Schools and Teachers

photo (3)
Rural scoolteachers 1952 Back row- Marian Johnson (Grant Sch) Zeulah Jenks (Frenchville), Judith Anderson ( Wayside) Lillian Crogan ( Smith) V Hamilton ( Maplewood) R Stone ( south Branch) Front- E Cornell (Crystal Valley) L Enguin (Glasgow) Agnes Johnson (Decorah Prairie)
Town of Preston 1928 Lone Star School
Vosse Coulee Schoolhouse 2018 Twn of Preston
AMplewood 1952
Maplewood School 1952 Front-Terry Wier (Thompson), R 1 L-R- Lane Smaglik, ___, Roland Hammond, Sharon Sacia, Ron Miller, ____ R2-Marilyn Miller, Mary Grover, either Bev Hammond or Sharon Smaglik, Sondra Wier, Macy Grover, Doug Smaglik, Sandy Sacia R3 Teacher, ___Grover, Gary Hammond, Leon Wier, Rosalie Wier
Wickham 1930s new schoolhouse (640x441)
Wickham 1930s new schoolhouse, Twn of Arcadia
teacher Esther Walski guza and Clarence Guza
teacher Esther Walski guza and Clarence Guza, Wickham Valley
Town of Hale Wagner School 1931
Mabel Anaas, Daggett School 1949
Eleva Intermediate School 2016
Smith School about 1961-2 Top LR- Barbara Smith, Eileen_____, Patty Smith, Gene Tranberg
Wagner School?1957 last year it was open 8th graders Janet Johnson and Barbara Thoma
Wagner 1953-54- Front Row L-R- Jerry Meyer, Judy Meyer, Doris Thoma, Sharon Hanson, Karen Hanson, Judy Halama, Judy Keilhotz, Rosemary Thoma Back- Barbara Thoma, John Thoma, Joan Hanson, Ferne Thompson, Doris Johnson, James Olson, Janet Johnson, Teacher Miss Brown
1951-1952 Wagner School left to right FRONT-Karen Hanson, Suzanne Gass, Sharon Hanson, Clarke Christopherson, Richard Bautch, MIDDLE-Barbara Thoma, Katherine Gass, Joan Hanson, Janet Johnson, John Thoma BACK- Doris Johnson, Ferne Thompson, Helen Thompson, Arlene Bautch, Donald Johnson, James Olson Teacher Miss Filla not pictured Town of Hale


img603 (558x800)

Marie Dahl 1905
Teacher Marie Dahl 1905

Reynolds 1949 (599x800) Reynolds 1948 (800x628) Reynold Egg Float (800x604)

agnes johnson (384x800)
Agnes Hunter Johnson 1960’s
Agnes Hunter graduation (475x640)
Agnes Hunter Johnson Graduation photo 1917
PFs 1899
PFs 1899
PFs 5
PFs Laverne Studt, teacher, with rake 1925
PF sc 1920s
PFs School, built 1903 and burned 1924

PF 1925

PFs 1929 PFs 1929 2

Beach 1931
Beach School May Pole 1930 approx.
Beach 1933
Beach School 1933 Teacher Hilma Quammen
PF 1924
Daggett School 1924
Daggett 1932
Daggett 1932
Daggett 1959
Daggett 1959, Students
Daggett, closed in 1961, remodeled into a home
Daggett 1961
1961 Last graduates of Daggett Coulee

Daggett, 1958-0

Crystal V 1915
Crystal Valley 1915 Teacher Helen Keith
Marie Gran Sunshine Sch Pige
Maria Gran, Sunshine School, Town of Pigeon
Jennie Nichols PF
Jennie Nichols, Town of Pigeon
first school
Old Galesville School being demolished for second school building, around 1919
holcomb c
Holcomb Coulee 1910
holcomb grads
Holcomb Grads 1924
S Branch boys 1934
South Branch boys 1934 Richard Van Riper, Orin Johnson, Arnold Johnson, Victor Olson, Orvis Anderson. The schoolhouse is in the rear. The boys appear to be using a shovel as a sled.
Up Fr Crk 1910
1910 Upper French Creek . Teacher Selma Oxsnee
Siver Crk 1937
Silver Creek School 1937 Teacher Marian Brown Johnson
Whalen Schoolhouse, Town of Ettrick

Crystal V 1915

north crk 1953
North Creek School 1953-54
cortland 1955 (800x469)
Cortland 1955
Cortland (800x630)
Memories of Cortland School, Trout Run Valley, south of Arcadia
cortland 1911 (800x606)
Cortland School children 1911, note two teachers.
up french crk (800x693)
Upper French Creek School 1910, Town of Ettrick
brookside school view (800x377)
Brookside School CR N Town of Preston
plainview 1926 (950x1024)
Plainview School 1926
plainview teachers (862x1024)
Plainview Teachers Town of Albion
Gibson School (1024x1003)
Gibson School memories, Vera Lindsey Town of Albion, schoolhouse was located on SH 10
tracy v 1916
Tracy Valley School 1916 Town of Sumer
Dagget 1932
Daggett School 1932. Town of Pigeon
Am Valley 1952 (640x800)
American Valley Schoolhouse 1952 and partial list of teachers
lunch time decorah Prairie 1920 (601x800)
Lunch time at Decorah Prairie School 1920’s
Amanda Hoff 1905
Teacher Amanda Hoff, Larkin Valley, Town of Preston 1905
lewis valley
Lewis Valley School, Town of Arcadia
Thelma Linnerud
Teacher Thelma Mahlum Linnerud
Huskelhus 1960
Huskelhu School, Town of Hale
Whalen School Town of Ettrick See Ettrick Photos for IDs
Willard Suttie Bigelow Sch 1891
Willard Suttie, Bigelow School Teacher 1891, Town of Caledonia
Towner 1915
Towner School 1915 Town of Caledonia
Marth Hunter ( Mrs Guy) Salsman 1914
Teacher Martha Hunter Salsman 1914 Town of Caledonia
Jessie Suttie Mrs Alex Hale
Teacher Jessie Suttie Hale, Town of Caledonia
Inez Hare 1940
Teacher Inez Hare 1940
Olga Christianson Della Marsolek CR 1959
Teachers Olga Christianson and Della Marsolek Chimney Rock 1959
CR 1966
Chimney Rock Brick grades 1-4 1966 See Chimney Rock Photos for Ids
Oak Rdg Mary Smart Betty Onsrud Betty Foss
Oak Ridge School teacher Mary Smart with Betty Onsrud and Betty Foss, Town of Arcadia
North Crk 1980
North Creek Public Schoolhouse 1988 Town of Arcadia
Old W Prairie Sch
West Prairie School, Town of Trempealeau
Selma Call 1938
Teacher Selma Call 1938
Henry O Hanson
Teacher Henry O Hanson Town of Preston
Gena Johnson Hanson
Teacher Gena Johnson Hanson Town of Preston
Mildre simonson Stenberg
Teacher Mildred Simonson Stenberg Town of Preston
Common to many many schoolrooms
census 1933 b
Decorah Prairie School census 1933

census 1933

Oak Ridge School 1941,OAK RIDGE SCHOOL 1941 Back Row L-R- Dick Andriesen, Alice Everson (teacher), Ralph Stevens, Beverly Bautch, Ardys Bautch, Doris Onsrud, Lloyd Andriesen Front-L ?R- Elsie Onsrud, Roger Onsrud
Oak Ridge School 1941,OAK RIDGE SCHOOL 1941
Back Row L-R- Dick Andriesen, Alice Everson (teacher), Ralph Stevens, Beverly Bautch, Ardys Bautch, Doris Onsrud, Lloyd Andriesen
Front-L ?R- Elsie Onsrud, Roger Onsrud
oak ridge 1932
Oak Ridge 8th Graders 1932
Grant School circa 1900, GRANT SCHOOL?CIRCA 1900 Top row L-R- Bertha Schmidt, Kitty Stellpflug, Flossie Stellpflug, Clara Olson, Laura Stellpflug, Maude Grant, Winnie Nova Poss, Lula Marsh, Edith Marsh, Melva Evenson, Nellie Lane (teacher) Bottom- Con Westra, Elmer Evenson, George Oliver, Yetti Westra, Florence Cook, Fern Cook, Hessa Lee, Julia Scarseth, Nova Scarseth, Minnie Johnson, Blanche Marsh, Lester Evenson, Grace Stellfplug, Laura Bornitz, Willie Oliver, Joe Johnson Two boys seated on left in front- Ornie Evenson, Hollis Lee
Grant School circa 1900, GRANT SCHOOL?CIRCA 1900 Top row L-R- Bertha Schmidt, Kitty Stellpflug, Flossie Stellpflug, Clara Olson, Laura Stellpflug, Maude Grant, Winnie Nova Poss, Lula Marsh, Edith Marsh, Melva Evenson, Nellie Lane (teacher)
Bottom- Con Westra, Elmer Evenson, George Oliver, Yetti Westra, Florence Cook, Fern Cook, Hessa Lee, Julia Scarseth, Nova Scarseth, Minnie Johnson, Blanche Marsh, Lester Evenson, Grace Stellfplug, Laura Bornitz, Willie Oliver, Joe Johnson
Two boys seated on left in front- Ornie Evenson, Hollis Lee
Grant Bugle page 1
Grant Bugle page 1

grant bugle 2 grant bugle 3

Decorah Prairie 1906 Blanche Shonat-teacher
Decorah Prairie 1906 Blanche Shonat-teacher
Upper French Creek School 1955
Upper French Creek School 1955
Bortle School 1900 or so
Bortle School 1900 or so-BORTLE SCHOOL?Top row 3rd from left – ZELLA KOPP Second row-2cnd from left- FERN KOPP Second row -3rd from left HOWARD KOPP Bottom row- 3rd from left JESSIE KOPP Fifth from left – EARL KOPP
Pigeon Falls 1890
Smith School 1921-22 (800x560)
Smith School Spring 1922 Teacher in back-Ruth Polybank. Girl to her right is Lenora Brenengen, and girl on her left, end, is Clara Molstad. Front Row left-Leolah Smtih, girl with arm around her neck is Vivian Thompson, girl in front right-Hazel Dahl or Margaret Lebakken
sunshine school
Sunshine School 1940
Program 1936 Galesville HS
Program 1936 Galesville HS
Galesville HS Grads 1936
Galesville HS Grads 1936
Galesville HS pg 3
Galesville HS pg 3
holcomb 48 (640x384)
Holcomb Valley located SE of Arcadia
kolst (544x640)
Kolstad School was located SW of Arcadia on Cty F in the Tamarack Valley near the outlet of Norway Valley. Go to Town of Arcadia/Documents fold for history of school.
plv preston (640x447)
Pleasantview School (Vosse Coulee) east of Blair Go to Preston/Blair documents for history of school
plv photo 1934 (640x432)
Pleasantview School 1934
norw photo 1919 (640x417)
Norway Valley located SE of Arcadia in Tamarack area Go to Town of Arcadia/Documents for history of school
Norway 1925 (640x386)
students of Norway Valley 1925
Cripps (320x238)
Old Cripps Schoolhouse 2015. After the school was closed the Town of Burnside built on to it and used it for many years. Located north of Independence on Hwg 93
2015 sunset demo (640x617)
Demolition of Sunset Elementary School in Whitehall 2015
Whitehall HS Razed 2015
Whitehall HS circa 1920 razed 2015
ham photos
Hamlin School 1930
hamlins chool (473x640)
Big Creek students

hamlin sch 1930 (640x486)

hare (640x461)
Hare School, town of Trempealeau

hare 1 (593x800)

larkin (443x640)
Larkin Valley School , Town of Preston north of Blair
hillside sch 1930 (533x640)
Hillside School Town of Albion
American Valley (481x640)
American Valley School
Souvenir from Daggett School
Souvenir from Daggett School
w prairie (640x488)
West Prairie, Town of Trempealeau
white 1949 (640x445)
White School town of Trempealeau, in Fox Coulee
brick riverview (640x496)
Brick Riverview Town of Unity
johnson valley (340x640)
Johnson Valley Town of Unity
instenes (640x467)
Instenes School in Chimney Rock, located on Cty V
cr 60s (465x640)
Chimney Rock Brick
veum 1933 (567x640)
Veum School 1933 located on Cty V, Chimney Rock area
hawkenson 1932 (640x469)
Hawkenson School located on Cty Y—now DNR land
Hawkenson2015 (640x413)
Hawkenson Schoolhouse ruins January 2015. In contrast to the photo from the 1930s, the school is surrounded by trees.
skogstad (507x640)
Skogstad School on Hwg 93, Town of Chimney Rock
glasgow 1904
First Glasgow School
golden v (596x800)
Golden Valley School pg 1
golden v 2 (588x640)
Golden Valley School pg 2
pine crl sumner (387x640)
Pine Creek School, north of Blair in Town of Sumner
langerfield (373x640)
Langerfield Riverview School Town of Unity Bottom-1912 girl grads of Langerfield Sitting-Alice Davidson, Lottie Williams, Louise Dahl,-teacher, Hazel Paulson
kings valley (461x640)
Kings Valley, located on Hwg 53
bruce val (640x623)
Bruce Valley, Town of Hale on Cty D
caswell 1910 (640x493)
First Caswell School house–Town of Hale
elk crk 1925 (640x524)
School in the village of Elk Creek, Town of Hale
U Bennet Valley 11946 (640x554)
Upper Bennett Valley School. Town of Albion

borst val 1930 (640x347)

rhodes 1970 (640x219)

cal 1914 (640x627)

Lincoln HS 1930
Ads for high schools were common . In 1930, attendance at a high school was optional.

whtl hs 1930 (640x197)

Upper Fr Crk School 1926
Upper French Creek School 1926-7 Also known as Myrstuen School , intersection of CR T &D
Upper Fr Crk 1909
Upper French Creek School 1909
bigelow sch (401x640)
Bigelow School. Town of Caledonia
cal grads (393x640)
1920 Town of Caledonia grads
grover sch (640x629)
Town of Caledonia
Rainey Valley School (top) White/Fox Coulee (lower)
Lower Plum Creek 1946 and Wickham Valley
Lincoln School 1926 ( Cty Q) and Dodge School 1950
Lewis Valley School and North Creek ( Twn of Arcadia)
new cty
Independence Girls Basketball Team 1916 and New City School 1931 ( Cty X)
Penny School–Cty T and Hwy 95, Town of Arcadia
cal sch
Caledonia Consolidated School 1910
sch kids 1930
Caledonia School kids 1930
grace Czepull 1895
Examination results for Grace Czepull, Galesville 1895
Cripps School and North Creek School
grant 1912
1912 Grant School year end Souvenir booklet
Korpal Valley School-1940 L-R Aloizy Woychik, Richard Korpal, Marcel Shepherd, Eugene Guenther, Dan Sonsalla
Kolstad School ( Twn of Arcadia) Lakes Coulee School 1932


Farmers School (Travis Valley) and Wickham Valley School

Wickham Valley and Wagner School ( Town of Hale)
grant 2
Grant School souvenir booklet 1912

1905 Dec Sch

Decorah Prairie School 1905 L-R Ethel Davidson, Mamie Hunter, Nellie Dick, Agnes Hunter, Esther Shonat, Teacher Belle Batholomew, Lucian’ Toot’ Hunter, Leighton Cook, William ‘Kinner” Hunter, David McCowan

photo (6)
Arbor Day 1939 Decorah Prairie School after the school yard was raked the children had a hike and a picnic. Agnes Johnson was the teacher, L-R Carol Kopp, Janice Kopp, Verna Hunter, ___, Tom Irvine, Walter Hunter, Sidney Kopp, Jackie Hunter, Floyd Lowner
Lebakken twins (640x636)
Lois and Lorna Lebakken at Smith School, about 1956-7
GE 54
Class of 1954 GE High School
tremp 54
Healy /Trempealeau H S Class of 1954
Arc Ind 54
Arcadia and Independence High Schools Class of 1954
blair hs 548
Blair H S 1954
whtl 54
Whitehall HS Class of 1954 Photo 1
Whitehall HS Grads 1954 photo 2
Decorah Prairie 1953 (640x434)
Decorah Prairie School 1953
Bernie Schwartzhoff, Laurel Hunter (640x328)
Decorah Prairie Bernie Schwartzthoff (L) Laurel Keith Hunter 1951
Laurel Hunter, Steve Wright, Gib docken 1953 (640x390)
Decorah Prairie Boys 1951 approx. L-Laurel Keith Hunter, Steve Wright, Gib Docken
Decorah P men 1955 (640x441)
Decorah Prairie 1954 Spring Picnic L-T Toot Hunter, Jack Docken,___, Bud Lowner, Martin Johnson
Decorah P Xmas 1944 (640x499)
Decorah Prairie Christmas 1944 Front L-R- Jim and Bernie Schwartzhoff, Laurel Keith Hunter, Richard Dopp, R2 upper- Douglas Waller, John Dopp (behind them)-Gordon Waller, ___, Glen Medema, Santa Clarence Brown, Right of Sanat- Barbara Hunter, Margie Baardseth, Rachel Hanson, Teacher Agnes Johnson In front of Bev-Fred Johnson To his right-Bill Betz, Duane Hunter Next to Agnes-Larry Heffner, Eark Medema, Robert Hendrickson
Decorah Prairie Scholl (640x404)
Decorah Prairie School 1951 approx.
Decorah Prairie Students 1954 Top L- Margaret Congdon, Dennis Jacobs, Walter Rifenberg R2-Jim and Bernie Schwartzhoff, Bill Betz Bottom-Fred Johnson, Diane Hunter, Laurel Keith Hunter
Decorah Prairie Approx 1953-54 Top L- Bev Baardseth, Larry Heffner, teacher Agnes Johnson, Barbara Hunter below Barb- Charlotte Tim Middle-Glen Medema, Steve Wright, Duane Hunter Bottom-Ronald Jacobs, Gib and Ron Docken
history of Beach
History of Beach School
grant origram
Grant School Program
Gratn Kids (640x460)
Grant School 1953 On far left Rollie Thompson, on far right Ann Thompson
Chimney Rock Brick School 1939
Chimney Rock Brick School 1939

up fr ck

Gratn reunion 1968 (800x679)
Grant School reunion 1968

 centerville sch

Bortle School.jpeg (800x637)
Bortle School 1944 Teacher Valeria Halama
Gratn last day (668x800)
Maplewood School


Caledonia Consolidated School
Caledonia Consolidated School
Caledonia 1946-7 (800x638)
Caledonia School 1946-7
Caledonia 1957 (800x559)
Caledonia 1957
white 1926
White School 1926 Teacher Clara Scharlau


White School 1955 (800x583)
White School 1955 Front L-R Barbara bortle, Nancy Olson, Donald Walski, David Stanislawski, Roger Kramer, Henry Walski, Eileen swenson, Renee Marsh, Raleen Jenson Dennis Bortle R2-Sandra Bockenhauer, Carol Mahutga, Virginia Olson, Mike Waldera, Betty Lou Stanislawski, Kathy Kopp, Mary Ann Stanislawski, Douglas Lindberg Teacher Lorna Gilbertson
Sophia Sjuggerud Carrie Anderson ( left) (638x800)
Carrie Anderson, Sophia Sjuggerud teachers
Hegg 1957 Back Bobby Johnson, Phyllis Anderson, lyle Henderson, Joan Mattson, Barbara Knutson, Bonnie Kidd, Leane Brynildson teacher R2- Harlan Hooks, Roger Peters, Jim Underheim, Rosalie Molstad, Mary Dougherty, Selmer Knutson, Front-Mary Knutson, Clifford Lee, Larry Thompson, June Peters, Richard Mattson, Roger Anderson
5-8 1957 (800x612)
Hegg 1957 Front- Ellsworth Tranberg, Roger Peters, Ricahrd Matson, Glenn Borreson, Jim Underheim, Richard Fox R2-Phillip Borreson, Diane Anderson, Rowene Lee, Helen Knutson, Robert Matson, Kathryn Saed, carolyn Quammen R3-Susan McKillips, Norma Anderson, Selmer Knutson, Roger Henderson, Mary Knutson, Roger Anderson, Amy Tranberg, Teacher Alice Henderson
Hegg 195_ (800x484)
Hegg-students Front L-R Lavern Sexe, Ralph Anderson, Elwood Knutson, Don Radcliff, Roger Thompson, John Molstad, R2- Eddie Thompson Jr., Arland Matson, , Bonnie Radcliff, Erlen Twesme, Clarice Tranberg, Lavern Dahl R3- Phyllis Molstad, Delores Bishop, Vernon Bue, Elsie Herried, Bonnie Stone, Ellamae Bue, Marilyn Vehrenkamp, Norman Johnson Back Row- Teacher Julia Evenson, Ramona Hanson, Olin Johnson, Bonnie Twesme, Charlotte Anderson, Jennings Qualley, Ardell Peters, Ardell Thompson, Richard Bishop
New City 1931 Indep (800x541)
New City School ( located on Cty X near Independence)
West Prairie 1918 (437x640)
West Prairie School 1918 program
Centerville Sch 1946
Centerville School 1946-for IDs go to Trempealeau/Photos folder
rural grads
Rural School 8th grade grads 1945 Front l-R Ardell Linnerud, Mary Ann Brovold, Wayne Osgood,____, ___ Borreson, ____, richard Knutson, Hazel Johnson, Lawrence Knutson, Beverly albertson Row 2 Orlund hermanson, Irene borreson, Irene Olson, Ken stay, Ruby Kvalseth, Mavis Hagen, Don borreson, Janice Berg, Doris Stutlien,Thomas Waniorek
Farmers School (Travis Valley) 1945 (640x413)
Farmers School, Cty X upper Travis Valley, Town of Burnside ( also known as Zimmer School)


mabel ness
Teacher Mabel Ness
Gale H Sch
Galesville High School built in 1902 Entry on the left was for the girls, on right for the boys
glasgow school
Glasgow Hardies Creek School early 1950s


Glasgow School 1917 souvenir


glasgow 1917
Glasgow 1917 school souvenir booklet

Downloadable PDF’s

teacher certificate

Lee BlBd PM
Daily Schedule for a rural school written on the Lee School blackboard by Vivian Grant

Lee Bl Bd AM

Hunter rats
Jackie Hunter with his science project, white rats
Decorah Prairie School 1938 (640x523)
Decorah Praire School 1938 Jackie Hunter, verna hunter, Walter Hunter, Carol Kopp perform English song and dance. House in the mid background was the Darwin Congdon home.
Decorah Prairie 1954 (640x395)
Decorah Prairie 1954 Front- Bernie Schwartshoff ( with child on back) ____, Chuck Schwartzhoff, Brian Guthrie, Don Schwartzhoff, Sacia Betz, Nancy guthrie, Ken Congdon,___, Sherryl Docken, __ Back- Fred Johnson, Walter Riphenberg, Gib Docken, Bob Schwartshoff, Diane Hunter, Ron Docken___, ___, __ Back right- Bill Betz, Duane Hunter, Barbara Hunter Betz, Duane Hunter, Barbara Hunter
frchv 1936
Frenchville Schoolboys 1936- Norman Ekern, Dick Truax, Nathan Anderson, Harold Blankenhorn
frenchv 1920
Frenchville Front l-R- silas Brenengan, Erling Oanes, Ken Truax, Orville Oanes, Don Erickson, Lavern Benrud, Bill Erickson Row 2- Helen Whiteberg, Berneice Brenengan Row 3- Hazel Oanes, Arlene Benrud, Kathryn Benrud, Pat Brenengan Ellen Erickson, teacher
frenchv 2
Frenchville School Front l-R Willard Beirne, Lilah Brenengan, Wayne Truax, Ralpj Beirnes, Russell Blair, Helmer Westlie, Orville Westlie, Howard Blankenhorn, Betty Blair, don Peterson Back- Willard Brenengarn. Henry Crogan, Merlin Benrud, Mark Hewitt, Laverne Benrud, Crysgtal Sather (teacher) Ken Truax, Inez Hegg, Silas Brenengan, Bob Truax, Melva Westlie


sil cr 1935 6
Silver Creek Students 1935-36

 sil ck sch

sil crk 1922
Silver Creek 1932


sil crk picnic 1929
End of school annual picnic silver Creek 1922 Teacher Agnes Hunter Johnson


sil crk 1
Silver Creek Students 1935-36


Silver Creek School 1927 Front-Leikny Oines, Erlene Irvine, Mary Mahoney, Ed oines, Row 2 Ole Oines, Melvin Sahlstrom, Jeanette Larson, Alice Mahoney, John Sahlstrom, Leslie Larson Row 3 Vilas Jacobs, Vernon Larson, Genevieve Dick, Hazel Sampson, Bud Jacobs, Alf Oines Row 4 Wilbur DeYoung, Donald Jacobs, Evelyn Park, Russell Park, Carol Sahlstrom


so branch 1947
Top Left-Jerry Swenson, Lorraine Kaiser, Gladys Van Riper ( South Branch School) top right-South Branch School, Bottom right- 1941 Irene Kaiser, Carole Severson, Robert Affeldt, Marian Swenson

 s brn sch

s branch 48
South Branch 1947-48
s branch grp
south Branch by grade, Grade 1 Gladys Van Riper, Lorraine Kaiser,Jerry Swenson, Grade 2 Irene Kaiser, Carole Swenson, Robert Affeldt, Marian Swenson Grade 4 Delores Kaiser, Lawrence Kaiser, Stanley Swenson Teacher lillian Crogan
wayside 47 2
Wayside 1947


wayside 1943
Waysdie students 1943

 wayside sch

North Creek 1957 arc (640x445)
North Creek School ( Town of Arcadia)

towner sch

St Peter Paul 1949 Indep (800x557)

St Peter and Paul, Independence

St Peter Paul 1949 Indep (640x429)
St Peter & Paul School, Independence


1917 St Aloysius arcadai (800x537)
St Aloysius School, Arcadia


1951 St aloysuis Arc (640x418)
St Aloysius, Arcadia


Daggett 1958 PF (640x434)
Daggett School-located on Hwy 53, Town of Pigeon
sunnyside preston (442x640)
Sunnyside School located on Cty S, south of Blair
centerville (640x470)
Centerville School, Town of Trempealeau
hare (640x461)
Hare School, Town of Trempealeau


teacher memories 1
Teacher memories
teach mem 2
Teacher Memoreis pt 2


teach 3
Teachers part 3


teach mem4
Part 4


teach 5
part 5


teach 6
part 6


teach 7
part 7


teach 8
part 8


teach 9
part 8


teach 10
part 10


teach 11
part 11


teach 12
part 12


teach 13
part 13


teach 14
part 14
1930 Rural School Graduates, June 10, Whitehall
Lakes Coulee School 1909
Front R-L- Everett Berg, Clarence Knutson, Selmer Halverson, Alvin Berg, Sam Pederson, Harold Lilledahl, Vernon Mitskogen, N. Berg, Geo Knutson, Inga Bergum, Dena Stenberg, Henrietta Skogstad, Aurellia Mitskogen, Hazel Mitskogen, Aleda Halverson, Cora Pederson, Alice Bergum, Myrtle Pederson, Evelyn Pederson, Alma Berg, Bertha Solberg Back-Omer Knutson, Leonard Fjeld, Melvin Halvorson, Edwin Berg, Clifford Skogstad, Bennie Bergum, Jennie Johnson, Sophie Skogstad, Hilda Gunderson, Agnes Berg, Clara Gunderson, Lillian Jahr, Geda Pederson, Agnes Johnson, Lorna Knutson, Stella Jahr, Helen Sorlie, Magda Hagrn, Ella Sorlie, Alma Fjeld, Helma Brokerud, Josie Pederson, Cecilia Pederson Teacher Ella Johnson Photo from Clifford Ericksmoen