Donald Docken, Decorah Prairie 1940’s
A M Lee Family–boys were Hollis and Howard 1916
F M Wilber Family 1915
Gallaway Family, Town of Gale–Jennie was a noted artist but was killed by a bull in 1932. Her brother William was killed in 1936 when he was run over by a corn shredder, at the age of 81.
Gilbert Herried Family–Town of Ettrick 1916
Mr and Mrs Henry Kopp 1916
Ole Onsrud and Wife  1915, Town of Ettrick
Anton Senty family, Independence 1917
Rev Bestul 1917 Pastor of French Creek Lutheran, Town of Ettrick
Mr and Mrs Joshua Bibby, Glasgow/Hardies Creek
Mr and Mrs Hans Borreson ( top), Sveum family with inset of three children on lower right. Around 1917
Mr and Mrs Stark Butman around 1916-17
C k Edison Family from Town of Albion
Carolina and John Sprecher, Independence
Collins and W E Bishop. Collins was a pioneer settler in the Arcadia area. He built a mill on Turton Creek, and was an active member of the City Arcadia.
William Davidson family of Decorah Prairie, baby was Dorothy Davidson Swartzhoff. 1918
French family, Galesville 1917
Mr and Mrs Robert Grant, Town of Gale
Hegges and Mortensons, Town of Ettrick 1915
John M Bibby Family 1916, Glasgow/Hardies Creek
James and David Maloney Families–Town of Hale
John O Melby, Whitehall 1917
Strand Families, Pioneer settlers of Norway Valley, Town of Arcadia