Eleva List of Civil War Veterans 1905

Utter Olson Eleva 1939 (522x572)

Ad from 1930
Teeple Farm
Teeple Farm, Hamlin, between Eleva and Strum
Before there was Eleva and Strum, there was the little crossroads of Hamlin located on present day Cty V. There was a post office and hotel where the stage would stop. The story is Jesse James stayed at the hotel after one of his robberies and buried treasure by Chimney Rock.
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Hamlin pg 2
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Hamlin 3
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Hamlin 4
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Ham 5
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Hamlin 6
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Hamlin 7

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Hamlin 9
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Hamlin 10
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Hamlin 11


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Hamlin 12

Eleva_ 1913 1938_James Grant

Eleva Fire Dept (583x640)
Eleva Fire Dept & First Responders may 2014


1889 Eleva hunt (561x453)
August 1889 Prairie chicken hunt
Abandoned Pioneer cemetery on Cty V above upper Borst Valley