preston coop
Ad from 1930
1917 wheat crop
The Ettrick and Northern Railroad progress Sept. 1917
Tina Christopherson 1991 interview
Blair Fire 1891
Dave Wood (800x741)
Dave Woods’ memories of Larkin Valley School
1905 List of Civil War Soldiers Village of Blair


1951 Preston Town Hall
1951 Preston Town Hall


blair 1891
Blair February 1891
1889 Hans Jacob Olson
1889 MAY Hans Jacob Olson. November 1889 he was lynched by a mob of neighbors.
hans j olson (559x230)
Hans Jacob Olson November 1889
Dec 1889
hans JO
dec 1889
Dec 1889
Dec 1889
hJO 1
December 22 1889
Dec 22 1889
bail 19 15
January 1915
lynching trial 1890

chls johnson trial 1890 (219x640)

blair mules (388x640)
January 1915 Ebret Everson’s mule disaster
blair ads
Ads from 1930 plat book
plv sch 1 (565x800)
Pleasantview (Vosse Coulee) School east of Blair, Town of Preston For photos go to Photo folder for Preston/Blair
pltv 2 (765x800)
Pleasantview (Vosse Coulee) School east of Blair pg 2

plv sch 1 (565x800)


Pastor Myhrwold served the Blair Lutheran churches and Fagernes Lutheran church
Blair loggers 1889
Young men coming home from working at the logging camps up north sometimes came home after spending much of their hard earned money on liquor. working in the logging camps was a common method for early settlers to earn money over the winter..


List of Civil War Soliders 1905
Blair Directory
1877 Directory of Blair Merchants
Blair Ski 1914
Blair Ski Club 1914–The Norwegians excelled at skiing and ski jumping. The county had many ski jumps prior to the 1950s



William H Melby
William H Melby
Tremp Valley Bible Camp
Tremp Valley Bible Camp
ski club blair
Blair Ski Club
Tinnes Cemetery
Tinnes Cemetery Clean Up
Ole Boe Anniversary
Ole Boe Anniversary
Olson Lynching Clips
Hans Jakob Olson Lynching
Fagernes documentary_Page_1
Fagernes Church Documentary done by Spencer ‘Dick’ Hanson
Blair HS gradu 1919
Blair HS 1919
Blair HS Grads 1919 3
Blair HS Grads 1919
Blair Grad 1919 2
Blair Grad 1919 Commencement
1956 Geo Solberg BD
George Solberg 1956
1954 Mary Oakland Otterson
1954 Mary Oakland Otterson
1954 Plowing Contest
1954 Plowing Contest Paul Halvorson, Bob Gilbertson
1949 blair Fire
Blair Fire 1949
1951 Carpenter School
1951 Carpenter School
1951 Konrad Urberg
Pastor Konrad Urberg 1951
1948 Pawelke Halvorson
1948 Pawelke Halvorson

1888 Blair Sliding

Gunderson PG Anniversary
PG Gunderson Family
1952 Blair Fireman
1952 Blair Firemen

Blair 1889

above–Blair spring 1889

Blair 1914

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Memory of Ervin and Welch Coulee