1880 Trempealeau
Old 1880 Trempealeau pre 1888 fire. Note warehouses near the river where wheat was loaded on to river boats.
Trempealeau (Healy) High School 1950’s
Aerial photo of Trempealeau approx. 1955
Trempealeau Cheerleaders 1957 Marge, Willie, Mary and Irene
1957 B Team Cheerleaders Lois and Marcene
A Team Basketball Trempealeau 1956-57
Trempealeau Curlers 1956-57 D Sacis, G Smith, D Brenengen, R Van Vleet, D Schlesser
Trempealeau School Bus Drivers 1956-57 Oliver Landers, John Lucas, Rolly Kribs, John Pittenger
Healy High School Majorettes 1957 K Kirkey, R Emmons, I Raymond
1957 Healy High School B Team
Pierce House located west of Trempealeau later owned by Young family of Galesville. About 1923
Downtown Centerville looking east, 1940’s
Maplewood School, Hwy 35 1950
AMplewood 1952
Maplewood School 1952 Front-Terry Wier (Thompson), R 1 L-R- Lane Smaglik, ___, Roland Hammond, Sharon Sacia, Ron Miller, ____ R2-Marilyn Miller, Rosalie Wier, either Bev Hammond or Sharon Smaglik, Sondra Wier, Macy Grover, Doug Smaglik, Sandy Sacia R3 Teacher, ___Grover, Gary Hammond, Leon Wier
Maplewood School, teacher Ted Hansen
Maplewood School  1941-42  Back-Ruth Williams, Cecil Weir,Mary Suttie, Vernon Bell, Leo Weir, Teacher Ted Hansen Middle -___’ Phyllis Trim, Kathleen Bell, Juanita Williams, Eileen Brenengan, Ramona Bockenhauer  Front-___, Scooter Miller, Maynard Lebakken, Jim Critzman, George Trim
Bortle School 1900 or so
Bortle School 1900 or so, BORTLE SCHOOL?Top row 3rd from left – ZELLA KOPP Second row-2cnd from left- FERN KOPP Second row -3rd from left HOWARD KOPP Bottom row- 3rd from left JESSIE KOPP Fifth from left – EARL KOPP
borlte schoolhouse
Bortle Schoolhouse
bortle 1900
Bortle School
bortle 1954
1954 Bortle School Teacher Imelda Lilla
bortle kopps
Bortle School around 1900
Arild Engelein and wife, Catfish Days 2015
Arild Engelein and wife, Catfish Days 2015
Old W Prairie Sch
West Prairie School–The first schoolhouse, shown here, was called the ‘Whitman School. It was replaced by a brick school in 1918.
Inez Hare 1940
Teacher Inez Hare 1940
Tremp Student Council 2015 (800x614)
Tremp Ele. Student Council Aaron Cook, Connor Schuh, Taylor Semb, Alexis Mulholland, Ava Dahl, Emily Wright December 2015
tremp 54
Trempealeau H S Grad 1954
Rose cottage
Rose Cottage was built near the boat landing at Perrot Park. It was torn down.
centerville two
Centerville School, 1941. Bottom photo–L-R L Severson, V Baran, P Harris,_____,_____, ___Kopp, P Kopp
Centerville School , Teacher Margaret Parker, 1935-36
ctville numbered
Centerville 1946-Back- N Kruse, J oan Wason, Robert Burt, Rhea Van Vleet, R Hjelsand, M Lettner, D Winters, N Burt Middle-Marion Johnson (her first school teaching job) S Baran, Jean Lettner, Phyllis Harris, M Buchholz, Lyle Severson, V Baran, Quinten Burt, Phyllis Kopp Front- N VanVleet, S Winters, ___Kiedrowski, N Harris, R Kiedrowski, D Jick, C Lettner, D Burt
ctvl dog
Centerville School 1945 Teacher Mrs. White
ctvl 1941
1941 Centerville Back- Charlie Williamson, Betty Kopp, Betty Lou Harris, Doralee Wason, Nellie Severson, Teacher Marion Rogness, Phyllis Harris, Joyce Lettner, Richard Lettner, Vilas Kopp, Dan Wason Middle- Bonnie Cook, Lois Harris, Bill Scarseth, Lorraine Literski, Bob Schallow, Arlene Holfedldt, Ron Kruse, Bernice Holfeldt, Bill Wason, Robert Lettner Front-Peggy Harris, Jean Lettner, Phyllis Kopp, Jim Wason, Lyle Severson, Lois Literski, Dorothy Hanson, Quinten Burt, Beverly Cook, Darlene Gibbs
ctvl interior
Centerville School, 1890 approx.
ctvl johnson
8th Graders, Centerville School 1946-47 Front- V Baran, S Baran, P Kopp Back- Joan Lettner, M Buchholz, Phyllis Harris, Lyle Severson, Teacher Marion Johnson
hare (640x461)
Hare 1931-Teacher Lynda Duff. Far left-Clara Nichols, Gilbert Harris, Vernon Ecker, Paul Kribs, Alvin Hare 2nd Row- Rollie Kribs, Joh Nogosek, Norman Hayter, Warren Adams, Francis Nogosek 3rd row-Jack Harris, Terrance Cox, Melva Hare, Mildred Adams, ,Robert Hayter 4th -Helen Kribs, Rufus Nogosek, Marian Nichols
Bortle School.jpeg (800x637)
Bortle School 1944 from photo by Isabell Kopp
Tremp barbershop
Trempealeau Barbershop, ‘Twiggs’ Crosen, Barber approx 1900
Trempealeau 1890s
1890 Main St
Melchoir Brwery and Hotel.jpg
Jacob Melchoir Brewery and Hotel
Melchoir Brwery hotel (640x582)
Jacob Melchoir Brewery
w prairie (640x488)
West Prairie School Teacher Phyllis Hartman
Pastor Griffiths 1895
Methodist /Congregational Church Pastor Griffiths and wife 1895
photo Trempealeau r
1920 Trempealeau
doris jick
Maplewood School Doris Jick 1954
maplewood irish dancers
Maplewood School Irish Dancers ?, Beverly Hammond, Sharon Smaglik, Doris Jick, Barbara Grover, Geraldin Dahl, Gloria Grover, Mary Esther Trim 1954-5
maplewood kids
Maplewood Students
maplewd outdoors
Maplewood 1948-49-Lorchen Kreisel, Teacher Children are listed but not in order-Mike Canar, Leon Weir, Beverly Hammond, Mary Esther Trim, Jerry Dahl, Sharon Smaglik, Helen Williams, Nancy Williams, Janet Weir, Roger Marvel, Robert Smaglik, Gary Hammond, Billy Miller, Richard Perkins, Richard Bell, Larry____, Don _____, Elroy Dahl, Armond Weir, Judy Bell, Billy Trim, Juanita Willaims, Allan____, Charles Miller, Charles Perkins
mplwd 1945-6
Maplewood 1945-46- BACK L_R- Charles Perkins, Kathleen Bell, Jim Bell, Ruthann Williams, George Trim, Harold Bockenhaur, Charles Miller, Teacher Elaine Hotchkiss MIDDLE-Judy Bell, Phyllis Trim, Juanita Williams, Bill Trim, Billy Miller, Dick Perkins, Richard Bell FRONT- Armond Weir, Gary Hammond, Roger Marvel, Geraldine Dahl, Ann Bockenhauer, Nancy Williams, Bob Smaglik, Janet Weir, Barbara Grover, Etta Bockenhauer
mpwd duff
Maplewood 1951 aplewood ?Back-Leo Weir, Louis Halderson, Howard Bell, David Suttie, Vernon Bell,___, Marjory Bell Middle-Bill Halderson, Cecil Wier, LaVonne Lebakken, Isabell Halderson, Ramona Bockenhauer Front ___Halderson, George Trim, James Bell, Maynard Lebakken Teacher Lynda Duff
mpwd Elroy dahl
1951 Maplewood student Elroy Dahl
mpwd kreisel
Maplewood 1949 with teacher Lorchen Kreisel
ponies maplewood
Maplewood kids ride and drive their ponies to school
white 1949 (640x445)
White School in Fox Coulee
Centerville Sch 1946
Centerville School 1946 Teacher Marian Johnson Back L-R Nancy Kruse, Joan Wason, Ray Bult, Rhea Van Vleet, Roger Hjeland, Mary Lou Lettner, Douglas Winters, Norman Bult Row 2-Stanley Baron, Jean Lettner, Peggy Harris, Melvin Bucholz, Lyle Severson, Virginia Bult, Phyllis Kopp Front-Neil Van Vleet, Sonja Winters, Delores Baron, Norma Jean Harris, Ruth Ann Kiedrowski, Doris Jick, Carol Lettner, Allan Bult Jr.,
steamer JS Tremp 1890s
Steamer JS 1890s
Steamer JS near Tremp
Steamer JS near Tremp
four mile house (800x761)
Four Mile House and Charley Kellman, Peter J Schmitz

Congregational Ch Parsonage

tremp ads (640x260)

tremp ads 2 (640x290)

winters store (640x553)
Ads from 1914 Plat book.
Gooden Oliver
Gooden Oliver marriage
west Prairie school 1918 (640x426)
West Prairie School 1918-21
tremp saloon
Saloon in Trempealeau–lettering on the right hand window seems to read “Harris”., and a bunch of ‘Sports’ with their auto

tremp fire Dept (501x800)

laeside camp Tremp
Lakeside Camp on the Mississippi south of Trempealeau


Trempeaelau H S Curling team 1958-9 R Delaney, G Smith, J Foss, D Schlesser
Bortle School 1958 Teacher- Mrs Gilbertson
Trempealeau HS Drivers Ed 1958
Trempealeau HS Bus Drivers 1958
Ed and Sally Sullivan by their supperclub
Curling in Centerville 2018 Photo from Laurie Marsh
Teacher Elaine Nelson 1958 at Trempealeau HS
Trempealeau HS Cooks 1958-59
Trempealeau Bay with Trempealeau Mountain 2017
Trempealeau School  photo around 1914
Old Trempealeau School on the left with new replacement—Healy High School, on the right–around 1919
William Nichols Farm near Centerville–around 1917
Lock and DAm, March 2019 High water
Demolition of Healy High School building
Ho Chunk family on West Prairie
Trempealeau Hotel, around 1970
1904 Sandgren Tavern
Newspaper Office around 1895
1983 Miss Trempealeau–Laura Elliot-Miss Trempealeau, Dawn Schroeder-2nd attendent, First Attendent Lori Stevens
Almost gone –2009 demolition of Healy High School building
Hayters IGA 1988
Trempealeau High School Graduation 1893
Grads 1893
Pierson Drug–1913 From left-Will Bright, Bill Allen, Duncan Wright, Frank Davis, Jim Pierson ( also spelled ‘Pearson’) Pearl Bigelow
Eugene Harvey Cleveland 1931
Methodist pastor Rev Wm Walker 1957
Discovery of Native American Burial at Trempealeau
Church’s Mill 1894
Died from the Influenza while serving on board a ship 1918
Dam #6 under construction
View of Dam #6 from Liberty Bluff, 1935
Old Depot in Trempealeau
1969 flood damage
Maplewood 8th grade graduates in 1908–Left standing-Leah Perkins(Frasch), Lulu Trimm (Bortle), Ada Grover(Nelson), Seated L-R Mary Perkins, Mattie McWain, Harry Grover, Mabel Grover (Anderson), Amy Grover (Kopp)
Cooper & Graves& Atwood Lumber, sold to Brunkows in 1922
1875 First Trempealeau Public School
James Reed–one of the first white residents of Trempealeau .
1967 Ken Critzman
The Trempealeau library
1946 Kate and Will McDonah
The Melchior Brewery–the photo was part of a collection of Bert Gipple. The building was erected in 1861 as a hotel and in 1862 a brewery addition went up. Melchior had 126 ft of frontage and 40′ back into his lot. Jacob Melchior and wife were ‘large individuals’ noted for their girth in days when most folks were pretty slim. Their daughters were also renown for being ‘plump’. Three excavations dug by hand into the sand rock behind the building for cooling, ripening and storage of beer. In 1896 Jacob’s son, Joseph, sold the property to A C Hudson and Mr Wells from Mason City IA.
Old Catholic Cemetery east of Trempealeau
Trempealeau before the fire and the lock and dam
Trempealeau before the 1888 fire
The Quincey –owned the JS Company
The wreck of the Quincey by Trempealeau –it was partially sunk around the turn of the century
The Quincey was salvaged and returned to use. Many of these old river boats caught fire–they were made from wood and burned wood and coal.
This may have been the Quincey pre-wreck–the photo does not say
Descendants of James Reed. The photo had been featured in the 1966 Galesville Republican but was taken in the 1890’s
Roy Beck and his entry for the poultry show in St Paul
Building the tracks for the railroad
The winning team, 1968
Shoe Store around 1900—Hoff, Louis Hanson, Grove, Schindler
Tamarack School–later known as White School in Fox Coulee–not dated but probably around 1910
Thomas Railroad Hotel in Trempealeau 1883
View of Trempealeau from Minnesota in 1914
Trempealeau from Cahokian mounds 2019
Trempealeau Band gazebo
Trempealeau Mountain–1960s
View across the Mississippi around 1895–note the river boat in the distance
Merlyn Winters
Hubert Peplinski Tremp HS 1958
B Team Cheerleaders 1958
Craig Kissler 1958
1967 Centennial kids
Trempealeau pre-1888 fire. Note the big grain warehoused on the waterfront.
1918 Trempealeau deals with Spanish Flu–Elmer Towner passed away from the Flu
Main Street 1904–taken from old postcard