Gunderson, Allen Berg, Basil Nelson, Ernest Kleppen, Tharald Thompson, Henry thompson, Clifford Ericksmoen, Don Hagen Row 2- Clinton Knutson, Farrel Bergum, Martin Thompson, Carolyn Christopherson, dorothy Hagen, Adeline Sorlie, Helen Christopherson, Olga Thompson, Shirley Berg, Lucille Gunderson, Irving Berg, Henry Anderson, Hazel Nyen, Helen Nelson Row 3- Delmont Halvorson, James Thompson, E. Kleppen, Lester Bergum, Teacher Mildred Simonson, Edith Ericksmoen, Doris Bergum, Adeline Hagen, Stella Gunderson, Hilma Erickson

McDonah Lakes (640x417)
Lakes School 1922-23 Teacher R McDonah

Lone Star 1931 (800x666)
Lone Star School 1931 Teacher Palma Johnson

Riverside 1934 Preston (640x445)
Riverside School 1934

Coach Lien 2015
Coach Al Lien, Randy Storlie, Josh Peterson Blair-Taylor HS 2015

2nd larkin 1905 (800x708)
Second Larkin Valley School, 1905

irst Larkin 1895 (800x552)
1895-First Larkin Valley Schoolhouse

Larkin 1952 (800x567)
1952 Larkin Valley School LARKIN VALLEY SCHOOL 1952-53 Back Row L-R ? Orvis Olson, Lenus Berg, David Syverson, Elaine Olson, Ken Tjoflat, Robert Anderson, Esther Tuff, Teacher

Larkin Valley 1935 (800x771)
Larkin School, 1935 with teacher Esther Olson

Larkin Valley 1947-48 (800x566)
Larkin School, 1947-48 , Teacher Florence Jorgenson LARKIN 1947-48 ? GRADES 1-8 Clockwise Left to right from top- Shirley Klebig, Larry Jorgenson, Leona Olson, Allen Olson, Darlen Lyngen, Lois Klebig, Patti Olson, Larry Haroldson, Bernice Lukin, Jean Nyen

Irvin c 1920 (800x587)
Irvin Coulee School girls 1920 Edna Chappen, Helen Arneson, Inez Arneson, Elsie Rasmusson, Hazel Gunderson, Violet Sorlie, Thelma Mahlum, Myrtle Sims, Myrtle Rasmusson, Clara Davidson, Agnes Halvorson, Esther Chappen, Jessie Arneson, Olida Brekke

Irvin c school 1920
Irvin Coulee School 1920 South of Whitehall on CR D

Irvin teachers (800x445)
Irvin Coulee School teachers starting in 1898 up to 1955

Irvine 1940
Irvin Coulee 1940

Irvine 1953
1953 Halloween at Irvin Coulee School

irvine boys 1919
1919-20 Irvin Coulee Boys

Irvin Cl 1942 7th graders Robt Storgerg, Arnold Davidson, Vernon Arneson
1942 Irvin Coulee 7th Graders Robert Storberg, Arnold Davidson, Vernon Arneson

Irvin C 1942 salute flag (800x740)
Irvin Coulee School children saluting the flag 1941-42

Irvin 2
Irvin Coulee 1941-22 Top photo-Irvin Coulee 1941-2 Willis Herman, Richard Slaby, Palmer Halvorson, Beverly Herman, Carl Storberg Grades 3&;4 Bottom-student body on the steps

irvin 3
Irvin Coulee School 1941-42 Top photo-1rst grade 1941-2 Marlene Hasnon, Beverly Hawkenson, James Hanson Bottom- 2nd Grade 1941-2 Carrol Storberg, Roy Arneson, Margaret Slaby, Mary Hawkenson

irvin school 41 (2)
Irvin Coulee School as it appeared in 1941

irvin 4
Irvin Coulee 5-6th graders 1941-42 Ruth Slaby, Ardell Linnerud, Sylvia Davidson, Shirley Gilbertson

irvin teacher
Irvin Coulee Teacher Molly Sacia, taught at Irvin 1941-44

molly sacia
Teacher Molly Sacia

Vosse Coule 1913 teacher Alice Everson (559x800)
Vosse Coulee 8th Grade Graduates 1913, teacher sitting-Alice Everson The school was called ‘Pleasantview School’

1946 Rural Sch Program in Blair Joyce Syverson, Eliz Johnson, Sylvia Sather, David Dahl, Janet Johnson, Lily Johnson, Fern Johnson, Darlene Syverson, Bernice Johnson, Donna DeHussen (800x449)
Sunnyside School (Tappen Coulee) kids in 1946 Rural School Program held at the Blair City Hall. Joyce Syverson, Eliz Johnson, Sylvia Sather, David Dahl, Janet Johnson, Lily Johnson, Fern Johnson, Darlene Syverson, Bernice Johnson, Donna DeHussen

Sunnyside Preston 1945 (800x564)
SUNNYSIDE SCHOOL 1945- Front Row L-R- Wallace Everson, David Dahl, Merlin Johnson, Elmer Everson, Jr., Dennis Melby Row 2- Victor Johnson, Eldon Quarne, Don Syverson, Fern Johnson, Harold Sather, Opan Peterson, Olga Peterson, Row 3- Diane Melby, Jerome Anderson, Ron Syverson, Bonnie Melby, Ardell Peterson, Allen Moen, Alan Peterson Row 4- Sally Dahl, Donna DeHussen, Elizabeth Johnson, Janet Johnson, Darlene Syverson, Jean Johnson In back-Teacher Carrol Knutson

Sunnyside Sch Com Club teacher Florence Jorgensen (588x640)
Sunnyside School Community Club mothers, 1940s

Blair vs Arcadia 1920 Blair taken from school tower
Blair vs Arcadia “hot game” 1912 photo taken from the bell tower of the old Blair School

blair hs 548
Blair HS Class of 1954

Amanda Hoff 1905
Amanda Hoff, teacher at Larkin Valley School 1905

sunnyside preston (442x640)
Sunnyside School located on Cty S south of Blair

1922 blair bb
1922 Blair Team

Blair ball team 1920
1922 Blair Baseball Team

kafelag (800x379)
Kafelag at H P Nerhagen farm in 1890. Fagernes church in the background

Fagernes altar

Fagernes church altar. Painting was done in 1893 by Johannes Rindahl and was rescued from the 1901 fire. Chandelier was purchased from French Creek Church for $75

1902 dedication
1902 dedication of third Fagernes Lutheran church. The second church burned after a lightning strike in 1901.

Charles Fagernes
Charles Fagernes Norwegian immigrant, along with his brother, donated land for Fagernes Church

bunads 2015 (800x755)
Sons of Norway Bunads Nov 2015 Mary Herness, Cassandra Dobson, Kyle Engebretson

Gena Johnson Hanson
Teacher Gena Johnson Hanson 1900

Henry O Hanson
Teacher Henry O Hanson

BT State Trophy 2014 (800x471)
BT Boys win second at State BB Tournament 2014

Moving old depot in Blair (800x420)
Moving the original train depot in Blair

reynolds coulee 1953-54.jpg
Reynolds Coulee School 1953-4

brookside school view (800x377)
Brookside School–CR N west of Blair

brookside 1914 (800x394)
Brookside School 1914–two students are Lester and Alma Stutlien Located in Welsch Coulee

brookside 1929 (800x647)
1929 Brookside students-Ernest Pederson, Milton Jahr, Pearl Gunderson, Carl Gunderson, Hazel Renning, Spencer “Dick” Hanson, Lowell Gunderson, Goodwin Gunderson, Arnold Thorpe, Myrtle Peterson, Clara Hagen, Vida Nelson, Harriet Nelson

brookside 1906
1906 Teacher Gena Johnson Hanson Souvenir for Brookside School

brookside 1914
1914 Brookside (Welch and Peterson Coulees) School

brookside 1938
1938 Brookside Students

brookside 1947
Brookside School 1947-48

brookside 1953
Brookside students 1953-54 Teacher Marian Rogness

brookside 1962
Brookside 1962 Teacher Lois Everson

brookside map
Brookside school photo 1910 and map of location

brookside xmas 1958
Brookside Christmas 1958 Teacher Marion Rogness

brooksode 1960
1960 Brookside School Teacher Mrs. Arnold Thorpe

Russel, Thomas, Martin, Tharold Berg
Russel, Thomas, Martin, Tharold Berg

Mildre simonson Stenberg
Teacher Mildred Simonson Stenberg

oe olson ad (402x640)
Ole Olson Poultry Yard ad 1913

Reynolds Coulee ID in documents
Reynolds Coulee School 1921-22 Top L-R Elsie Frederickson, Viola Mattison, Norman Thompson, Carl Thompson, Basil Nyen, Malcolm Thompson, Beulah Quarne, Wallace Erickson, Walter Mattison Middle-Leon Nyberg, Art Solberg, Florence Frederickson, Corinne Quarne, __Olson, __Thompson, Norma Nyen Bottom-Odin Anderson, Edwin Olson, Ernest Frederickson, Henry Wall, __Nyberg, Tilman Nyberg, Harvey Nyen, Basil Tenneson, Ernest Ericksmoen, Maurice Wangen, __Nyen, Arnold Quarne, Glenn Ericksmoen

Ken Husmoen Farm 2009
Ken Husmoen Farm 2009

riverside 34
Riverside School girls

riverside 1928-9
Riverside School, Hwy 95 east, 1928-29

Riverside School students 1950-L-R Roger Johnson, Etta Snuggerud, Helen Westlie, Carol Jean Hoff, Delores Strand

Reinhold and Laura Berg
Reinhold and Laura Berg

Unknown possibly __Melby
Unknown lady–possibly related to the William Melbys

Florence_Lawrence Bergum

Second Fagernes Church 1898
Second Fagernes Church 1898

Fagernes Church steeple
Fagernes Church steeple

Fagernes doc pg2
Spencer ‘Dick” and Shirley Hanson

Fagernes Funeral
Funeral at Fagernes Church 1900,s

First Fagernes Church 1870s
First Fagernes Church 1870s

Blair H S 1901
Blair High School 1901

Bertha Olson and children
Bertha Olson and children ( widow of Hans Jakob Olson)

Blair theater
Blair Theater

Charles and Olive Berg Fisher
Charles and Olive Berg Fisher

Art_Mildred Stenberg
Art and Mildred Stenberg

Bergum Photos

1953 Loaine Erickson-Egg Queen
Loaine Erickson-1953 Egg Fest Queen

1952 blair park

4H Calf David Dahl
DAvid Dahl and 4H calf 1954

1951 Blair UFO
1951 Blair UFO

1914 confirmands 1941 Blair Tall corn

1954 Blair Football Team
1954 Blair HS Football Team
1944 Blair Class
Class of 1944

downloadable PDF Photos

Riverside 2

riverside sch

child and dog
Unknown girl ad dog

blair ads
Blair ads from 1914

Vosse Coulee School 1930
Sons of Norway Lodge parade float 2018
Lone Star School, located south of Blair off of Cty S, 1911
Funeral at Fagernes Church around 1910
1968 Fagernes Lutheran Church Centennial
Blair High School Reunion 1988
April 1956 Flood
April 1956 Flood
Blair Crazy Days 1964
Geese in Welch Coulee 2021
The Ettrick & Northern 1918
1963 Blair Mill
Selma Jahr, age 97, 1973
Henry and Philena Shephard, early Preston settlers
Solsrud Store, 1911 or 12
Minnie Thompson displays wooden shoes owned by her father Mattis Mattison who came to the US in 1852
Ford Porter 1957
Clara Knutson report card
Lone Star Pupils 1911-12
Lone Star 1911-12
Lakes Coulee School 1909
Front R-L- Everett Berg, Clarence Knutson, Selmer Halverson, Alvin Berg, Sam Pederson, Harold Lilledahl, Vernon Mitskogen, N. Berg, Geo Knutson, Inga Bergum, Dena Stenberg, Henrietta Skogstad, Aurellia Mitskogen, Hazel Mitskogen, Aleda Halverson, Cora Pederson, Alice Bergum, Myrtle Pederson, Evelyn Pederson, Alma Berg, Bertha Solberg Back-Omer Knutson, Leonard Fjeld, Melvin Halvorson, Edwin Berg, Clifford Skogstad, Bennie Bergum, Jennie Johnson, Sophie Skogstad, Hilda Gunderson, Agnes Berg, Clara Gunderson, Lillian Jahr, Geda Pederson, Agnes Johnson, Lorna Knutson, Stella Jahr, Helen Sorlie, Magda Hagrn, Ella Sorlie, Alma Fjeld, Helma Brokerud, Josie Pederson, Cecilia Pederson Teacher Ella Johnson Photo from Clifford Ericksmoen
Irvin Coulee School Towns of Lincoln and Preston and Arcadia 1920 Front L-R- Joe Jackson, Hnery Nelson Back- Walter Rasmusson, Ernest Halvorson, Clarence Nelson, Arhtur Lien, Chester Everson, Truman Nelson Photo from Thelma Linnerud
Sunnyside School, located on Cty Rd S
Front- LaBelle Blom R 2-L-R- Jennings Dahl, Evelyn Blom, Orton Blom, Lenora Blom, Herschel Dahl, Rolf Rude, Oswald Rude, Otto Oddegard, Edgar Anderson Teacher Evelyn Johnson Everson
Sunnyside 1955-56 Front L-R Barbara Helstad, Jerry Leque, Sheila Skorstad, JAmes Schroeder, Susan Holstad, Don Skorstad, Linda Christianson R2- Ronald Rude, Thomas Syverson, La Dean Helstad, Jon Wangen, Sharon Leque R3- Leann Syverson, Diane Melby, sharon Shansberg, Don Anderson, La Donna Helstad, Marilyn Schroeder R4- Gary Johnson, Gerald Everson, Beverly Rude, AllenMoen, Linda Johnson, Junior Leque, Mrs L Quammen Roger Wangen Photo from Evelyn Johnson Everson
Spongeware bowl given out by the Stumpf Store
Warren Stenberg 1950s
2019 Top Students
March 2020 B-T Basketball tournament–canceled due to Corona Virus
Blair business ad 1914
Old Upper French Creek School at intersection of Cty T and D